Super Mario Games

Most of the people in the world are fond of games and wanted to spend their extra time while playing them. There are different devices available in the market on which games are played which includes play station, Xbox, laptops and also the PS3 devices. Most of the people wanted to spend money on Nintendo devices and games because of their high value in the market, and it is working for many years and is much successful one.

It is said that Mario Franchise is named as the best video game series of the world and is worth it for its price. There are different Mario games introduced in the market in various time periods and are sold at various price ranges. The Super Mario games are highly demanded in the whole world that is the reason it is introducing new games in the market for the people.
Here are 10 top rated Super Mario games available in the entire world, which are as follow:

10. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Best Super Mario GamesSuper Mario Galaxy 2 is quite similar to the previous parts but was released in 2010. It seems like playing the game on different planets in 3D. In this whole game, the player travels on various galaxies which are designed perfectly. It is made with much improvement as compared to the original one and was more loved by the people. This game was named as the classic one and was highly demanded in the whole world.

9. New Super Mario Bros

Best Super Mario Games EverNew Super Mario Bros is the game developed for the Nintendo DS. Most of the people fell in love with the features of this latest device DS. It was released in 2006 and highly demanded by the people as this was the game of the series running successfully from last 14 years. It was made with many innovative features as compared to the previous games launched by Mario and was done with the two main characters and was little expensive as well.

8. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi`s Island

Best Super Mario Games Ever Highly RatedSuper Mario World 2 given the subtitle of Yoshi`s Island has received the attention of people because of its unique name. The main character of this game was called Mario Kart. This game was much fun because of the different actions performed by in it and also eats its enemies rather than jumping on them. This game was named as the change in this whole series which gamers can enjoy for many hours because of their interest in it.

7. Super Mario Bros. 2

Top Best Super Mario Games Ever Highly RatedSuper Mario Bros 2 is the game referred to North American super Mario bros 2 and is still growing in the market. It was released in 1998 but still loved by the people because of the different features in it. The setup of this game is different from other games of this series and its characters keep traveling in the dream and players can choose their favorite character from 4 options. The enemies are many strange creatures which are not seen in any other game series.

6. Super Mario Galaxy

Top Best Super Mario Games EverSuper Mario Galaxy is the game which was released in 2007. This game features different galaxies located which are very exciting and also involved different attractive graphics in it. It is made with the new development and can be played for a long time. Super Mario Galaxy comes with another interesting feature which is the use of star pointer. It is still named as the favorite game of the gamers located in the whole world.

5. Super Mario 64

Top Best Super Mario GamesSuper Mario 64 is the game of this series which was released in 1996. This is the game which has stolen the hearts of gamers from their childhood. It is the groundbreaking game which is made with the 2D model. It is made with little fresh changes in it and a new world in which the game is being played. This whole game is little long and involves full attention of the person playing it. It is sold at the high price tag as compared to other games of this series.

4. Super Mario Bros

Top Rated Super Mario Games EverSuper Mario Bros is the game which was released in 1985 and was a great match. It was the first game in which Luigi was introduced with the Mario who has added much glory to this game and enhanced the experience as well. Super Mario Bros is named as one of the most famous games among the kids. It is a two player game which is much entertaining and separate single player can also play it. It is made with many other features and buttons to make it an exciting option.

3. Super Mario World

Top Super Mario Games EverSuper Mario World was mainly launched for the SNES and comes with the best system in it. It was started in 1990 which was developed by Nintendo and enhanced with the bright colors for the attraction of games. Super Mario World comes with fantastic new characters and also the favorite little green dinosaur makes the first appearance in this match. It was a long game which comes with the 2D design in it.

2. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Top Super Mario Games Ever Highly RatedNew Super Mario Bros. Wii is the game which was launched in 2009 and much latest one as compared to other ones. It is an exciting play which can be played by multiple players. This game can be played by four players by having more controllers. It is very easy to play and enjoy the whole fun of this game. It is kind of interesting one and is available on almost all the devices in which people are playing the games. This game is little expensive because it is the latest one and made with new features.

1. Super Mario Bros.3

Best Super Mario GamesSuper Mario Bros.3 is the game which was launched in 1998 and available on almost all different systems. It is a much new addition to the whole gaming field and made with the new features. Super Mario Bros.3 also introduces a complete map of the entire game. It is absorbing one that is the reason highly demanded in the full world which made it famous and best one among all the games of this series.

Super Mario Games – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name Release Year
1 Super Mario Bros.3 1998
2 New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2009
3 Super Mario World 1990
4 Super Mario Bros 1985
5 Super Mario 64 1996
6 Super Mario Galaxy 2007
7 Super Mario Bros. 2 1998
8 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi`s Island 1995
9 New Super Mario Bros 2006
10 Super Mario Galaxy 2 2010
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