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Marketing is the core of any business for branding and increasing the sales of the product. Marketing has ever been the primary tool to make any business campaign or social campaign successful. People use different methods of marketing to make the product successful.
In the modern era of advanced technology, people use different advanced methods for the campaign of their products. Today many companies have established, and many companies are producing the same products. So, the competition between the companies has started at a huge level to sell their products. Quality wise all the companies are making almost the similar products, but these are the marketing techniques which make these businesses to get success over their competitors.
As we know that in this modern age, trends have been changed utterly. The marketing over the media is more important, and the multimedia ads with unique ideas are the key to success for any product nowadays. Our today’s article is all about the commercial ads on the TV, and we will tell you about the expensive TV commercial ads and also will provide you a list of top 10 most expensive TV commercials ever made in the world, some were seen on a href=”http://www.livenewsmag.com/cnn-news-tv-live-stream/”>cnn live stream
The following are top 10 most expensive TV commercials ever made in the world:


List of Top Ten Most Expensive TV Commercials Ever Made in the WorldApple is very famous brand all over the world and everyone is well aware of its name. It is very luxurious and expensive brand which is making different latest products like mobile, ipad, laptop etc. In this ad of apple has a famous heroine was protecting mankind by breaking the glass. This ad was basically made to introduce apple and Macintosh to the public all over the world. This expensive commercial was launched in the world in 1984 super bowl. In the world of TV, it is considered as a classic advertisement. It was made with high price tag of $600,000.

9.Go Daddy:

Top Ten Most Expensive TV Commercials Ever Made in the WorldGo Daddy was a very funny TV commercial which was introduced in the world in 2005. This ad has world famous wrestler called Candice Michelle. In this ad, she was in very sexy get up and was referring this website to purchase different products. Later this advertisement was ban in the world and could not be aired on TV. But Go Daddy was very famous because of this advertisement and also become number one website for purchasing different products. This funny and bold ad was made with a budget of $2.4 million.


Top 10 Most Expensive TV Commercials Ever Made in the WorldFerrari is very famous car and fastest car in the world. People are crazy for this bar because of its speed and look as well. No one needs introduction of this luxurious car. Ferrari is very luxurious and classy car. In this ad, old cars were also used for modern cars with latest models. The conclusion from this ad was that to show the fantasy of Ferrari to all its lovers. The price of this ad was much increased because of Ferrari used in this advertisement as it is very expensive. The price of this luxurious advertisement was almost $3.9 million.


World Top 10 Most Expensive TV Commercials Ever Made in the WorldHonda is very famous car manufacturing company which are making car for different income level people. It offers different cars for all classes of society and their cars are available all over the world. It is basically a Japanese company. In this advertisement, different features of this car were highlighted in this ad with different effects used in it which shows the beauty and performance of this luxurious car. It also features how different products of this car come up to complete the whole car. This ad was made with high budget of $6.5 million.


Top 10 Expensive TV Commercials Ever Made in the World

Pepsi is very famous brand and everyone is well aware of its name. It is basic need with all sorts of junk food and loved by the people. Pepsi ad was the most famous ad of super bowl. It was made in 2002 which has Britney Spears in it and singing songs of Pepsi for people. She mentioned a line that Pepsi is for young ones which attracted more people towards it. This ad was very successful then Pepsi decided to hire Britney Spears for its next advertisement. It was made with high price tag of almost $7.53 million which was large amount of the making of a single advertisement.

5.Carlton Draught:

Top Five Most Expensive TV Commercials Ever Made in the World

Carlton Draught is an Australian Beer company. In this ad, it features many skydivers humping from the airplane with Carlton Draught. Then after that beer hit toe jaguars and a car as well. This ad was very appealing for the people, and this company generated almost 36 million sales for this single advertisement. Its cost was never revealed but then it was also disclosed and was almost $9 million which is very large amount.

4.Chrysler 200:

Top 5 Expensive Commercials Ever Made in the WorldChrysler is very famous car brand. It was made only to do a comeback of its cars in the market again. It is considered a very important part in automotive industry. In this ad, they hired famous rapper Eminem for the performance. It’s shooting was done in America and about the cars. This brand has many ups and downs in their success. After this ad, this company was again back in action and was very successful then. It was made with high price tag of almost $9 million which is a large amount of an advertisement.

3.Aviva Insurance:

Top Three Most Expensive Adds Ever Made in the WorldAviva Insurance comes up with this ad in about 2008. The company felt the need that their name is not famous like Coke or Pepsi. It was only made to make their name more famous. They also hired many famous celebrities in their ads like Walter Willis, Richard Starkey and many others. This ad was made with a large budget of $13.4 million.

2.George W. Bush:

Top 3 Most Expensive Commercials Ever Made in the WorldGeorge W. Bush was very famous personality in the world and was the president of USA. It was made when terrorists attacked world trade center on 2001. In this ad, pure sentiments were shown of a girl who lost her mother in this attack. Then also Bush, featured in his election campaign in the ad which was very successful in his career. This ad was made with a large budget of $14.2 million.

1.Guinness Beer:

Most Expensive Commercial Ever Made in the World

It was a very simple ad and has no famous celebrities or personalities in it. In this ad, the main feature was only beer which also has many effects on it. In this ad, they also introduced a new tagline called “Good things come to those who wait” which is now very famous. We don’t know that where was the money spent on this ad as it has nothing special in it. It was made with high budget of $20 million which makes it most expensive ad ever made in the world.

Most Expensive TV Commercials Ever Made

Sr.No. Names $ Cost
1 Guinness Beer 20 Million
2 George W. Bush 14.2 Million
3 Aviva Insurance 13.4 Million
4 Chrysler 200 9 Million
5 Carlton Draught 9 Million
6 Pepsi 7.53 Million
7 Honda 6.5 Million
8 Ferrari 3.9 Million
9 Go Daddy 2.4 Million
10 Apple 0.6 Million
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