Most Cruel Rulers

Rulers are the people who rule the whole country and are totally under their control. There are many types of rulers in the world which have set different examples for the people due to their different characteristics like beneficial, cruel, kind and helping as well. Rulers are the people who take the whole country together and work for its proper working. Every person has its style of working with which they perform their duties. Some of the rulers have a hard nature to get the whole control of people living in their realm. The cruel rulers are fond of using they’re all powers and gaining some recognition in the world which has made them quite famous in the whole world for the lifetime. The list of cruel rulers is never ending and is very large, but here we only have to talk about the top 10 which were the worst one from the whole list. The cruelty of these rulers can be seen through their deeds and how they treat the people of their countries.
The following are top 10 most cruel rulers ever in the history of the world:

10. Idi Amin Dada:

List of Top Ten Most Cruel Rulers ever in HistoryIdi Amin Dada was the president of Uganda and the Military dictator. He joined the British Colonial in 1946. He was then promoted to the field marshal before becoming the head of state. During his rule, there were many major issues in Uganda that include murders, human rights abuses, political instability and ethnic persecution. During his rule, the murder rate was very high which was estimated to cross almost 500,000 and was a shocking situation for Uganda. He was completely against the Europeans and wanted to have more power than them. He was died on 2003 in Saudi Arabia due to the failure of kidneys.

9. Attila the Hun:

Top Ten Most Cruel Rulers ever in HistoryAttila was the famous ruler of Hun from 434 to 453. He was the famous leader of Hunnic Empire and is still called as the biggest villain in the history. He was very cruel and hard-hearted person who was his worst qualities. He also tried to capture France but was defeated then. Then he started planning against Romans and made different campaigns for that. Then he got married and his blood was drowned on the wedding night, and he died on 453. Now he has no clear pictures only some statues and paintings are available to see him.

8. Genghis Khan:

Top Ten Cruel Rulers ever in HistoryGenghis Khan was considered as the great leader of Mongol Empire and its founder as well. Mongol Empire is considered as the largest contiguous empire in the whole world after his death. He has united many nomadic tribes to get the ruling power. He was a big warrior and brought all nomadic tribes to Mongolia during his rule and implemented all disciplined military rules for the people living there. His pictures are also not available in the world, but some paintings can explain his looks.

7. Pol Pot:

Top 10 Most Cruel Rulers ever in HistoryPol Pot was the Prime Minister of Cambodia from 1976 to 1979 and also the famous leader of Khmer Rouge. During his rule, the murder rate was very high, and millions of people were killed there and some racial fights among the people as well and most of the people there were suffering from starvation and different diseases. During the whole period of rule, almost one million people were killed due to forced labor and torture there.

6. Vlad Tepes:

List of Top 10 Most Cruel Rulers ever in HistoryVlad Tepes is the leader who ruled from 1456 to 1462 in Wallachia. He is also called as a legend due to different work performed during his ruling time. But some cruel punishments were also given to the people who made his name on this list. He was considered as a huge fan of torture that was common in his time. He was also involved in cutting different organs of the people life ears, nose, sexual organs, etc. The cruelty was to a next level during his period and was worst for the people living under his control.

5. Ivan IV of Russia:

Top Five Most Cruel Rulers ever in HistoryIvan IV of Russia was considered as the terrible leader ever in the world that was also the first ruler of Russia. It is said that he had a complex personality and was suffering from some mental issues that can be seen by his acts. He also burnt almost 1000s of people in frying pans that were the main reason to show he was mentally ill. He also killed 1000 people after gathering them. He died due to heart stroke while playing chess.

4. Adolf Eichmann:

Top 5 Most Cruel Rulers ever in HistoryAdolf Eichmann was born in a small industrial city called Rhineland in 1906. He was a German and was a big organizer of Holocaust. He was then hanged by the Israel due to his part played against Jews in the World War II. He also said that killing 5 million Jews gave me much satisfaction which made Jews their big enemy.

3. Leopold II of Belgium:

Top Three Most Cruel Rulers ever in HistoryLeopold II was the king of Belgium and was famous for his brutal behavior with the people there. He was born in Brussels and remained king till his death. He allotted a large labor force for extracting rubber from the Central Africa where almost 3 million people were killed, and he was considered responsible for that. He was the person with the strong personality and a strong person to rule there.

2. Adolf Hitler:

Top 3 Most Cruel Rulers ever in HistoryAdolf Hitler is the most famous ruler of the world who was an Austrian politician. He has developed many strong and cruel policies for the people there which caused deaths of almost 10 million people. He also committed suicide in 1945 by shooting himself. He was the most famous ruler of the world due to his different acts that also listed him in this list of cruel rulers.

1. Josef Stalin:

Most Cruel Ruler ever in HistoryJosef Stalin was the leaderĀ of Soviet Union from 1941 to 1953. He also brought Russian Revolution in 1917 which is his main achievement. During his ruling time, many people were killed due to different reasons, and it is estimated that almost 20 million people were killed which is a huge number to be killed.

Most Cruel Rulers ever in History – Top Listed

Sr.No. Names Born Died
1 Josef Stalin 18 December/ 1878/ Gori/ Georgia 5 March/ 1953/ Kuntsevo Dacha
2 Adolf Hitler 20 April/ 1889/ Austria 30 April/ 1945/ Germany
3 Leopold II of Belgium 9 April/ 1835/ Belgium 17 December/ 1909/ Belgium
4 Adolph Eichmann 19 March/ 1906/ Germany 31 May/ 1962/ Israel
5 Ivan IV of Russia 3 September/ 1530/ Russia 28 March/ 1584/ Russia
6 Vlad Tepes 1431/ Romania Bucharest/ Romania
7 Pol Pot 19 May/ 1925/ Prek Sbauv 15 April/ 1998/ Cambodia
8 Genghis Khan 31 May/ 1162/ Deluun Boldog 25 August/ 1227/ Western Xia
9 Attila the Hun 406 AD/ Pannonia March 453 AD/ Hungary
10 Idi Amin Dada 1923/ Koboko/ Uganda 16 August/ 2003/ Saudi Arabia


The above ranking of top 10 most cruel rulers ever in the history is given according to the acts and the number of people killed during their ruling period. All these leaders have strong personalities, and they have some good and bad characteristics in their personalities. All these leaders have done many bad deeds with the people there who have given the title of cruel leaders to them. The number of cruel leaders is very high in the world but in this list, only the cruelest 10 were listed which were worst.

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