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Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts in the World

Nowadays parents and other people are willing to pay thousands of dollars even million on their babies. The needs of the babies are increasing day by day because of the latest inventions in the baby products. There are hundreds of brands that are making baby products and their products are available all over the world. Some of the products are very expensive while some are cheap as well to be affordable for everyone. Babies are very cute and love to play with toys. As babies celebrate their birthday`s every year, and everyone presents them some gifts according to the age of the kids. Mostly people give toys to the kids with which they can play and enjoy with them. There are many brands in the world which are making toys for the kids among which some of them are made to develop the learning capabilities among the babies like ABC keyboard, etc. in this article we will discuss all the things that can be used as a gift for the children.
The following top 10 best baby gifts in the world:

10. Denim Diapers:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Baby Gifts in the WorldMostly kids use diapers before going to the bathroom on their own. The traditional diapers are still available on the market, but now parents and kids feel complex in those diapers because those are not according to the fashion. So denim has introduced stylish, fashionable and expensive diapers for the kids to make them fashionista. These denim diapers are launched by the famous brand Huggies to make their designer version for the kids. Children should use these or gift these diapers to kids by their loved ones.

9. Diamond Encrusted spoon:

Top Ten Most Expensive Baby Gifts in the WorldMostly kids use spoons to eat their food like cereals, etc. It is common saying in the world that rich kids are born with the silver spoon in their mouth. It is the best gift one can give to a newborn baby that is a diamond encrusted spoon as it is the latest trend in the modern society. People can purchase this spoon to gift it to the little one to make the start of their life more luxurious and maintain their status in the society as well. The price of this diamond spoon is almost $1,100 to make the start of the baby more happening.

8. Diamond Studded Toilet Seat:

Top Ten Expensive Baby Gifts in the WorldIt is sometimes very difficult to train the baby to use a toilet. It is difficult and sometimes funny as well. It is easy to carry potty for the baby to take it with you while traveling. It is made with the diamond Swarovski which looks very beautiful and comfortable for the babies. It is very handy and easy to take anywhere easily and takes less space as well. It will help the parents to train the kid easily to use it while they are on a journey. The price of this beautiful and easy to use toilet seat is almost $1,230.

7. The Roddler:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts in the WorldParents have to take their kids while going anywhere like shopping. They get tired while holding their kids and have to use roddler to carry their kids. It is something different from the traditional strollers used in the past; these are the custom made roddlers for the kids. They are made with the adjustable handle, spokes wheels, and many other features as well. It also has a holder for keeping the things of kids like food and their cup of water. The price of this roddler is $4,495.

6. Baby Diamond Bathtub:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts in the WorldThere are many bathtubs available in the world for giving a bath to the babies. Some parents think it is difficult to give a bath to the babies, but their latest bathtubs have made it easy for them. It is very beautiful baby bathtub that is made with crystals and diamonds on it to make it more luxurious. This tub was also purchased by the famous Kelly Rowland who purchases it for her daughter Beyonce. It is loved by the babies because of the bling thing on it. The price of this bathtub is almost $5,200.

5. Pony:

Top Five Most Expensive Baby Gifts in the WorldPony is the very cute thing in the world, and babies love to keep them. Ponies are the small horses especially for the babies as they can only accommodate the weight of the babies. It can help the babies to go to different places easily by sitting on the pony. It is the considered as the forever gift for the babies as it will be their unforgettable hero for them. The price of the pony normally in the world is $6,500.

4. Plastic Surgery:

Top 5 Most Expensive Baby Gifts in the WorldPlastic surgery is very common in the modern world, and even small kids are having these surgeries for their future life. It is also considered as the best gift given in the upper class to the babies and elders as well. People love to give vouchers of plastic surgeries for the future of the babies. The famous Sarah Burge gifted her daughter the vouchers the surgeries of breast enhancement and liposuction for her future. It makes the baby more confidence and looks pretty as well. The price of this plastic surgery is almost $10,800.

3. Snuffles:

Top Three Most Expensive Baby Gifts in the WorldSome babies are very special and born after many years. So those babies deserve special and expensive gifts for themselves. It is very special kind of teddy bear that is wearing a diamond necklace of $10,000 to make it more luxurious. It is a very cute teddy bear that can be considered as the best gift for the baby. The price of this luxurious and cutest teddy bear is $10,000.

2. Diamond-Encrusted Pacifier:

Top 3 Most Expenisve Baby Gifts in the WorldThe pacifier is loved by every baby and mostly kids in the world use pacifier. It is very helpful for the parents as babies are relaxed while it is in their mouth. Babies remain happy while sucking it for the long time. It is luxurious kind of pacifier which is studded with the precious diamonds on it. It is very soft for the mouth of the babies to keep them more relax and comfortable as well. It is difficult to take it through the metal detector because of the crystals and diamonds used to it. The price of this luxurious pacifier is $17,000.

1. Spaceship Ride:

Most Expensive Baby Gift in the WorldBabies cannot go alone anywhere and can only sit and stand in their homes and are struck there only. They are very light weight, and gravity is not much effective on them. It is said that every baby of the world should be given an opportunity to ride on the spaceship in the sky. It is the best and the most expensive gift given to any baby in the world. The price of this spaceship is $200,000.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Baby Gifts in the World:

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Spaceship Ride $ 200,000
2 Diamond Encrusted Pacifier $ 17000
3 Snuffles $ 10000
4 Plastic Surgery $ 10800
5 Pony $ 6500
6 Baby Diamond Bathtub $ 5200
7 The Roddler $ 4495
8 Diamond Studded Toilet Seat $ 1230
9 Diamond Encrusted Spoon $ 1100
10 Denim Diapers $ 34.99


We conclude that babies must be presented some precious and different gifts to make them more memorable and to happen for the babies. All these gifts explained above are best for the babies and are expensive as well. These gifts will make the babies more excited about them and make their life luxurious as well. These gifts are not affordable for everyone, but the rich people can afford them to gift these to their loved one`s babies.