Famous Ghost Movies

Movies are the permanent source of entertainment for the people to relax from the routine and spend the extra time as well. There are many types of movies which are based on different story-line and theme like romantic, horror, art based, love story, etc. Horror movies are loved by people which are made with some new features every time to attract more viewers. These horror movies are made with the latest technology to show them real and to make afraid the people as well.

In the world, there are many real problems which people are facing and are the horror for the other people. Everyone has once heard the stories of some vampires and ghosts in different houses where people are facing various problems due to them. Individuals Ghost movies are now in big trend among the people for entertainment. These movies are released with the tag of watching them under the parental guidance because otherwise these movies can cause many issues to the kids and they then face insomnia.
Here are the following top 10 best horror movies some are based on true stories, which are as follow:

10. Paranormal Activity

Most Famous Ghost Movies Of The WorldParanormal activity is one of the most famous haunted movies ever released in the world. It is the film which is based on the scary stories of the girl, and it is named as the terrible one. individualsIt has gained many types of the people, and individuals who have watched this are suffering from insomnia. It is expected that further parts of this movie will be released in the world in coming years. It has earned many high revenues in the whole world and was named as the blockbuster hit.

9. Open Water

Most Famous Ghost Movies In The WorldOpen Water was a horror movie which was released in 2003 and was made entirely on the actual story of Eileen and Tom who were an American couple. They were left behind by the diving company in Barrier Reef. The company was not aware of them, and they realize that after two days what they did. Then the company and police searched a lot, but the couple cannot be found in the world. It was later believed that rather they were eaten by sharks or died because of some dehydration.

8. The Grudge

Top Most Famous Ghost Movies Of The WorldThe Grudge is named as one of the best ghost movies which are named as one part of the series. It is ghost movies which feature the story of a vast number of spirits that use to live in the haunted house and the person who enter this home are killed by the ghosts. The whole plot of the movie was creepy and scary. It is recommended that this film should not be watched by the kids because it is very haunted one.

7. The Amityville Horror

Top Most Famous Ghost Movies In The WorldEveryone knows that there are different horror incidents in the world which are true. It is said that what people said is not believed to be true, and it occurred. It was the case which was solved by the detectives called Ed and Lorraine who research on the haunted house. They went there for solving 10,000 cases there which turned to be filmed in future and loved by the whole world. The whole movie was based on the book written by Jay Arson and the story of the entire family.

6. The Conjuring

Top Most Famous Ghost Movies Ever In The WorldThe Conjuring is the recent movie which was a big hit and loved by the whole world. It was again the story which was researched by the detectives Ed and Lorraine about the story of the haunted house. They also recorded some video tapes from that house which were very helpful in making the movie, and it took almost 20 years to make this fantastic film based on the true story and an appealing one for the audience of the whole world.

5. The Girl Next Door

Most Famous Ghost Movies Ever In The WorldThe Girl Next Door is the movie which was based on the story of the real-life murder of Sylvia Likens which was the story of 1956. It was the story of a young girl which was tortured and even then killed with her children and some neighbor kids as well which shocked the whole world by this incident. It was named as the most terrible crime ever occurred in the entire state of Indiana, and the story of the movie was made to give tribute to that woman and for her justice as well.

4. Wolf Creek

Most Famous Ghost Movies In The WorldWolf Creek was based on the two real stories which helped to make this movie and seems like real. The story was in Australia about the kidnapping of a person. The whole story revolves around the kidnapping and murdering of the citizens in Australia in 1990 and some of the tourists who were Bradley John, etc. were also the victim in 2001. The killing procedures of this gang were very threatening for the people and were very scary for the people as a whole.

3. The Sixth Sense

Top Most Famous Ghost Movies EverThe Sixth Sense is named as the psychological horror movie which has amazed the audience. It has depicted different scenes which are named as the classic. It is much known because of the thoughts make you emotional and the scary. It is said to be one of the scariest movie ever seen in the world which can raise the goose bumps of the person and was a big hit in the whole world and earned many revenues as it was highly appreciated by the critics and individuals.

2. The Exorcist

Most Famous Ghost Movies EverThe Exorcist was made of the novel which was written by William Peter Blatty. It was the story that occurred in 1949 and was about of boy. The whole story was based on the actual exorcism, and the name of the kid was never revealed in the world, and the movie was based on the same exorcism. It was very different kind of horror movie which was loved by the whole world and received many positive reviews from the critics in the world.

1. The Woman in Black

Top Most Famous Ghost Movies EverThe Woman in Black is the movie which is rated at the pg-13 because it is a very horror movie and ‘s hard to bring the mood. This film features the ultra-violence, gore, and sex in this picture. It has gained much praise by the people and deserved the best spot in this list. The cover of the film depicts the horror of the video and was not made for everyone but only for the kids more than the age of 13 years.

Most Famous Ghost Movies Of The World – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name
1 The Woman in Black
2 The Exorcist
3 The Sixth Sense
4 Wolf Creek
5 The Girl Next Door
6 The Conjuring
7 The Amityville Horror
8 The Grudge
9 Open Water
10 Paranormal Activity
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