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Top 10 Best Front Wheel Drive Cars ever Made

Top 10 Best Front Wheel Drive Cars ever Made

Cars are the basic need of every person without which no one can imagine their life. There are many types of cars available in the market at different prices, and front wheel drive cars are one of them. It is the form of an engine which is used in motor cars, and the engine is driven only by the front wheels of the car. Most of the modern cars are made with a transverse engine which has four wheels, but their engine is only carried by the first two wheels. The front wheel drive is made with their enhanced priority and is very cool cars which are very light in their weight and are fun to drive. These cars are considered as the best racing cars which are used in different races because of their power and fast speed. They have a strong history which can be read in many historical books. These cars are run on the roads which are given the name of super cars because of their control and speed.
The following 10 top rated FWD cars ever made in the whole world for the car lovers:

10. Mk1 VW GTI:

List of Top Ten Best Front Wheel Drive Cars ever MadeMk1 is the model which was developed by the world famous brand called Volkswagen and was made in limited quantity first to introduce it in the market in 1976. But it has received much positive response and reviews from the people and company then could not fulfill the demands of the people much faster because people were keen to buy it. It is a small vehicle but was loved by the people.

9. Mini:

Top Ten Best Front Wheel Drive Cars ever MadeMini is the car which was designed with the best performance of a vehicle. As the name of the car shows that it is a small vehicle but is a quite good racing motor. The main goal to develop this vehicle was to develop something efficient and was much light in weight. It was driven perfectly on the racetrack because of its powerful engine. It was made with red color which is a very attractive color which was commonly used in races.

8. 4WS Honda Prelude:

 Top Ten Best Front Wheel Drive CarsEveryone in the world is a well known brand which is producing different kinds of cars according to the taste of the people and budget. It is the special model which was made with very light weight, drive sports cars and complex front and much-focused vehicle which was launched in the market in 1990. It is a big vehicle which has the shape and design similar to the style of Honda, but the engine was dependent upon the first two wheels.

7. Lancia Fulvia:

Top 10 Best Front Wheel Drive Cars ever MadeAccording to the estimate Lancia Fulvia is the car which is little slow and much standardized car because of its performance. It was released with much big competitors in the market called Alfa Romeo and BMW in the market. It was named as the sports vehicle because of its powerful performance and speed. It was very colorful car which comes with black and red a vehicle which has much traditional and old look. It is quite attractive vehicle for racing.

6. Citroen Traction Avant:

List of Top 10 Best Front Wheel Drive Cars ever MadeTraction Avant is the car which was quite a revolution in the world of cars of that time. It has not many powers in it but it quite a powerful, and fun vehicle to drive on the roads or either in races because of its speed. At that time, all the gangsters and police department wanted to own these cars for themselves because of their popularity and design in the market. It has a very royal look which looks like something royal from the traditional look and design. It is a stylish vehicle of its time.

5. Renaultsport Megane R26.R:

Top Five Best Front Wheel Drive Cars ever MadeRenault is also a known brand because of its style and sleek designs as well. It is very lightweight model which is similar to the Porsche RS model and all power of this vehicle was on the front of this car because of its feature and model. It was a super stylish vehicle because of its design and color as well which attracts most of the car lovers and racers in the whole world. It was given the title of the car as Renault Sport because of its rich look and style.

4. Lotus Elan:

Top 5 Best Front Wheel Drive Cars ever MadeLotus Elan is the best front wheel drive car which was launched in 1990. It was named as one of the sure-footed cars launched at that time. Most of the traditional car lovers hated its look and discouraged it, but it was perfect for the modern world and needs. It was made with the bright red color to make it attractive to the people. It has most of the power on its front two wheels which is the feature of these cars.

3. Alfa Romeo Alfasud:

Top Three Best Front Wheel Drive Cars ever MadeAlfa Romeo is a family which is very secure, positive and tight on the road which was a much revolution in this field. It was named as the perfect car, and all the reviews were given that other competitors should also adopt the strategy and learn from the Alfa Romeo how to design perfect cars for the society. It was not a much big car, but it has a front engine which has total dependence on the front two wheels.

2. Peugeot 205 GTi:

Top 3 Best Front Wheel Drive Cars ever MadePeugeot 205 GTi is the car which is made with the perfect formula because of its powers and design as well. It was made the lightest car ever and sharp as well. It was a racing car and made with all the features needed for it. It comes in a bright red color to make it attractive. It features the front engine which is very common at that time. It was used in many racing competitions because of its design and performance and made it famous all over the world.

1. Integra Type R:

Best Front Wheel Drive Car ever MadeIntegra Type R is named as the best front wheel drive car of its type and the whole period there. It doesn’t look like a front wheel drive car because it completely looks like a normal attractive car. It is very attractive and beautiful car because of its many powerful features, but the front wheel drive is only it’s a single feature. It is a very attractive car when it comes to its design and attractive style.

Best Front Wheel Drive Cars ever Made – List of Top Ten

Sr.No. Names
1 Integra Type R
2 Peugeot 205 GTi
3 Alfa Romeo Alfasud
4 Lotus Elan
5 Renualtsport Megane R26.R
6 Citroen Traction Avant
7 Lancia Fulvia
8 4WS Honda Prelude
9 Mini
10 Mk1 VW GTI


Cars are used all around the world either on the roads or in car races as well. There are hundreds of brands all around the globe which are making different types of cars in different budgets. These front wheel drive cars are a quite different one who has their engine on the front and is totally dependent upon the front two wheels and is used in many famous races in different parts of the world.