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Top 10 Most Expensive Sodas in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Sodas in the World

People love to drink these kinds of drinks to get something different. There are many brands available in the market which offers a different kind of soda drinks for the people and according to their taste. Sodas are presented in various packing which includes cans and bottles according to the convenience of the people. Different types of drinks are introduced in the world at the different time in the market, and some of them have marked the history due to their popularity and success. For make their products famous among the people they have done active promotional and advertisement campaign to create awareness of their product in the whole world. The price of all sodas differs according to their brand, and some of them are very expensive one. Some of them have launched many exciting advertisement campaigns which made them famous like Coke share with friends with the names which have gained immense popularity among the people and was called a gold-mine for coke. Here is the top 10 best sodas list for you all.

The following are 10 top rated sodas which are best and expensive in the world:

10. Coca Cola 1997 Prototype cans from TV commercial:

best television ad on coca colaThese are the famous cans which were shown in TV ads in 1997 and were considered as only 1 of their type. It was sold at the price of $750 recently it is seen as a rare thing which is recently sold on Ebay at such a whopping price. It is entirely different from the one available now in the market. People love to drink soda from this attractive design can which is a style statement.

9. 1993 Mexico Acapulco Mcdonald`s Coca-Cola bottle:

most expensive sodasIt is a Mexican Cola which was launched in 1993 with the distinctive stamp of McDonald log on it which is the very precious thing now. It is now considered as a very rare thing because not available in the market, so it was sold on eBay at the price of $1,000. It was a glass bottle and was available all around the world especially in the McDonald restaurants.

8. 10 Indian Sachin Tendulkar Coca-Cola:

top 10 expensive sodasHere comes the Indian Coca Cola can which was made to pay tribute to the cricket master Sachin Tendulkar and designed in the very colorful way to attract people. It was sold at the price of $139 for each can with free delivery all around the world. While these same ones were sold at the cost of $1,399 because of their nice look and increased value which can be kept at home as a decoration piece.

7. Pepsi-Cola Taiwan Michael Jackson Dangerous world tour:

worlds most expensive sodasIt is the can which was made with the collaboration of Pepsi and Coke only to pay tribute to Michael Jackson. It is packing of soda which has always remained in the mind of the people and was a special edition launched in 1993 and was sold online at the price of $2,500. It also has a ticket for the concert of the singer in Taiwan which was totally worth it to pay a high price not only to get the best soda but also attend the concert of favorite singer and was sold quickly online all around the world.

6. Antique UUSR Siphon Sodas:

most expensive sodas used everThe look of the packing of this soda seems like a bomb rather than soda because of its design. It is very rare now and sold at the whopping price of $3,900 which includes it in the list of most expensive drinks in the world. It is put on auction online for the people who wanted to own something unique and creative with or without the beverage. It is also considered as the best choice to be kept at the museum.

5. 3 Vintage Pepsi-Cola cans from the 50`s:

top 10 exoensive sodasAgain here comes the soda can which was made with the collaboration of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, which is considered as rare item now in the world and was sold at the price of $5,995 on Ebay. The design of this can be fascinating and was introduced in the market in 1950. It has no cap on the bottle, and all sellers have enjoyed the treat of this delicious soda in this creative can.

4. Antique Keener Swiss Apple Juice:

top rated expensive sodasAntique Kiesener Swiss soda is a historical one which was sold at the high price of $7,950. It is said that vintage and traditional drinks are sold at the high prices in the world. It was a big investment for the people which people love to purchase and could not resist buying this old soda can. It has a specially designed bottle in which it is present to attract more people which were famous in the whole world.

3. 6100TH Anniversary Laredo Coca Cola Bottling Co:

most expensive sodas utilized everIt is soda which was only made in a limited number of 6 bottles to make it relatively rare which was same and unopened as well. It was sold at the high price of $11000 on Ebay. They were never altered or opened on the world, and their real value was estimated to be $1,833 for a single bottle of this soda. It is named as one of the best vintage wine available in the world which has amazed the world with its taste. It is one of the best cold drinks.

2. Coca Cola Factory Error Unopened can:

coca cola factory cansIt is a simple soda can which was sold on Ebay at the whopping price of $250,000 which has amazed the world with its price. It is very rare one available in the market and considered as a sound investment for different business personalities. It was sold in 2012 then estimates its value in 2024 which will amaze the world surely.

1. Coca Cola Can Factory Error:

top 10 most expensive sodas in the worldIt the first place in this list for the whopping price of $281,000. It was entire and unopened can made by Coke and was also sold online on eBay. It has a special Brazil FIFA World Cup logo on its side. It is a real traditional thing which will have more value in coming years.

Most Expensive Sodas – Top Rated

Sr No. Name Price $
1 Coca Cola Can be factory Error $281,000
2 Coca Cola Factory Error Unopened can $250,000
3  6100TH Anniversary Laredo Coca Cola Bottling Co $11000
4 Antique Kiesener Swiss Apple Juice $7,950
5 3 Vintage Pepsi-Cola cans from the 50`s $5,995
6 Antique UUSR Siphon Sodas $3,900
7 Pepsi-Cola Taiwan Michael Jackson Dangerous world tour $2,500
8 10 Indian Sachin Tendulkar Coca-Cola $1,399
9 1993 Mexico Acapulco Mcdonald`s Coca-Cola bottle $1,000
10 Coca Cola 1997 Prototype cans from TV commercial $750


you have gone through the list of top rated soft drinks in the world according to their price in the market. As we know that soft drinks and foods go hand in hand in the community. These are the top rated sodas in the world. Sodas are loved by the whole world, and the new one is launched in a market according to the taste of the people. Some of the brands have marked the history with their fantastic products and earned a lot from their unique and traditional products.