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Top 10 Essential Folk Music Singer Songwriters

Essential Folk Music Singer Songwriters

Folk music is quite a traditional form of music which is loved by everyone in the world. They have pictures which are always focused on some old kind of guitar with them which is considered as their symbol. Folk music is mainly considered as the best old history music which is mostly associated with America. Most of the folk artists have written their songs which have deep lyrics and are also to provide some inspiration. In past, most of the songwriters are different from the singers, but now most of the singers are writing their songs to express their feeling. These artists are very famous all over the world and have millions of fans. They have given many singles and albums for the entertainment of the people. Folk music was more common in the 20th century, but it is now replaced by some other forms of music like pop and jazz because the taste of people is changed now and the trend towards folk is diminishing with the passage of time.
The following are top 10 best folk music singers and songwriters of the world:

10. Ani Difranco:

List of Top Ten Essential Folk Music Singer SongwritersAni Difranco is one of those who have changed the thinking of people towards folk music. Her technique of playing guitar was very amazing and different which attracts people towards it. She used to play guitar with her fake nails and electrical tape. She started her career in her early teens and had produced many different hit albums and also does almost hundreds of shows in a single year on tour to different countries.

9. Greg Brown:

Top Ten Essential Folk Music Singer SongwritersGreg Brown is the famous folk singer of 70`s and was considered as one of best singers and songwriter of that whole generation. Most of his songs were featured in different movies and were considered as the favorite ones for every festival season. His voice was very amazing and low and has sung songs for different purposes including peace to war. He was known for his guitar style, and his attractive voice made him successful in very less time. His grumbly voice made him successful and sang a different kind of songs.

8. Janis Ian:

Top Ten Essential Folk Music SingerJania Ian is another famous and incredible folk singer and songwriter as well. She started her career in her teenage and started to continue to make different records because of her exceptional voice and fantastic folk music. All of her songs were topical and timely and covers all type of song effects which includes peace and relationships etc. She also plays her written songs with the perfect combination of the guitar which she loves to play even at big concerts and her videos.

7. Cat Stevens:

Top 10 Essential Folk Music Singer SongwritersCat Stevens is one of the most famous folk singers of the whole world. He is also considered as the most memorable artist of the world. Most of his songs were covered by different bands of the world and different musical spectrum. His most famous songs include Peace Train, and Wild Word are considered as unforgettable and best classics of the world which are timeless because they can be heard at any time throughout the life.

6. Paul Simon:

List of Top 10 Essential Folk Music Singer SongwritersPaul Simon is a single person of the band called Simon and Garfunkel. He was considered as one of the best and influential singer and songwriter of 1980`s. His most famous album called Graceland CD also won Grammy award in 1987. Paul belongs to America and more known for his unique folk tunes which have inspired the whole world and other young folk singers as well to continue their career in the field of folk to make it forever and more entertaining.

5. Phil Ochs:

Top Five Essential Folk Music Singer SongwritersPhil Ochs is considered as the best folk singers of 1960`s and is most important to be included in this list. Most of his songs are topical and are based on different taboo according to different situations. His many songs were very famous and the song called War is Over Movement which is still famous in the world and gained much popularity from all over the world. He has done many famous concerts all around the world.

4. Joni Mitchell:

Top 5 Essential Folk Music Singer SongwritersJoni Mitchell was not only the best singer but songwriter and amazing painter as well and belongs to Canada. She used to write lyrics with very deep meanings which also inspired her fellow singers. She was named as the most influential and best female folk artist in the whole 20th century. She has inspired many women of folk culture to start singing in her style, and her work can be still seen in the style of Dar Williams.

3. Bob Dylan:

Top Three Essential Folk Music Singer SongwritersBob Dylan was an American writer, singer and songwriter as well. He was famous for his music and culture introduced his music for almost more than 5 decades. He has given many big hit albums for the listeners and also won different awards for those performances. He has also received Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012 by the President of America Barack Obama for his spectacular work in the field of music. He has a long successful career of 30 years in the field of music and radio shows as well. He has inspired the whole young generation and different music artists as well.

2. Pete Seeger:

Top 3 Essential Folk Music Singer SongwritersPete Seeger was not only a folk singer but also an activist in America. He was heard by the whole world on the nationwide radio in 1940`s. He was on the top of the chart for best song for almost 13 consecutive weeks in 1950. His work in the field of singing is very vast because of the impressive singing and the lyrics. Some big folk artists like Bob Dylan etc. were also inspired by his singing and the legacy in his singing. He has a perfect art of writing songs which are simple and easy to understand for everyone.

1. Woody Guthrie:

Best Essential Folk Music Singer SongwriterWoody Guthrie started his career from the radio station of California. He has made many big music albums and was named as the best folk artist of the world. He then started his group with different musicians of New York. They were also named as the most famous folk music group of the world. He has combined folk music, political and social elements in his music perfectly. Then his son was also introduced with this form of music and was always associated with the singing of his father.

Essential Folk Music Singer Songwriters – Top Ten List

Sr.No. Names
1 Woody Guthrie
2 Pete Seeger
3 Bob Dylan
4 Joni Mitchell
5 Phil Ochs
6 Paul Simon
7 Cat Stevens
8 Janis Ian
9 Greg Brown
10 Ani Difranco


Folk music is very interesting one which is always related to the tradition and culture of different countries especially America. The folk music artists are famous all around the globe and have millions of fans. All these artists discussed above are exceptional in their field and have given many masterpieces of folk music for the entertainment of people. These singers have marked their names in the history of folk art at all times.