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Most Romantic Restaurants In Kansas City

Most Romantic Restaurants In Kansas City

There are different places located all over the world which is big attraction for the people. Kansas City is the place which is located in the US and the total population of this area is 2.904 million which depicts it is a large home. It is quite modern place which is full of beauty and different attractive places are located there for the tourists and people coming there from all over the world.

Most of the newlywed couples wanted to visit various places as for their honeymoon, and they are in search of different locations which are considered best for them because of the privacy and various facilities provided to them. Restaurants are highly visited by them to taste the cuisine of their culture and country and some of the restaurants there are considered as best for the couples. These restaurants are considered as the romantic destinations located all over the world which differs mainly in their views and cuisines offered to their guests and also the environment is different from one another.
Here are the following 10 top rated restaurants located in Kansas City, which is as follow:

10. Pierpont

Best Romabtic Restaurants In Kansas CityPierpont’s is considered as the love and romance station based in Kansas City. It has a strong history related to love and also its architecture is quite appealing because of its simplicity and traditional charm in it. Pierpont’s is located with the comfortable and dark surroundings which couples can enjoy the most. It also provides the candlelight option to the people and also some private dining options at higher prices because it is something special for your love ones done especially.

9. Manifesto

Best Romantic Restaurants Ever In Kansas CityManifesto is the restaurant which is located in the basement and was established in 1924. It is highly visited by the romantic couples because of its popularity. Manifesto consists of many tables and barstools which provide the amazing experience which is further enhanced with candlelight and specially made cocktails. It offers an extensive range of mouth-watering drinks and further serves them amazingly. It only provides tables on the reservations which are done in advance to avoid all inconvenience.

8. Aixois

Top Best Romantic Restaurants In Kansas CityThe whole look and atmosphere of Aixois restaurant represent that it is located in Paris. It comes with the French taste of Bistro which provides the dining facilities at its best and is named as the finest ones. Its tables are placed to deliver the fantastic view to the people, and it only offers all types of French cuisine to the people which include from duck to crepes and also the frog legs. It is a highly visited restaurant by the people especially couples to get an amazing experience.

7. Savoy

Top Best Romantic Restaurants Ever In Kansas CitySavoy is named as one of the most romantic gems located there which has the high historical background and was established in 1903. It comes with the fabulous decor, mouth watering and large variety of food and the best place to sit as well. Savoy is known for providing the best private time to the couple because of the whole quiet and romantic environment provided to them and is the place which offers the blend of old and modern touch in everything. It is quite an expensive one which is not affordable for everyone.

6. Californos

Top Best Romantic Restaurants Ever In Kansas CityCalifornia is the Westport restaurant which is considered as the romantic place located in Kansas City. It comes with the dark décor, views of the passerby, fabulous fireplaces, and the best environment provided to them. California is named as the place made for romance and couples. It offers the multi-layer cooks for the romantic and the private dinners and an extensive range of wine list to the people to make it the luxurious experience. It is named as the best for the dining and the winning experience.

5. Jasper`s

Top Best Romantic Restaurants In Kansas City Highly Rated

Jasper`s is the restaurant which provides the old traditional environment and the culinary expensive to the people coming there. It is known for it’s inviting and warm experience to the guests and each guest is treated with the private chef for making the best food for their guests to make their evening memorable for the whole life. Jasper`s is also named as the best place for the celebrations of different occasions which includes the date and anniversaries etc. It has some unique food items in its menu which are in high demand by the people even at high prices.

4. Bluestem

Top Best Romantic Restaurants Ever In Kansas City Highly RatedBluestem is the restaurant which was started in 2005. This restaurant was started by the couple that is the reason they are providing an amazing experience to the couples. It comes with the perfect lighting, best environment and extensive range of wines to be combined with the food. Bluestem is regarded as the best places located there for the couples, and it also serves drink before the dinner as the appetizer which is their trend. It is highly recommended for the desserts which are amazing in taste.


Most Romantic Restaurants In Kansas CityLidia`s is the place which provides the facility of the bonfire with the massive fireplace, amazing and delicious food, dim lights, big chandeliers and also the romantic environment. It is said to be the restaurant which never disappoints people with its experience. Lidia`s is known for its best service, and the attitude of their employees is the best thing. It is quite an expensive option but not more than the love for your better half so provides the best feel to them on the special eve.

2. Piropos

Top Most Best Romantic Restaurants In Kansas CityPiropos is the restaurant which is located at the fabulous Parkville location which makes it perfect romantic spot because of its location. It comes with the best and an excellent view of the couples, romantic environment, and high ceilings. Piropos offers a large variety in the menu which is said to be to die for it and has the entire trained staff for serving. It serves its food with different types of sauces and drinks to make it much more appealing and entertaining for the people having it.

1. Le Fou Frog

Most Romantic Restaurants In Kansas CityLe Fou Frog is the restaurant which is located at the edge of the river market. It comes with the small tables and provides food with the candlelight. It is named as the best place for the romantic evening and large variety of menu as well. This restaurant guarantees that people will find something which is their favorite on their list because it covers large variety. It provides the best experience to the people to make it more special for them but is the highly expensive option.

Most Romantic Restaurants In Kansas City – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name
1 Le Fou Frog
2 Piropos
3 Lidia`s
4 Bluestem
5 Jasper`s
6 Calirfornos
7 Savoy
8 Aixois
9 Manifesto
10 Pierpont