Best Foundations for Makeup

Every woman in the world uses makeup which makes them beautiful and attractive. Makeup includes many different items which include lipsticks, gloss, blush-on, eye-liner, mascara and most importantly foundation. Foundation is the most important makeup item on which the whole makeup is dependent and can make the makeup a big hit. There are almost thousands of brands in the world which are producing makeup especially foundation for the people at different prices. Women should be very conscious of selecting their appropriate foundation according to their skin tone and type of skin so that it can settle perfectly and enhance the look rather than ruining it. Foundation must be applied with some proper procedure as it has a specific procedure for applying it which can be learnt either from the internet or some famous makeup artist. Some of the best foundations also provide different benefits to the users like SPF 15 to protect from the sun effects, increase shine and reduce pigmentation from the face. The foundations of famous brands are very expensive but are totally worth it for the price paid for them due to their effective performance.
The following are 10 top rated foundations for makeup available in the market:

10. Joppa minerals soft coverage foundation:

List of Top Ten Best Foundations for Makeup in the WorldJoppa Minerals soft coverage is the foundation which is quite affordable as it comes at the price of $16.50. It covers the whole skin perfectly without adding an extra cakey layer or thick on the face. It is also quite impressive for the people facing acne problems and it has some oil absorbing features in it. It is, available in many different colors from which people can chose according to their complexion. It comes in full-size container which can be used for long time.

9. Napoleon perdis camera finish:

Top Ten Best Foundations for Makeup in the WorldNapoleon perdis foundation which provides full perfect coverage of the skin and does not feel like, some cakey layer on the face as it settles into the fine lines of face. It also offers some exact color match especially for the people with more fair skin. It makes the look of the skin fresh and natural. It has a special sponge on it for spreading this foundation to whole skin and in equal quantity. The price of this foundation is $69 which is expensive but totally worth it because it is best in performance.

8. Shiseido sun protection liquid foundation SPF42:

Top Ten Foundations for Makeup in the WorldShiseido is world famous brand in terms of makeup products. It is named as one of the best foundation available on the market and comes with full coverage of the skin. It also has much effective SPF feature in it which protects the skin from sun effects and pigmentation as well. It provides much natural effect to the skin and is very long lasting which is also not affected by sweat, water or any other thing. The price of this liquid foundation is $36.

7. Lancome Teint idole ultra 24H:

Top 10 Best Foundations for Makeup in the WorldHere comes the foundation of Lancôme which offers large variety of shades and is oil free formula available for the skin. It is amazing foundation which covers effectively acne effects, pores and can last for the whole day. It provides much natural look to the face and makes it look perfect. The price of this foundation is $45.50 which is little expensive but totally worth it by its performance. It claims that it can stay easily in the face for almost 24 hours.

6. Illuminare Fantastic Finish Foundation:

List of Top 10 Best Foundations for Makeup in the WorldIlluminare Fantastic foundation is very long lasting liquid foundation available in the market which is oil free. It also comes with some beautiful neutrals with some dew finish to provide full and shiny coverage to the skin. It also covers pigmentation and the dark circles of the face. It can also be used as a concealer because of its features and effective performance. The price of this base is $27 which is affordable for all types of people easily.

5. La Prairie skin caviar concealer foundation SPF 15:

Top Five Best Foundations for Makeup in the WorldLa Prairie foundations are very expensive one as its price is $215 but amazing in its features. It is said that it cannot be called the only foundation but is a league of its own which is an amazing statement about it. It is built very lightweight but provides full coverage. It covers the whole skin even acne scars and pigmentation. It can be worn for the whole day, and all its users are completely in love with it because of its performance. It is not affordable for everyone but best in its way.

4. Mirabella Beauty skin tint crème:

Top 5 Best Foundations for Makeup in the WorldMirabella Beauty foundations come with a perfect hydrating formula which can be easily matched with all types of skin tones. It can be used easily and looks very natural when applied. It also covers the blemishes and pigmentation of the skin and makes it look fresh. It is not oily one but an incredible option available on the market at the price of $42 which is quite affordable.

3. Cosmetics anti-aging celebration foundation:

Top Three Best Foundations for Makeup in the WorldA cosmetic Anti-aging foundation is the best one which provides full coverage and comes in powder form. The shade of this foundation is perfect for all types of skin tones and can easily match with them. It works effectively and keeps the skin hydrated and dry. It settles easily on the skin and also covers the wrinkles. The price of this foundation is $35 which is easily affordable for all classes of society.

2. Clarins Skin Illusion natural radiance light foundation SPF 10:

Top 3 Best Foundations for Makeup in the WorldClarins is a very famous brand in the whole world which comes with the fragrance of cucumber and is very light weight. It provides a glowing and fresh look to the skin and sets into the pores and lines. It is perfect for the people with oily sin and settles perfectly on it. It is also best for sensitive skin and looks natural on it. The price of this foundation is $40 which is not very high price to grab the best foundation for a skin.

1. Borghese Hydro-minerali crème finish makeup:

Best Foundation for Makeup in the WorldBorghese finishes makeup foundation is the one which provides a flawless look to the skin and natural as well. It is the product available in the market for more than 15 years and is very light weight to worn it for long hours. Most of the people mainly its users consider it the best foundation available in the market. It is very soothing formula, especially for the sensitive skin. The price of this foundation is $34.50.

Best Foundations for Makeup – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Borghese hydro-minerali crème finish makeup $ 34.50
2 Clarins Skin illusion natural radiance light Base SPF 10 $ 40
3 Cosmetics anti-aging celebration Base $ 35
4 Mirabella beauty skin tint creme $ 42
5 La Prairie skin caviar concealer Base SPF 15 $ 215
6 Illuminare fantastic finish Base $ 27
7 Lacome Teint idole ultra 24H $ 45.50
8 Shiseido sun protection liquid Base SPF42 $ 36
9 Napoleon perdis camera finish $ 69
10 Joppa minerals soft coverage Base $ 16.50


The above ranking of top 10 best foundations for makeup in the market is given according to the reviews taken from their users not according to price. Foundation is a very important item of makeup which is used all around the world. All these foundations are made by famous brands of the world and are available at affordable prices which can be purchased to get the best looks and look beautiful.

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