Most Expensive Seafood

There are many types of food available in the market for the people which include vegetables, chicken, meat and seafood as well. Some people are not much, developed taste for seafood but it is quite common in many countries. Seafood is normally expensive than other kinds of food because some of them are very rare items and are not commonly available. It is said that seafood is very luxurious and taste of rich people. But very few people know that seafood is very healthy and rich in different minerals like Proteins, fatty acids etc. Seafood provides an amazing delight to the people and is best in its own way. Some types of seafood are only available in some respective countries due to their existence and are a specialty of their special restaurants as well. Every country has some special food items available for the tourists and people visiting those countries to try their taste. Every single item of seafood is a specialty of a country which represents it in the whole world.
The following are 10 top rated seafood items found in retail supermarkets of the world:

10. Black King Kong Shrimp:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Seafood in SupermarketsBlack king Kong shrimp is a quite rare form of shrimp which is only found in Taiwan and the most expensive amongst all. It is very rare because the survival rate of these shrimps is very low and the problems faced in the sexing the breed of this shrimp. But these shrimps are very beautiful and delicious in tastes which are only found in Taiwan, and the country is taking their full advantage by selling them all around the world.

9. Eels:

Top Ten Most Expensive Seafood in SupermarketsEel fishes are the special seafood available in the USA, which is very expensive as their price is estimated to be $2000 per a single pound that is not affordable for everyone. The world is facing a huge shortage of large eels in the whole market, and the countries are trying to add much in this specie. The special Juvenile Eels are first fully grown up than they are sold. Portland is the main place to provide eels in the American Soil because of their popularity.

8. Fugu:

Top Ten Expensive Seafood in SupermarketsFugu is another famous seafood item which is available in whole Asian Market. Fugu is the most dangerous item when it is not cooked properly can be deadly. It was first invented in Japan and all chefs there were given proper training to cook them and prepare it fully. It is commonly available in Flea Market of Japan. But if not cooked properly a single drop of poison can be dangerous for life. When cooked properly it provides the best delight to the people.

7. Brown-Lipped Abalone:

Top 10 Most Expensive Seafood in SupermarketsBrown-Lipped Abalone is a sea snail which is very expensive. It was first invented in Korea, but now it is quite common and popular all around the world because of its special taste. Some of its other species are available in China and Asia, which is considered as a prized treasure for them. It is one of the most important ingredients of Sushi which is raw fish to be eaten.

6. Bluefin Tuna:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Seafood in SupermarketsBluefin Tuna is not very expensive seafood item but is commonly found in the whole fish market which is affordable for all people. It is said that Tuna is most expensive fish in the world but also some of its dishes are very cheap as well. It is available all around the world and is sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The price of the special dish made from this Bluefin Tuna is $173,600. It was first found in Japan.

5. King Salmon:

Top 5 Most Expensive Seafood in SupermarketsKing Salmon is the fish which is enhanced by very rich taste and is the largest one is the wide Salmon. It is commonly found in the cold temperature, and its meat is very amazing and extraordinary. It has made a record of the largest one has the weight of 97 pounds in total. The largest ones are sold for a very high price in the known Pike Market of Seattle. It can cook in different forms like Baked, grilled and even smoked.

4. Red King Alaska:

Top 3 Most Expensive Seafood in SupermarketsCrabs are mainly available in three different types in the market whole the Red King is the most expensive and comes with delicious taste. It is mainly served with the hot steam. It is sold according to the amount of legs which comes in a package of 10 pounds in total. It is available in cold areas and commonly in Alaska. When it is exported to all countries of the world, the additional charges increased their prices too much more and went like a rocket.

3. Swordfish:

Top Three Most Expensive Seafood in SupermarketsSwordfish is one of the most expensive fishes in the whole fish market but is always cooked in different seasons. Swordfish is a little fat, and it takes a large time to cook it properly. It is very difficult to catch because it is rare and the known Nova Scotia is the most expensive one of all. Swordfish is commonly available in North America but is then supplied to all around the world for all the seafood lovers.

2. Coffin Bay King Oysters:

Top 3 Most Expensive Seafood in SupermarketsCoffin Bay King Oysters is the type of seafood is served in raw form after combining it with slices of lemon. It is commonly found in Australia and is an expensive seafood option in the market. The Australian Oysters are one of the largest one which are almost 18cm long and their weight is normally in 1kg. The price of a single oyster is almost $100 for each oyster. It is very delicious and luxurious kind of seafood which is available at all world famous restaurants.

1. Scottish Lobster:

Most Expensive Seafood in SupermarketThe most expensive item of seafood is Scottish Lobster which is always associated with the luxury. There are many methods to prepare it but the taste of its meat is very delicious. Its meat is basically flavorless which gets the taste after adding spices to it. To get the best and authentic Scottish Lobster is available in EdinBurgh to get best and delicious lobster at very high price. It is considered as one of the most seafood item in the whole world because of its luxurious taste and serving as dish.

Most Expensive Seafood in Supermarkets – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names
1 Scottish Lobster
2 Coffin Bay King Oysters
3 Swordfish
4 Red King Crab
5 King Salmon
6 Bluefin Tuna
7 Brown-lipped Abalone
8 Fugu
9 Eels
10 Black King Kong Shrimp


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive seafood items is given according to the price of these items on the market. Seafood is a quite common thing which is loved by the people, but the bad thing about it is that it is very expensive, not affordable for everyone. To eat seafood people should have some develop a taste for it because otherwise they cannot eat it. These specific items are available in different countries of their origin but in some other parts of the world by importing them from their origin countries.

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