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This article is based upon one of the cheapest entertainment sources “TV Shows.” In this fast, busy and stressful life of the human, people want some entertainment in their lives to get some relaxation. For this purpose, people find different sources of entertainment. Some go on holidays; some go cinemas to watch movies, some go to watch the games at stadiums, etc. But the best and most popular and cheapest source of the entertainment is TV Shows.
Television is available to almost every person in the world so he/she can watch the TV Shows on the television at any free time to get themselves relaxed and entertained. Due to this trend showbiz has now become a huge industry. Investors invest their money in making of TV Shows like dramas, seasons, telefilms, talk shows and reality shows, etc. So, the competition in this industry has also developed, and every producer of the TV Shows try to produce a TV Show with a unique idea if he/she wants to make a successful TV Show.
To make the TV Show successful and popular in the viewers, producers bring the unique ideas and themes for the shows and as we know that unique things cost a lot. So, these TV Shows also cost a lot, but the producers don’t hesitate to invest the huge amount of money to make their TV Shows successful. So this article will give you the list of top 10 most expensive TV Shows in the world and will also provide you with their rating at different forums.
The following are the top ten Most Expensive TV Shows in the World:

10. Sea Patrol:

Top Ten Most Expensive TV Shows in the WorldSea Patrol is at number 10 in the list of Most Expensive TV Shows in the World. It was an Australian show which was on air from 2007 to 2011. It was made in the story of a crew onboard in the Australian Navy. In many shows of this serial, there were many major crimes under the law which the crew of ship committed. It was more famous as its first episode was made with some large event or drama in it which gains the attention of more audience. Throughout the whole season, that event is further investigated and solves those problems. But later they noticed that audiences now are bored, so they introduced something different in their 4th season. This famous show was made with the large budget of $1 million.

9. Father of the Pride:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive TV Shows in the WorldFather of the Pride is at number nine in our list of Most Expensive TV Shows in the World. It is not a successful show but was very expensive. It was stopped on TV only after the telecast of its 14th episode because of no response from the audience. Only a single episode of this show costs almost $1.6 million which is very expensive. It was an American animated show which was wholly made on a family of lions and their story as well. In this show voice of famous actors was used to make it more attractive to John Goodman, Orlando Jones, and many others which also cost a lot.

8. ER:

List of Top Ten most Expensive TV Shows in the WorldIt was basically a show which was related to medical and hospital as well. It was on TV from 1994 to 2009. Its shooting was done in a Hospital of Chicago. It has almost 15 seasons with 331 episodes in them. It was also considered as one of the longest running show on TV. In this show, many serious situations related to emergency in hospital and situations faced by doctors are shown in this show. It also brought awareness to many social issues like Gay rights, HIV etc. It was made with large budget of almost $2 million.

7. X Factor USA:

World Top 10 Most Expensive TV ShowsIt was a reality show which was made with the large budget and was made by Simon Cowell. It was made only to explore the new talent of singers and group performers. In this show applicants above 12 years can participate all over the country, and a winner was declared by voting. In this shows, famous celebrities were used as judges who were Britney Spears, Demo Lovato and some others as well. The price of this famous reality show was almost $3.5 million.

6. Terra Nova:

World Top 10 Expensive TV ShowsIt was basically a science fiction show which was the story of family which traveled into a jungle at the time of dinosaurs. It also shows many serious issues related to earth lie overpopulation and some other which was creating problems for survival of people. Its shooting was done on many locations like Australia and many others. During its shooting the crew also faced many problems due to heavy rain which further increased the cost of this show. The cost occurred on this show was $3.9 million.

5. Lost:

Top Five Most Expensive TV ShowsLost was very famous TV show which has total six seasons. It was made on an island in South Pacific. Its story was about the survivors of air crash which was traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles, who were living together in the natural environment. It is also considered as the most expensive television show only because of its location and famous cast in it. The cost of this TV show made with the famous cast was almost $4 million.

4. Deadwood:

Top 5 Most Expensive TV Shows in the WorldIt was an American show, and its shooting was done in Los Angeles. It has about three seasons which further has 12 episodes in each season. In this show life style of 1870 was shown which shows the growth of that society and its development as well. It is combined with frictional and latest effects in it which made it more real and attractive as well. Even they used real newspapers of that time to make it realer. The cost of this attractive show was almost $4.5 million.

3.Game of Thrones:

Top Three Most Expensive TV Shows in the WorldThis show was very interesting and was full of fantasy and action. It was showed in almost 75 countries all over the world. It has large number of actors working in it which were 275 in each season. In this show, only a single episode of pilot series cost about $5 to $10 million which is a large amount for a single episode. Its shooting was done in many beautiful places like Morocco, Malta, and many others. The total cost of this show was almost $6 million.

2. Rome:

Top 3 Most Expensive TC SHows in the WorldRome was a very famous TV show and expensive as well which was shown on HBO. It was the pure historical show with traditional costumes, and much detailing was done to make them look ancient. It was a pure story of some families and revolves around them. Its first season was made on the life of Julius Caesar in 49 BC and some many other times as well. It was made with a large budget of $9 million and also very famous TV show online.

1. Friends:

Most Expensive TV Show in the WorldAt number one is Friends in our list of Most Expensive TV Shows in the World. It is very famous TV show online and longest show as well. The final season of this show was very expensive that only a single episode cost about $10 million. It was on television from 1994 to 2004 as it was very successful. It was story of 6 best friends which were living in New York and was about their love, friendship, and career. More than 50 million people watched its last episode which was also the most watched show in the world. It was made with the large budget of $10 million.

Names of Most Expensive TV Shows in the World:

Sr.No. Names 1st Episode Last Episode IMDB Rating
1 Friends 9 22 September 1994 6 May 2004
2 Rome 8.9 2005 2007
3 Game of Thrones 9.5 17 April 2011 Continue
4 Deadwood 8.8 21 March 2004 27 August 2006
5 Lost 8.5 22 September 2004 23 May 2010
6 Terra Nova 6.7 26 September 2011 19 December 2011
7 X Factor USA 5.2 21 September 2011 19 December 2013
8 ER 7.7 19 September 1994 2 April 2009
9 Father of the Pride 6.9 31 August 2004 27 May 2005
10 Sea Patrol 7.3 5 July 2007 12 July 2011
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