Expensive Vacation Destinations in the World

In this article, we will talk Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Destinations in the World. Everybody in this world needs to go to some appealing spots to spend their get-aways. Individuals nowadays needed to go to some better places each year. Get-away visits are constantly expensive as it incorporates many charges like tickets, visa, in charges and so on. There are numerous alluring spots on the planet. A few places of the world are exceptionally renowned among the sightseers and the fundamental fascination for them. By going to better places in their reality individuals end up plainly mindful of their way of life and find out about those nations. People heading off to these nations must have a comprehensive spending plan for getaways. Numerous areas of the world can legitimize the costs paid by the offices and perspectives of those nations. Nowadays there is a pattern of going to better places in get-aways to demonstrate their status and make the most of their occasions with their children. By perusing this article, you will have the capacity to think about best ten best holiday destinations in the world.
Here are top 10 most luxurious holiday destinations in the world, which are as follow:

10. PARIS:

worlds most luxurious places to visitParis is favorite destination for many people. It has a traditional history as is known as a place of romance. Most famous place of Paris is Eiffel Tower. There are many royal palaces there which are the main attraction for the people visiting there. It has many places which are main attraction for the tourists like historical buildings etc. People consider this place very attractive and romantic as well. The hotels there are very expensive and charges almost $26,000 per night. Paris is very rich place but also there are many poor people.

9. FIJI:

worlds most expensive places to visitFiji is not only a single island but has many islands to about 332 islands and is very beautiful as well. Fiji is considered is considered as the best place to be visited in south pacific. Fiji is a place full of natural beauty and many beautiful places as well. The vacations at this place are very expensive and everyone cannot afford it. Many islands there are owned privately which are most expensive. There are many facilities on these islands like resorts, Jacuzzi and many other things. Some resorts there are charging about $600 per night which is not affordable by all visitors.


luxurious places to visit in americaNew York is the most popular place for all the tourists of the world. This place is very famous because of many successful industries there like entertainment and many others. Mostly people say that this city never sleeps. It has many tourists from all over the world during a year so generates much money from them. The hotels there are overpriced and very expensive to be afforded by everyone that is almost $730 each night. People visiting this city must have a big budget to live there and enjoy. New York is very famous city all over the world as it is shown in many films.


most expensive vacation destinations of the worldIt is a very beautiful island is owned by a private company. This island is available for rent for those who can afford it. Guana is a famous island there people have to travel through plane and then boat to reach the destination. Island has beaches and large grounds as well. It has a cottage which is expensive to about $700 per night. This is the best place for nature loving people. There are many facilities there for enjoyment like hiking, bird watching etc.


worlds most expensive vacation spotsBora Bora is at number six in our list of top 10 travel destinations. It is a very beautiful island and very expensive as well. It offers many luxurious facilities to all the visitors going there and charges about $800 with meals per day. The only way to go there is through plane which is also very expensive. Mostly rich people go there like celebrities, politicians and businessmen. Some small islands there are not in much demand so they are available in low rates. It also offers many vacation deals and discount packages for holidays to attract more customers.


worlds best vacation spotsIt is also a beautiful island which has further many islands in it. It is location in big Indian Ocean. This island is basically private and has many attractive villas for attracting more visitors. There are many facilities there like Jacuzzis, pools etc. They have preserve nature by making the jungle very safe and protected. The charges on this island are about $3000-$1000 per day which is very expensive not affordable by everyone. It also offers visitors to adopt animals available there which is very different thing.


worlds most luxurious vacation destinationsPeople going to Italy always wanted to go to Tuscany because it is famous of its beauty. Tuscany is the most expensive place of Italy so not affordable by everyone. It has a strong history of Romans. Hotels there look like traditional villas which are not converted into lavish looks to attract more tourists from all over the world. It is still a rural place but very beautiful and has many vineyards there. The charges at this place are almost $3000-$4000 per week. They also offer rent a car facility for the people going there. It is a best place for people loving traditional places.


worlds most visited vacation destinationsDubai is a very famous place nowadays and also the main attraction for the tourists all over the world. It is very expensive place to live to visit. This country is very rich in natural resources like oil etc. There are many famous places of Dubai which are the center of attraction for many people like Burj Al Arab, Ferrari world, Water parks, JBR walk etc. The shopping in this country is very expensive and is full of all the brands of the world. The hotels in this country are very expensive which can cost to almost $20,000 per night which is not affordable by everyone.


most expensive vacation destinationsThis place is very popular among the rich people due to its charges. It consists of total 11 islands which are very beautiful and full of nature. People are allowed to take an island on rent for almost $40,000 for each night. There are many activities which attracts more people like under water fishing and diving as well. People can enjoy personal fireworks if additional money is spent on it. It is very expensive place to visit so not affordable by everyone.

1. OSLO:

best places to visit in norwayOslo is very beautiful place full of different color houses and mountains as well. It is situated in Norway. This place is very rich in natural resources like oil and people living there are having high standard of living as their wages are high. It is also ranked as the world most expensive city of the world. Many websites offer discount packages and deals to visit this place in low prices but for specific time period. It is the best holiday destination in the world.

List of Worlds Top 10 Luxury Destinations at a Glance

Rank Destination Average per night stay
1. Oslo $150
2. Musha Cay $40,000
3. Dubai $20,000
4. Tuscany $3000-$4000 per week
5. Seychelles $3000-$1000 per day
6. Bora Bora $800
7. British Virgin Islands $700
8. New York City $730
9. Fiji $600
10. Paris $26000
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