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Top Five Most Expensive T-Shirts in the World

Top Five Most Expensive T-Shirts in the World
Superlative Luxury

Today, we will discuss the Top Five Most Expensive T-Shirts in the world with their names and Dollar Price. We as a whole know that people are partial to garments and their look. These days trends have changed; people are presently engaged towards their clothes. For the most part, people wear shirts with jeans to look slicker. There are many brands which are making shirts for men and ladies too. Shirts are exceptionally appealing and look useful for easygoing wear. That is typically a half sleeve coolly utilized best which is comprised of cotton. A few companies are engaged with making tweaked shirts for their clients on which they can get any message they need their stuff to spread in the world. For the most part, individuals believe that shirts are accessible in low costs and are extremely ordinary. In the main people from youthful era utilize them to express their inclination and printed several offbeat sentences composed of them to influence them to cool. There are many brands which are exceptionally renowned, and their items are very expensive also. People buy their sort of expensive clothes to keep up their status and hotshot in the general public. By perusing this article, you will have the capacity to think about most expensive shirts in the world.
The following are most expensive T shirts designs in the world:

5.Run-D.M.C “My Adidas” T-shirt:

Top Five Most Expensive T-Shirts in the World

This expensive stuff was designed for the promotion of R.M.C concert in about 80`s. We all know that hip hop music of 80`s was very famous and then they collaborated with Adidas for making of these shirts for their promotion. This was best seller at that time. The back of this white stuff has the logo of Adidas for the promotion of the company name as well. It was a simple cotton shirt in white color, and all details written on it were in red color. Its price was up to $13,000 which was very expensive and included in the list of luxury shirts.

4.John Lenno Home T-shirt:

World Most Expensive Top Five T-Shirts

This simple T-shirt was made for the owner of the restaurant called Home. It was designed to gift him with his restaurant name. Its owner wore it on many shows which made his image more popular and this shirt was very successful among the people. Still now, restaurant is now closed but this design of it is still famous among the audience. There is nothing special in this stuff, but it was very successful and famous as well. It was made up of plain brown cotton which has written home on it with white color which looks very prominent. Its price was about $16,400 which is very expensive for a simple T-shirt and is not affordable for everyone. Only brand and status-conscious people will purchase it to show off others.

3.Hanes/UNICEF 1996 Olympics T-shirt:

Top Three Most Expensive T-Shirts in the World

It was introduced in 1996 Olympics games in Atlanta. At that time, UNICEF and Hanes were partners for raising funds for this huge event and its promotion as well. They decided to provide help for the children of poor countries by generating money by auction of their t-shirts. The amount generated daily for these auctions was about $1 million which was used for the help of poor children. The highest bid was generated on the final day of auction which was of $42,000 which made it on the list of most expensive t-shirts in the world. It is normal t-shirt in black color which has white lines on its sides and nothing written or printed on it. There is nothing special in this shirt which was sold for such high price.

2.UNICEF Cargo Flight:

Top 3 Most Expensive T-Shirts in the World

UNICEF is working to generate funds to help poor people. It has been selling t-shirts to create awareness to help the needy people. UNICEF is involved in creating of line of 12 t-shirts, and their price is starting from $18 to $1000 and money collected from them is spent on the poor. Sales of these expensive t-shirts money obtained from them are spent to different needy people to bring them food, clothes, and shelter, etc. It is normally simple white color shirt which has a green printed plain on it which is throwing things to needy people. It was sold for almost $300,000 which is a large amount for a single t-shirt. There is nothing special in this stuff which made a large amount of money from it.

1.Superlative Luxury:

Most Expensive T-Shirt in the World

That Superlative cool t shirt designs were introduced in 2012 in London. It is now the most expensive t-shirt of the world which is made by different sources of energy like power and solar as well with about 100% less C02 as compared to the traditional process of making t-shirts. This shirt is in plain black color which has spherical pattern with 16 certified diamonds on it. The diamonds used to it are very rare and precious as well. It has sun shaped white color printed pattern on it. Its price is almost $400,000 which is very expensive for a simple t-shirt is no one can afford it or wanted to purchase this because it is very ordinary one.

Sr.No. Names $
1 Superlative Luxury 400,000
2 UNICEF Cargo Flight 300,000
3 Hanes/UNICEF 1996 Olympics T-shirt 42,000
4 John Lennon Home T-shirt 16,400
5 Run-D.M.C My Adidas T-shirt 13,000