Best Horror Movies

Movies are the permanent source of entertainment for the people to relax from the normal routine and spend the extra time as well. There are many types of movies which are based on different storyline and theme like romantic, horror, art based, love story, etc. Horror movies are loved by some people in the world which are made with some new features every time to attract more people. These horror movies are made with the latest technology to show them real and to make afraid the people as well. In the world, there are many real problems that people are facing and are a horror for the other people. Everyone has once heard the stories of some vampires and ghosts in different houses where people are facing different problems due to them. It is always said that ghosts exist in real in the world that are very scary for everyone. Some of the movies are based on the true stories that are also mentioned in them that the story is real. These stories or movies make people very afraid, and it becomes difficult for them to sleep alone.
The following are classic horror movies that are based on true stories of the world:

10. Bram Stoker`s Dracula:

List of Top Ten Best Horror Movies Based on True StoriesBram Stoker`s Dracula is the horror film that was based on the horror villains. It was the story of the prince that belongs to Roman, and he claimed that he killed almost 100,000 people during his tenure of rule and terror. There was also a story written on the whole incident, and the novel was also published for the readers in the world and made some changes in it. The name of the character was kept same to keep the track of original and make it more famous in the world. Stoker was a nice ruling prince who has done many terror activities in his rule.

9. Open Water:

Top Ten Best Horror Movies Based on True StoriesOpen Water was a horror movie that was released in 2003 and was made completely on a true story of Eileen and Tom, who were an American couple. They were left behind by the diving company in Barrier Reef. The company was not aware of them, and they realize that after two days what they did. Then the company and police searched a lot but the couple cannot be found in the world. It was later believed that rather they were eaten by sharks or died because of some dehydration.

8. A Nightmare on Elm Street:

Top Ten Best Horror MoviesA Nightmare on Elm Street which written by the director Wes Craven and was based on the article about the group of people from Cambodia who didn’t sleep because of their nightmares and fear. Some of the people from the group even died because of the fears in their dreams. There was no one on which blamed was to be done and could not be resisted by the people that is the reason people were very afraid and even died due to that. The whole incident provided a horror story for the world that was amazing.

7. The Amityville Horror:

Top 10 Best Horror Movies Based on True StoriesEveryone knows that there are different horror incidents in the world which are true. It is said that what people said is not believed to be true, and it occurred. It was the case that was solved by the detectives called Ed and Lorraine who research on haunted house. They went there for solving 10,000 cases there which turned to be films in future and loved by the whole world. The whole movie was based on the book written by Jay Arson and the story of the whole family.

6. The Conjuring:

List of Top 10 Best Horror Movies Based on True StoriesThe Conjuring is the recent movie that was a big hit and loved by the whole world. It was again the story that was researched by the detectives Ed and Lorraine about the story of the haunted house. They also recorded some video tapes from that house that were very helpful in making the movie, and it took almost 20 years to make this amazing film based on the true story and an appealing one for the audience of the whole world.

5. The Girl Next Door:

Top Five Best Horror Movies Based on True StoriesThe Girl Next Door is the movie that was based on the story of a real-life murder of Sylvia Likens, which was the story of 1956. It was the story of a young girl that was tortured and even then killed with her children and some neighbor kids as well which shocked the whole world by this incident. It was named as the most terrible crime ever occurred, on the whole, state of Indiana, and the story of the movie were made to give tribute to that woman and for her justice as well.

4. Wolf Creek:

Top 5 Best Horror Movies Based on True StoriesWolf Creek was based on the two real stories that helped to make this movie and seems like real. The story was in Australia about the kidnapping of a person. The whole story revolves around the kidnapping and murdering of the people in Australia in 1990, and some of the tourists who were Bradley John etc. were also the victim in 2001. The killing procedures of this gang were very threatening for the people and were very scary for the people as a whole.

3. The Serpent and the Rainbow:

Top Three Best Horror Movies Based on True StoriesThe Serpent and the Rainbow were basically the story based on zombies and was made on the non-fiction novel written by Wade Davis. In this movie, the story of the people was mentioned who were brought back to their life with some medicines and the traditions of the society. Davis showed the real complete version of zombie`s and people had different questions in their mind while watching the movie and reading a novel as well.

2. The Exorcist:

Top 3 Best Horror Movies Based on True StoriesThe Exorcist was made on the novel that was written by William Peter Blatty. It was the story that occurred in 1949 and was about of boy. The whole story was based on the actual exorcism, and the name of the boy was never revealed in the world and the movie was based on the same exorcism. It was very different kind of horror movie that was loved by the whole world and received many positive reviews from the critics in the world.

1. Psycho…and Science of the Lambs…. And the Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

Best Horror Movie Based on True StorieMany horror movies were made in the world that was based on the true stories, but it is estimated that most famous horror movies are always based on the serial killers. It was the story of serial killer and the bodies stolen from the graveyards and making furniture from their skin that was shocking for the viewers. They have done countless murders in the whole movie and were never guilty about what they did.

List of Best Horror Movies Based on True Stories

Sr.No. Names IMDB Rating
1 Psycho…and Science of the Lambs…. And the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 5.6 / 10
2 The Exorcist 8 / 10
3 The Serpent and the Rainbow 6.4 / 10
4 Wolf Creek 6.3 / 10
5 The Girl Next Door 6.7 / 10
6 The Conjuring 7.5 / 10
7 The Amityville Horror 6 / 10
8 A Nightmare on Elm Street 5.2 / 10
9 Open Water 5.7 / 10
10 Bram Stoker`s Dracula 7.5 / 10


The above ranking of top 10 best horror movies based on true stories is given according to the storyline and the attractive theme of the movie. All these movies are very scary for the people, and they love to watch horror movies. Horror movies are difficult to watch for everyone, but few people are fond of watching them. But all these movies are made completely of the true stories to make them realer.

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