Most Destructive Earthquakes

There are many natural disasters in the world which cannot be avoided and ruin the whole nation like earthquakes, floods, etc. But some latest technology can tell in and warn the countries in advance about these disasters coming in some time. Earthquakes are very big disasters that totally ruin the places and became the cause of many deaths as well. There are many major earthquakes in different countries of the world in different years that are the considered as the big destructions in the whole human history of the world. It is estimated that almost every year thousands of people die because of earthquakes directly or indirectly like landslides, fires, etc. After the earthquake, the major scientists calculate the strength of the earthquakes in the Richter scale and from the strength the level of destruction caused by the earthquake can be estimated. The major earthquakes totally ruin the whole countries, and people are living terribly then the government of the countries has to take special measures for the people and to provide all facilities to them. There are many major earthquakes in the whole world but in this article we will mainly talk about the earthquakes that cause major destructions in specific areas.
The following are top 10 most expensive natural disasters in the history of the world:

10. Japan:

List of Top Ten Most Destructive Earthquakes in Human HistoryA very massive earthquake came in Kobe located in Japan in 1995, 17 January. The strength of the shock was calculated to be 6.9 on the Richter scale. It got very high death tool that was estimated to be more than 5000 people killed in it, and the loss of property was estimated to be of $100 billion. It caused a massive damage to the whole city of Japan and almost 200,000 large buildings there were totally diminished. It is included in the major destructions caused by the earthquakes in the world, and it totally ruined the life of the people but still the government of Japan managed to provide facilities to the people there.

9. Southern California:

Top Ten Most Destructive Earthquakes in Human HistoryThe massive earthquake of 6.7 scales came in Southern California in the year 1994. It caused a lot of damage to the whole place, and the value of damage was estimated to be almost $44 billion which as a whole made the country very weak. Almost 40,000 buildings were totally fallen, and all the countries suffered were the most populated places in the whole Southern California. The most of the damage were caused due to the collapse of the office buildings, crowded places, parking areas, etc.

8. Central California:

Top Ten Destructive Earthquakes in Human HistoryAgain here comes a major earthquake that came in Central California in the year of 1989. It killed almost 63 people in total, but the damage to the properties was estimated to be the value of $6 billion. On the Richter scale, the strength of the tremor was almost 6.9 which were of very high intensity. It is claimed by the experts that this was the severe shock after 1906. Emmy was the reporter at that time, he reported life during the whole tremor situation and received an award for that as well.

7. China:

Top 10 Most Destructive Earthquakes in Human HistoryChina was badly shaken by this severe earthquake in 1976 which was almost 7.5 on the Richter scale and caused major destructions in the country. It occurred because of the some heavy activities at the Pacific Ocean. It was estimated that almost 250,000 people lost their lives in this tremor and those people are always remembered and associated, with this earthquake. All other damages are estimated to be $655,000 for which government of the country has to work hard to recover from all this lost.

6. Peru:

List of Top 10 Most Destructive Earthquakes in Human HistoryPeru is the country that faced major earthquake in 1970 in the month of May. The strength of the earthquake was almost 7.9 which was very severe and hit the whole west part of the South America. It was estimated that almost 66,000 people were killed, and total loss for the country was estimated to be of $500 million. All the major buildings of Peru were collapsed and became the cause of many deaths. Scientists of Peru explained that earthquake came due to slipping of plates of Pacific Ocean and was the severe earthquake that Peru faced and included in the major destructions of the world due to the damages occurred by it.

5. Alaska:

Top Five Most Destructive Earthquakes in Human HistoryIt is estimated that this earthquake was the most severe in the world as it continued to be for three minutes and was almost 9.2 on the scale. This terrifying earthquake came in 1964. During this major earthquake, the prince of Alaska William was also struck in Alaska. The total people died in this earthquake were only 110, but the lost was of almost $311 million as a whole due to the property damaged in it. It has given large damage to the city, and the city could not recover from that very early.

4. Southern Chile:

Top 5 Most Destructive Earthquakes in Human HistorySouthern Chile faced the strongest earthquake of the whole history that was off 9.5 when estimated. The earthquake came in 1960 in the month of May. It was a major earthquake as it lasts for many hours; the land sliding after the earthquake caused many deaths as well. It killed almost 5700 people, and the damage to the property was estimated to be $675 million in the whole Chile and Alaska as well.

3. Southern USSR:

Top Three Most Destructive Earthquakes in Human HistoryThe major earthquake that came in Ashgabat in 1948 was very massive and killed almost 110,000 people who were the 2/3 of the whole population of this country. The strength of earthquake was 7.3 and was considered as the major earthquake that hit this country in the Asia. Then in 2002, the government took special measures to provide facilities to the families who lost their loved ones in this earthquake and to people who lost their homes in it as well.

2. San Francisco:

Top 3 Most Destructive Earthquakes in Human HistorySan Francisco is a very famous place in the world, San Francisco faced an earthquake which was almost of 7.8 on Richter scale. It came from the Bay area, and the water came in with the earthquake that caused more destruction. It was estimated that 3000 people were killed in it, and the total loss of the property was estimated to be of $524 million which was from water and earthquake as a whole. This earthquake came in 1906 and lasted for a minute.


Most Destructive Earthquake in Human HistoryMissouri is the places that faced most major and severe earthquake in the history. It was estimated to be of 8.0 on Richter scale and came almost 200 years ago in 1811. It is said that is completely ruined the whole Missouri, and the whole property of the country was damaged in it which cannot be recovered after many years.

List of Most Destructive Earthquakes in Human History

Sr.No. Names Richter Scale
1 Missouri 8.0
2 San Francisco 7.8
3 Southern USSR 7.3
4 Southern Chile 9.5
5 Alaska 9.2
6 Peru 7.9
7 China 7.5
8 Central California 6.9
9 Southern California 6.7
10 Japan 6.9


The above ranking of the top 10 most costly natural disasters of the world is given according to the deaths and the damages occurred to them in different countries. All these earthquakes were very severe and caused many damages to the countries and citizens there as well. Earthquakes are natural and cannot be avoided, but special measures can be taken to minimize their damages and effects to everything.

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