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Top 10 Countries with Best Food in the World

Top 10 Countries with Best Food in the World

Food is one of the basic necessities for human to survive in the world. There are different kinds of food in the world, having different tastes and benefits, and every person has its taste according to which people choose the best food item for them. Every country has some specialty in their food, but the problem is that how people will choose the best one among many dishes of different countries as every dish is tasty and different in its taste. But dishes of some countries are famous in the whole world and loved by the people like Chinese which is also cooked at home in almost everywhere. The culture of the country is truly represented in their dishes and tourists from all over the world want to taste those dishes when they are in respective countries. Every person wish to try something new and develop their taste with different types of foods. The special dishes of every country are famous in the world with the name of their countries and will always represent them.
Following are the top 10 countries with the best food in the world:

10. Thailand:

List of Top Ten Countries with Best Food in the WorldThailand is a very famous country in the world which is commonly called as Siam. Thailand is located in the center of the Southeast Asia. It is sharing a border with Burma and Malaysia as well. Thailand is very famous for its food products and almost in the whole world Thai food is known and loved by the people. Thai food has some special products and dishes that are also available in all Thai restaurants. Thai dishes are made with less spice as people there are not comfortable with spicy food. Thai food is made in different style and are further garnished very well to make them more attractive to the people and food lovers in the world.

9. United States of America:

Top Ten Countries with Best Food in the WorldUnited States of America is a famous country that is commonly called as the USA. It is a very large country that has almost 50 different states in it. It is very highly populated and is well developed. The major food items of this country are fast food. There are many big restaurants of fast food like Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, and Johnny Rockets, etc. Their fast food restaurants also have opened different restaurants in all other countries of the world. That is the reason people of America are fat and facing major health issues. People there are totally dependent upon fast food.

8. China:

Top Ten Countries with nice Food in the WorldChina is called the Republic of China and is located in East Asia. It is considered as the country with the highest population in the world which has a total population of 1.35 billion. China is very famous for its food items and the dishes made there. Chinese people love to eat dishes with fewer spices and mostly boiled things like vegetables etc. The most famous Chinese cuisine is loved in the whole world, and people are capable of making them at their homes like Chinese rice, Manchurian, etc. Almost everyone in the world loves Chinese food because of its some dishes.

7. Japan:

List of Top 10 Countries with Best Food in the WorldJapan is considered as an island nation that is situated in the Pacific Ocean. The culture of the country is similar to the China. The meaning of the name of the country is “Land of the Rising Sun”. Japan has its traditional food dishes that are not like by other countries and people. Japanese like to eat different animals in a raw and cooked form that is not the culture of some other countries, so their dishes are only available in Japan. People and tourists from the world taste their special dishes while staying in Japan.

6. Spain:

List of Top 10 Countries with Best Food in the WorldSpain is a much-developed country that is a member of European Union. It is situated in the southwest part of Europe. Spain has a unique culture and taste in food items that are the perfect combination of culinary from different places. The culture of Spain is historical and is still very strong. They also eat Pig which is forbidden in Islam and Muslims avoid it, and some other dishes of Spain are also not eaten by some community of the world due to their limits of religion and culture as well. Japan is also consider as 10th most Greenest Country of the world.

5. Greece:

Top Five Countries with Best Food in the WorldGreece is very ancient country and is situated in The Southeast of Europe. It is very populated and has almost the total population of 11 million. Greece has some core ingredients that are used in they’re all food dishes like lemon, olive oil, bread, herbs, wine, etc. They eat all kinds of things like pork, rabbit, lamb that is not eaten by some people in other countries. Their food is always served with wine and is normally expensive than other cuisines. All their appetizers are served with different dipping sauces. The look of their dishes is not very attractive as combined with different raw things.

4. India:

Top 5 Countries with Best Food in the WorldIndia is very famous country and is much known for its strong culture. It is located in a large area and is ranked as the 2nd highly populated country of the world with the total population of 1.2 billion. India has very strong culture and has different people in it like some people are vegetarian and avoid eggs as well while some people of the country are not vegetarian. Their main item in food is pulses and vegetables and big restaurants also launched their dishes according to their culture like McDonalds launched McVeggie in India.

3. France:

Top Three Countries with Best Food in the WorldFrance is officially called the French Republic and is located in West Europe.  It has a total population of 66.6 million. France is very well developed country. It still works on its traditional cooking styles and methods. French cuisine is highly inspired by the Italian cuisines and their dishes truly represent that in their taste. The presentation and garnishing of their dishes are very appealing for the people of the whole world.

2. Mexico:

Top 3 Countries with Best Food in the WorldMexico is a very strong cultured country which is located in North America. It is also ranked as the 5th largest country because of its large area. Their traditional food is called Mexican food which famous in the world and is similar to the Spanish food. Their basic food items are beans, peppers, corn, etc. Their cooking methods are mixed in which some are traditional, and some of them are latest. Their food is mostly spicy which is loved by all other countries of the world.

1. Italy:

Top Country with Best Food in the WorldItaly is a famous country because of their special cultural dishes that are famous in the whole world. The whole Italian cuisines are very historical and have much developed now because of the changes in the country socially. The taste of their dishes are similar to the Chinese and are made with the same ingredients. The main ingredient of their dishes are wine and cheese that are always added to their all dishes. It is considered as the best country, and its food represent a country in the whole world.

List of Countries with Best Food in the World

Sr.No. Names Population Phone Code
1 Italy 59.83 million (2013) +39
2 Mexico 122.3 million (2013) +52
3 France 66.03 million (2013) +33
4 India 1.252 billion (2013) +91
5 Greece 11.03 million (2013) +30
6 Spain 46.77 million (2014) +34
7 Japan 127.3 million (2013) +81
8 China 1.357 billion (2013) +86
9 United States of America 318.9 million (2014) +1
10 Thailand 67.01 million (2013) +66