Most Expensive Weapons
CVN-78 Class Aircraft Carrier

Today we will tell you about the top10 most expensive weapons of the world. We know that weapons are important for each country. Each country needs a few weapons to shield their country. Practically every country has a few foes from which they need to keep their country sheltered and sound for which they require powerful weapons to protect their country. There are numerous weapons in this world which are utilized during wars or by the armed forces of the country. In the past, there were no progress and capable weapons in all countries yet as the time passed circumstances are entirely changed and headways are coming in this division. Weapon makers have strived to make some more proficient and capable weapons particularly for the armed forces of their country. Practically every country spends their expansive part of spending plan on their armed forces and the weapons utilized by them. Cash is not a vital thing but rather the lives of people are more than the money possessed by the country. In this article, we will talk about top 10 most expensive weapons on the planet which are typically utilized by the armed forces to protect their country.
The following are top 10 most expensive weapons in the world:

10. P-8A Poseidon:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Weapons in the WorldIt was basically designed to take the position of the PC-3 Orion. It is basically a surveillance jet which is armed with MK 54 torpedoes to make it latest and powerful. This jet has to use powerful wings of 737-900 to hold the heavy weight of the missiles. It is equipped with all latest equipment and modern technology. It is commonly used by air force and is considered very effective for their work. The price of this effective weapon is almost $33 billion which is not affordable for every country to own it.

9. CVN-78 Class Aircraft Carrier:

World Top Ten Most Expensive WeaponsIt is considered as the most expensive each piece weapons which is used by military ever made in the world as it cost about $9.8 billion for a single one. It takes about three years to complete the order of these planes and deliver them to the country. The weight of this powerful jet is about hundred thousand tons which means it is very heavy. The total area which can be covered by this plane is almost 4.5 acres. It is commonly called as Sea Sparrow. It is very latest and serving the navy from long time. The cost of this plane is almost $34 billion.

8. Joint Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle:

Top Ten Expensive Weapons in the WorldIt is very effective bullet proof weapon. It is mainly made to protect the army officers from bomb shelling during wars. It was made to be used in the war of Iraq and Afghanistan to protect from explosive weapons and enemies as well. It was made in different shapes and sizes as well so that they can be used according to the situations in war. It is the most effective weapon to be used in serious wars. It is further thickened and made powerful by using glass. The price of this powerful and bullet proof vehicle cost almost $41.6 billion.

7. Trident II Missile:

Top 10 Expensive Weapons in the WorldIt is the most advance weapons which is now used by Navy and is the latest model of navy`s ballistic missiles. It is the most used submarines to be used by the British Navy and is fit for them as well. It is very large missile of about 44 feet and its weight is 80 tons which is very heavy and powerful as well. It also has high speed to travel as it can move up to 13,000 miles per hour. The price of this strongest missile is almost $53.2 billion which is very expensive and all countries cannot afford it for their wars.

6. V-22 Osprey:

Top 10 Most Expensive Weapons in the WorldThis specific weapon is only designed for the long haul transport. It can travel to about 390 miles without any refuel.  The range of this weapon is more than a helicopter which is most impressive thing about it. It can move at the speed of 260 miles each hour. It cannot take short takeoffs and landings because of its large size and landing positions. The cost of this high speed weapon is almost $57.8 billion.

5. F/A-18 E/F Super Hornets:

Top Five Most Expensive Weapons in the WorldIt is basically an updated and latest edition of the previous model. It is basically used by Navy as it also carries air missiles, bombs and ground missiles as well. It also has 20mm gun in it to be used in emergency. It is mainly an aircraft carrier in which the capacity of two people is there are two seats are available in it for the people. It is made to be used for long time and these types of powerful jets cannot be made in short span of time. The cost of this jet is almost $57.8 billion.

4. F-22 Raptor:

Top 5 Most Expensive Weapons in the WorldIt is very advance weapon which is made to attack on the specific target or pinpoint even before its tracking as it is very latest. It also has air missiles in it, bombs to be used in the time of crisis or serious situations. As during wars, situations can be different at any time and they have to keep some backup as well. It is considered as the most advance fighter jet in the world. The price of this jet is almost $79.2 billion.

3. Virginia Class Submarine:

Top Three Expensive Weapons in the WorldIt is basically a nuclear submarine which is very huge that is 377 feet and its weight is almost 7800 tons. It is very advance and has almost 38 different types of weapons in it which are also very latest and with new features which are also very expensive. These submarines are already in the oceans and their number is almost 8. The price of this huge submarine is $83.7 billion which is very difficult to afford by every country.

2. Arleigh Burke DDG 51 Destroyer:

Top 3 Most Expensive Weapons in the WorldIt is very famous and advance submarine and is latest as well. About 80% orders of this are already delivered to countries. It is very huge and needs 350 men only to operate it and is further armed by latest missiles, guns and mine detectors. The length of this ship is almost 500 feet and weight is 9200 tons. The cost of this is almost $101.8 billion.

1. F-35 Lightning II:

Most Expensive Weapon in the WorldIt is still in the stage of development. But it is made to perform many important functions and roles as well. It is made with latest technology and sensor system so that it can also break the sound of air. Until now three versions of this jet are introduced in the world and are used by air force and navy as well. It will have short landings and takeoffs as well. It is the most expensive jet and new fighter aircraft as well. The cost of this aircraft is almost $326.5 billion.

List of Most Expensive Weapons in the World:

Sr.No. Names Billion Dollar $ Cost
1 F-35 Lightning II 326.5
2 Arleigh Burke DDG 51 Destroyer 101.8
3 Virginia Class Submarine 83.7
4 F-22 Raptor 79.2
5 F/A-18 E/F Super Hornets 57.8
6 V-22 Osprey 57.8
7 Trident II Missile 53.2
8 Joint Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle 41.6
9 CVN-78 Class Aircraft Carrier 34
10 P-8A Poseidon 33
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