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Books are loved by everyone in the world. Books are the perfect thing to spend the extra time in our daily routine and increase our knowledge as well. There are many different types of books that are read by the people like a love story, thriller, horror and comic stories as well. Comic books are very different kind of books that are loved by the kids and young people as they are full of cartoons and different small dialogues about the story. There are different companies that are printing their comic series with different stories and are famous all over the world. The introduction of these comic books in the world was in the 19th century and is famous till now. Image comics are more famous and loved by the people and got more popularity from past 20 years. Image comic books are helpful for the small kids as they help them to understand the story by different images printed in the books, and small dialogues are written with the pictures for clear description.
The following are top 10 best image comic books series ever in the world:

10. The Maxx:

List of Top Ten Best Image Comic Series Ever in the WorldThe basic theme of this image comic book was to provide the best pictures with the statements for the clear understanding of the readers. The Maxx is the comic book that was introduced in the world in 1993. It was written by William Messner. It was the story of a trip to a homeless man in which they also showed the reality of life while traveling and the adaption to the new situations. It was similar to the story of the animated series on MTV in 1995 called Beavis and Butthead. It was made with a strong story, and the character was made very powerful which was loved by the kids.

9. Phonogram:

Top Ten Best Image Comic Series Ever in the WorldIn the start, there was no link between the music and the comic books but Dazzler has introduced this concept and introduced the famous disco star in the world which was a new thing. It was published in the market from 2006 to 2010, and different series were launched in this period. Phonogram was much loved by the comic lovers of the world, and the writer was much appreciated for writing this kind of new thing in the world. The new series of the comic were featured with famous bands like The Knife, CSS, etc.

8. Nightly News:

Top Ten Best Comic Series Ever in the WorldImage comics are getting more famous in the world because of some new series launched in the world which became a big hit. Nightly News is the comical book that was launched in 2007 which was also nominated in the media. It was written with artistic dialogues and designing skills were worth appreciating. The next book in this series was launched again in 2009 which was loved by the comic lovers of the world. The cover of the book was made with the big characters of this book to grab the attention of the readers.

7. Wanted:

Top 10 Best Image Comic Series Ever in the WorldWanted was a new kind of comic which was launched by Mark Millar while the image of the book was designed by the famous Image Top Cow productions. It was first introduced in the world in 2003 with the big books like superman. It was considered as the next level kind of comic because of its story and designs. This single comic earned almost $341 million from all over the world as it was considered as the big hit. It has total six issues in the complete series of the book. It is named after the most memorable comical book in the history.

6. Invincible:

List of Top 10 Best Image Comic Series Ever in the WorldInvincible was the amusing book that was made with turning story and some unexpected turns in the story had made it more interesting. It is made of the superhero series that can be seen through its cover. It was the first superhero comic book and was loved by everyone as a superhero was full of powers. It was first launched in the world in 2003. The cover of the book completely depicts the look of the superhero that was perfectly designed.

5. The Darkness:

Top Five Best Image Comic Series Ever in the WorldThe Darkness was the comic book that was produced by Marc Silvestri top cow and is very different comic. It was first introduced in the world in 1996 and the image on the cover made it attractive for the readers. It was combined with the perfect themes of horror and fantasy. It was also launched in a video game for the kids in 2007 and was much appreciated. The cover image was completely according to its name as it was made with many powers.

4. Powers:

Top 5 Best Image Comic Series Ever in the WorldPowers are the comic series that was first launched in 2004, and all of its books were image comics that are still memorable in the world. Power was a story of a detective that was made a big hit. The animations and designs of this book were exceptional, and this series also won many awards. It is still very famous in the world and loved by the comic lovers. It was a best and most profitable comic novel for both its creators.

3. Astro City:

Top Three Best Image Comic Series Ever in the WorldAstro City is the comic novel that was first introduced in 1995. It was again the story of a superhero that seems similar to superman according to its cover photo of the book. It has total 6 issues in the whole series. But the different thing about this novel is that it has not only single superhero but there were many heroes in it which created a history and was named as the most praised series of 90`s.

2. Savage Dragon:

Top 3 Best Image Comic Series Ever in the WorldSavage Dragon was considered as the original comic published in the world and is named as the longest running title in the world which was a record. It has almost 180 total issues in it which were designed perfectly. The story of this comic was basically of the fight between the devil and God, which was animated series of 1995. It was later launched on the famous channel HBO as animated series in 2011 which made it more famous.

1. The Walking Dead:

Best Image Comic Series Ever in the WorldThe Walking Dead is the most famous and successful image comic series that was inspired by the AMC series and attracted the whole audience of the world. It was first launched in 2003, and the story was about the zombie`s and some survivors. This novel has more than 90 issues in total and won many awards for best continuing series in 2010. Later its TV series and a video game was also launched in the world due to its popularity.

List of Best Image Comic Series Ever in the World

Sr.No. Names Initially Launched
1 The Walking Dead 2003
2 Savage Dragon 1995
3 Astro City 1995
4 Powers 2004
5 The Darkness 1996
6 Invincible 2003
7 Wanted 2003
8 Nightly News 2007
9 Phonogram 2006
10 The Maxx 1993


The above ranking of top 10 best images comic series ever in the world is given according to the success and popularity of these series. Comics are loved by everyone in the world, but image comics are more interesting for the kids and others. Their stories and the designs are the main attraction for the readers in the world. Most of them have won many big awards due to their success.

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