Illegal Baby Names

The name of the babies are the most important thing in the life of parents right after knowing about the existence of baby; parents start to decide different and beautiful names for their babies. The name of baby is very important because then their whole life they have to use those name and are always recognize by those names. Some parents feel that choosing the right and best name for their baby is most difficult and tricky thing in the life of parents. There are many different spellings of each name and after selecting the name they have to choose the right spelling for that word. Mostly parents at the time of pregnancy spend a lot of time in selecting the appropriate name and their meanings as well. Some names are very traditional ones and parents choose them which are the continuous way to embarrass the kids in their whole life. In this article, we will discuss some names that are banned in different countries due to different reasons either their meanings, etc.
The following are top 10 baby names banned in the world:

10. Staalman:

List of Top Ten Illegal Baby Names in the WorldIt is the tradition of native America that babies are given the names what their parents see near them while giving birth to them. The famous name Staalman means Man of Steel which was banned in Sweden and this name was banned for the future. After that ban on Staalman, no one in Sweden has kept this name for their baby. It is said that the baby of Sara Leisten was born with one arm in the air then according to the situation the name of the baby was kept Staalman. Staalman was the name of two babies till 1984 but no after than that.

9. Mona Lisa:

Top Ten Illegal Baby Names in the WorldMona Lisa is a very famous name in the world and is considered as the legitimate name. It was banned in Portugal, and strict actions were taken to ban this name. Portugal government wanted to avoid the perfect traditional Portuguese flavor in the names of ordinary people. Not only some odd names are banned but also some famous names of the world like Maradona, Mona Lisa are banned in different countries. All foreign names have much flexibility in them but in Portugal still traditional names are loved by the people.

8. Daemon:

Top Ten Illegal Names in the WorldDaemon is a very famous singer and the character of the famous The Vampire Diaries. The name of this celebrity is from the French language and after that parents decided to name their babies with this name. It is also pronounced in the French sound then the government decided to ban this name by conducting an order by a court. The case in the court was for a long time, and then later the decision was given to banning this name in the whole country. But real fans of this celebrity wanted to keep the name of their babies on this person.

7. @:

Top 10 Illegal Baby Names in the World@ is a very different name that no one has imagined that it is a name, and almost everyone in the world has seen @ only with email id. It was first kept by a Chinese couple for their baby as they consider it as the symbol of Love Him. They kept this name of their baby to forget the whole worries for the entire life. Then Chinese government banned this name but it is considered as a good ban in the world. A baby in San Francisco was also named as the # which was a similar thing to this but shocking for the people all over the world.

6. Metallica:

List of Top 10 Illegal Baby Names in the WorldMetallica was also a famous character of a movie and parents wanted to keep this name for their baby. It was kept in Sweden and was a unique name at that time. Then in 2007, Swedish court banned this name and didn’t allow using it in future. But the baby whose name was kept before the decision won his battle and kept his name because he was named before the decision of a court. It is very different kind of name and no even heard after that in the whole world.

5. 4Real:

Top Five Illegal Baby Names in the WorldIt is similar to the story of the baby Superman who was born with a hand in the air, so his name was kept according to that. Then in 2007 a couple in New Zealand got the ultrasound of their baby and saw that it was for reach, so they decided to name their baby 4Real. It is objected by the courts as it was not compulsory to always remind the baby that he is real. But parents decided to continue with this name and now this baby is 8 years old.

4. Akuma:

Top 5 Illegal Baby Names in the WorldAkuma is the word which means Devil in the Japanese language. It was a story of 1993 when a baby was born in Japanese family and was given the name of Akuma. Akuma was very famous character name and has many fans. Akuma was then sent to an Orphanage in 2006. He was then not found by his mother but still his name was famous in the world. But then it was banned in Japan as it was not much impressive name, and the meaning of this word was not good.

3. Sor Chai:

Top Three Illegal Baby Names in the WorldSor Chai is a word which means Insane they claim that new born babies are insane, so this name is very good and appropriate for them. In Malaysia, parents kept the name of the baby Sor Chai and after the identification of its meaning it was banned by the country in 2006 and now no other parents are keeping this name of their baby. It was not only very different name but difficult to pronounce as well.

2. Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssq:

Top 3 Illegal Baby Names in the WorldAgain here comes a story of Sweden where a very different and difficult name in the history of the world. It is shocking to the whole world that how this name can be kept by the parents for their baby. That is the reason it was banned by the government of Sweden, and the decision of the court was given when a baby was 6 years old with this name. It is claimed by their parents that its pronunciation is done Albin.

1. Talula Does the Hula:

Illegal Baby Names in the WorldIt is the story of a couple of New Zealand who kept the name of their daughter Talula does the Hula, and later they lost their daughter. Then the court has given the verdict that this name is now banned in the New Zealand, and the name of that girl was also changed by her parents. Then the girl was disappeared from the world, and even her parents could not find her for many years.

List of Top 10 Illegal Baby Names in the World

Sr.No. Names
1 Talula Does the Hula
2 Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssq
3 Sor Chai
4 Akuma
5 4Real
6 Metallica
7 @
8 Daemon
9 Mona Lisa
10 Staalman


The above ranking of the top 10 illegal baby names in the world is given according to the difficulty add uniqueness of these names. All these names are very different and have different meanings for which they are banned in their respective countries. Some of them are difficult enough that they can be pronounced easily while some of them have odd meaning for which they are banned and now don’t exist in the world.

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