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Top 10 Most Expensive Players of Derby ever in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Players of Derby ever in the World

Sports are very important for every country and loved by everyone in the world. There are many sports that are played in the whole world commonly like cricket, football, etc., but some are not very common in the world. The derby players of the world are very famous and successful in the world and earning a lot because of playing in major and big leagues of the world. Many clubs in the world are training players in the world, and famous players of the world belong to those clubs that have trained them. It is said by the experts that expensive players are normally more successful than other players. These players are paid to a different basis, and criteria`s like goals did by them, appearance in the different matches, etc. which makes them very rich. These all players are very rich and are living very luxurious and high standard of living and have millions of fans in the world who are cheering for them and praying for their success.
The following are 10 top ranked Derby players in the world:

10. Horacio Carbonari:

Derby's Top Ten Most Expensive Players ever in the WorldCarbonari is considered as one of the best players of the world and is the best option to put a large amount of money on him. Every fan of derby must remember his goal that was made in City Ground while playing against Forest. He is the players who have left lasting appearance in all his matches. Till now he has appeared in almost 90 matches of Derby and charges almost $4.2 million which is a very large amount but is worth spending on this brilliant player in the world. The money charged by this player only for his single appearance at any match is $55,000.

9. Craig Burley:

Tp Ten Most Expensive Derby's Players ever in the World Football is the game that needs very tough and strong leader for the game that has the quality to take his team together in difficult situations then Craig Burley is the best option for that. He has made many goals in different matches and also ended the match with a draw with 4-4 while playing with Bradford team. His fans remember that he left the chance of hat-trick on the penalty shot that was very disappointing for the people. He is also very expensive player and charges almost $5 million while playing for the team. He has appeared in total 73 different matches.

8. Georgi Kinkzladze:

Derby's Top Ten Expenisve Players ever in the WorldIt is said by the experts that football game is incomplete without Kinkzladze. He is a magical player who can lead the whole team and perform very well. It will be shocking for all the Derby fans in the whole world that Georgi Kinkzladze is the player who has appeared in more matches than any other derby player in the world. The cost of this player while playing for any team is almost $5 million and has made almost 7 goals in his career till now.

7. Branko Strupar:

Derbys Top 10 Most Expenisve Players ever in the WorldBranko Strupar is the player who was very famous in the whole globe by his first appearance because of his looks and body. He came after getting training from derby club and then joined the team. He has captured the hearts of the derby lovers and had millions of fans in the world. The charges taken by the playing for playing on the team is $5 million which is very high and the expensive player in the world. He has made about 16 goals during his whole career of playing. Till now he has played almost 41 big matches.

6. Seth Johnson:

Derbys Top 10 Most Expenisve Players in the WorldSeth Johnson is considered as the best investment in the club and performs amazingly in all matches. He was also playing for the club and worked very well there. He is now playing for England and is making huge profits for the owners of the player. It is said by experts that he is the best player to be purchased. The cost of the player is estimated to be $5 million and has appeared in total 73 matches during his entire career.

5. Francois Grenet:

Derbys Top Five Most Expensive Players ever in the WorldFrancois Grenet is a French player and plays the famous Stewardship club. He is not much successful in performance and goals than all other club players of the world but still he is very expensive and purchased by different football clubs and countries. The charges of this player are almost $5 million for a single match and have played almost 18 appearances during his entire career of a derby. He has not made any goal till now as it performance is not good.

4. Lee Morris:

Derby's Top 5 Most Expenisve Players in the WorldLee Morris was hired in Premier League to replace the famous and successful player Malcolm Christie, but it is said that Lee joined the club at the bad time. His fans must be surprised that he has played almost 92 matches in a derby. The charges of this player are are very high that are almost $5 million and has made about 17 goals during his whole career which show his success and good performance.

3. Claude Davis:

Most Expensive Players of Derby ever in the WorldClaude Davis is very best and famous player of football in the world. He is a good player, and many people thought that has he ever played Derby in his entire life. He is well promoted in the world but didn’t perform very well in all his matches and has appeared in almost 27 matches as a whole. He has made no goals in all his matches but charges almost $5 million to play in respective team or club.

2. Kenny Miller:

Derbys Top 3 Most Expensive Players in the WorldKenny Miller got much fame and success in his career while he has done goal in Premier League in 2008 against Newcastle. As he hit the net, the whole park jumped in the air to celebrate his success. That was the single goal that made him famous in the world and successful as well. He has done 4 goals as a whole in his career and appeared in 30 different matches. His charges for playing derby team are $5 million.

1. Robert Earnshaw:

Most Expensive Players of Derby ever in the WorldRobert Earnshaw is the best and most expensive derby player of the world and started his career in the Premier League with the club. He took the whole team to a single goal and won the whole game. The charges of this derby player are very high which are estimated to be $6 million and has made a single goal in his career that made him famous in the whole world. He has appeared in 22 total matches derby game.

List of Most Expensive Players of Derby ever in the World

Sr.No. Names Charges
1 Robert Earnshaw $ 6 Million
2 Kenny Miller $ 5 Million
3 Claude Davis $ 5 Million
4 Lee Morris $ 5 Million
5 Francois Grenet $ 5 Million
6 Seth Johnson $ 5 Million
7 Branko Strupar $ 5 Million
8 Georgi Kinkladze $ 5 Million
9 Craig Burley $ 5 Million
10 Horacio Carbonari $ 4.2 Million


The above ranking of the top 10 most expensive derby players is given according to the charges of these all players of the world. All these players are very famous in the world and have millions of fans. These players have made some amazing appearances in different matches which became the reason for their success. Some of them are not a very good performer but are expensive to purchase them for the team.