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Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Prison

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Prison

Women are more in ratio than men all around the world. It is not compulsory that only men can commit different crimes, but women are also involved in some heinous offences. Most of the women in the world are very beautiful and have attractive features. It is not said that beautiful girls are very innocent they are not involved in different crimes like cheat, murder, robberies, etc. for which they are sent to jail for their punishments. The main redeeming quality of very girl is their good looks which cannot be overlooked. Their criminal activities have sent them to the jail where they have to live many years after leaving everything of their normal life. These women have strong careers and are working with which they are also involved in bad activities which are very common in the society and most of the people are involved in, them. The punishments given to them because of their crimes are according to the intensity of their crimes and vary according to them as well.
The following are top 10 most beautiful women in jail due to different crimes in the world:

10. Jenny Decoteau:

List of Top Ten Most Beautiful Women in PrisonJenny Decoteau was a very beautiful lady who was involved in crimes like common law robbery which she considers a big fun. She looks like a perfect party girl and always perfectly dressed up with the latest fashion. Most of her close people said that she was a very good person from inside but has made some worse decisions of her life. She was always wearing full makeup to complete her look and accessories to remain a proper fashionable and beautiful woman.

9. Rebecca Flanagan:

Top Ten Most Beautiful Women in PrisonRebecca Flanagan is the woman who was very cheeky and attractive. She was made with perfect looks as while walking on the roads people stop only to have a single glimpse of this beautiful lady. She has long brown hair and perfect white teeth with a beautiful smile. But the bad thing is that she is now in prison as she was caught stealing from a store to fulfill her dreams. It was later said by someone that a pretty and beautiful girl can steal anything from the market.

8. Amy Doyle:

Top Ten Beautiful Women in PrisonAmy Doyle is a blonde haired girl with very attractive features, and she became famous due to her pictures with revealing clothes. She was considered as a very sexy woman in the world. It is said that whether you are sexy or not, you have committed a crime so you must be in jail. She was full of fun person who was always spotted partying and on the bars and she was fond of pool parties which are being missed in the jail.

7. Elizabeth Lambright:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in PrisonElizabeth Lambright is the beautiful woman who is included in this list because of her involvement in smuggling of drugs and owning a firearm. It is said that there is nothing wrong when a beautiful woman carries a weapon. She has very attractive features, and her best part was her smile. She has been in jail for a long period and there were some rumors that she is released but that were totally false and baseless. She was loved by everyone as she was very generous.

6. Stacey Solberg:

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in PrisonStacey Solberg was a woman with stunning beauty and was a complete woman who is still in prison due to her activities. She was sent to jail because of the aggravated assault. She has written a letter from jail in which she has written that she is losing her sense of needs and humor there during these dark times. It was judged from her letter that she is living dark times there, and people wanted her to get out of jail for her survival and mental abilities.

5. Samantha Hughes:

Top Five Most Beautiful Women in PrisonSamantha Hughes is the beautiful woman who is still living her life in jail. All her fellows there are not able to communicate perfectly with her and to do some exchange of words. All of them can write freely about themselves. She has very beautiful oily skin which is difficult to find anywhere in the world. At that time, most of the people wanted to get marry to her but is still in prison, so the relationship is still not happening.

4. Kataya Kitzman:

Top 5 Most Beautiful Women in PrisonKataya Kitzman was a woman with sparkling eyes and attractive smile. She was sent to jail for almost 35 years because she was involved in a murder. She will be released from jail in 2023. She looks very young because of her looks and has very charming personality as well. It is said that she is most charming lady included in this list, but her crimes are very dangerous and frightening who wanted to live her life to the fullest.

3. Bridgette Chaplin:

Top Three Most Beautiful Women in PrisonBridgette Chaplin is the personality who became famous because of her revealing and flirty pictures uploaded on the internet. She was then sent to the jail because of her criminal activities like thefts and almost 60 felonies. She was a 32 years old lady who has stolen the identities of almost 1000 people. She has also stolen licenses of many people, bank card, store membership cards and many other precious things.

2. Miranda Dalton:

Top 3 Most Beautiful Women in PrisonMiranda Dalton is the beautiful lady who was involved in some serious crimes. She was driving a car under the influence of alcohol and also killed a man in this condition. What the person died was only 28 years old. She was mainly addicted to alcohol and problems with the drinking. She has made many friends in jail with those she is living a much stable life in jail as compared to all other criminal ladies in jail.

1. Elizabeth Kommes:

Elizabeth KommesElizabeth Kommes is the lady whose article was also published in a newspaper with the title of Flirty. She was only 30 years old when she was sent to jail because of drunk while driving and also giving bribe to the officials. She has paid $10,000 to the police officer who came to arrest her. She was also in a rehab center for a long time but was of no use. She is likely to be released in 2016.

Most Beautiful Women in Prison – Top Ten List

Sr.No. Names
1 Elizabeth Kommes
2 Miranda Dalton
3 Bridgette Chaplin
4 Kataya Kitzman
5 Samantha Hughes
6 Stacey Solberg
7 Elizabeth Lambright
8 Amy Doyle
9 Rebecca Flanagan
10 Jenny Decateau


Crimes are not compulsory that are to be only committed by the man but also women are involved in them. Women are very beautiful and have attractive features, but there is nothing to do with their beauty if they are involved in criminal activities. All these ladies are very attractive but have committed many different crimes which became the reason of sending them to the jail, and they will be released after completing their period of jail.