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Almost every women love jewelry, and it is said that the styling of women is incomplete without jewelry. Jewelry has different items in it which include expensive bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, etc. There are multiple types of jewelry available in the market, but here we will talk about the diamonds ones which are very precious and expensive as well. Wearing an attractive piece of jewelry enhances the elegance and beauty of the lady. Some people still consider the traditional jewelry as the best one and more valuable. Diamonds are named as the women`s best friends and are very expensive because of their rarity. Most of the ladies wanted to collect beautiful and unique pieces in their collection to make it much appealing. These jewelry pieces are very beautiful and have no comparison in the world which is the main reason these are very expensive and are totally worth it for the high price paid to grab them. Necklaces are available in a wide range all over the world which is very expensive and precious as well.
The following are top 10 most famous necklaces available all over the world:

10. The Marie Antoinette Necklace:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Necklaces in the WorldThe Marie Antoinette is the Queen of France, which represents the luxurious lifestyle of their lavish living, its necklace was not affordable one as its value was estimated to be $3.7 million. It is made by De Beers which has two yellow diamonds in it and the pink diamond of 1.84 carats in its center. The diamonds on it are covered with platinum which has enhanced their value much more. The main diamond in it has a total weight of 8.05 carats and is focused on its overall size.

9. Christie`s Diamond Pendant:

Top Ten Most Expensive Necklaces in the WorldChristie`s Diamond pendant is the one which was sold at an auction in 2001 at the value of $4.8 million. It is very large which features an attractive pear shaped diamond which has small round diamond installed on it. The overall look of this has a simple chain which is made from pure white gold. It has been much famous because of the size of pear in it which has the total weight of 47.49 carats. It has a very rich look and looks very luxurious one.

8. The Red Scarlet:

 Top Ten Most Expensive NecklacesThe Red Scarlet is the one which is designed by world-famous jewelry designer called James W. Currens which is sold at the high price of $5.1 million which was sold at an auction in 2012. It is enhanced with the 26 pigeon rubies which differ in their weight and also its pear shaped diamonds are very beautiful. The placement of rubies and diamonds is done amazingly which has enhanced its look. The stones are set with the finishing of white gold and platinum. It comes with the design of roses which is loved by everyone.

7. The Mrs. Winston:

Top 10 Most Expensive Necklaces in the WorldThe Mrs. Winston is the beautiful necklace which was worn by known gorgeous Jessica Alba in Golden Globes awards in 2013 which comes with the weight of 187.5 carats, and very rare diamonds, rubies, and the middle diamond is also in pear shaped large diamond. It features three large diamonds in the bottom which adds perfect look and much weight to it. The estimated value of this necklace is almost $5.8 million.

6. Etcetera`s Burmese Ruby Necklace:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Necklaces in the WorldEtcetera`s Burmese is the one which was sold at the high price of $6.4 million which was sold at the auction in Hong Kong in 2013. It was named as the most expensive necklace ever available in the world. It comes with the lace collar which has the total weight of 87.78 carats which is also enhanced with white pearls, oval diamonds, and rubies. Each ruby used in it comes in diamonds which has created a wave as an added luxury to it. The estimated value of this necklace is $6.4 million.

5. Christie`s Diamond Necklace:

Top Five Most Expensive Necklaces in the WorldChristie`s Diamond Necklace is the one which is enhanced with 52 rounded diamonds which has the total weight of 104.84 carats which is quite an elegant and beautiful piece. Each stone used in it is guaranteed to be of highest quality and precious one. It provides an amazing sparkle which was sold at the high price of $8.14 million in 2013. It was the one which was sold at the biggest auction ever in the world. It is very beautiful and luxurious one because of its amazing look and rich.

4. Leviev`s Vivid Yellow diamond pendant:

Top 5 Most Expensive Necklaces in the WorldIt is very beautiful necklace which has the total weight of 77.12 carats of yellow diamonds, and the string is made from white diamonds. This necklace is made by the Israeli diamond tycoon called Lev Leviev. The estimated value of this necklace is $10 million which is totally worth it because of its look. It is made from rare stones which are not easily available in the market but the cut of diamonds used in it is also very rare and beautiful.

3. The Heart of the Kingdom:

Top Three Most Expensive Necklaces in the WorldAs the name of the necklace shows that it was very special one which is available to gift to someone special. It is sold at the high price of $14 million which features a heath shaped Ruby, and the Ruby has a total weight of 40.63 carats. It was made by the Gerrard which is named as the most famous jewelry making company in the world. It is made from 150 diamonds of rare species and expensive ones as well. It is the necklace which is usually worn by different queens of the world.

2. The Heart of the Ocean:

Top 3 Most Expensive Necklaces in the WorldHeart of the Ocean diamond necklace is very famous all over the world because of its high price which is almost $20 million. It is appeared in different movies mostly in romantic movies like Titanic. It has gained much popularity after appearing in different movies and was made by Harry Winston which features blue diamond on it. It was also worn by the famous actress Gloria Stuart in Academy Awards in 1998. It is very beautiful one which is totally worth it for the price paid to grab this beautiful and perfect one.

1. L` Incomparable Diamond Necklace:

Most Expensive Necklace in the WorldL` Incomparable diamond necklace has made many records for its price and features. This diamond necklace was made by Mouawad Company and is considered as the valuable necklace of the world. It is made with 407.48 carats of diamonds. The most surprising thing about this necklace is that the diamonds used in it were invented by a little girl in Congo in 1980. Later, it has been sold to multiple traders and dealers for its finishing and using it in different jewelry items.

Most Expensive Necklaces – Top Ten

Sr.No Name Price
1 The Incomparable Diamond Necklace $ 55 Million
2 The Heart of the Ocean $ 20 Million
3 The Heart of the Kingdom $ 14 Million
4 Leviev`s Vivid yellow diamond pendant $ 10 Million
5 Christie`s Diamond necklace $ 8.14 Million
6 Etcetera`s Burmese Ruby Necklace $ 6.4 Million
7 The Mrs Winston $ 5.8 Million
8 The Red Scarlet $ 5.1 Million
9 Christie`s Diamond Pendant $ 4.8 Million
10 The Marie Antoinette Necklace $ 3.7 Million


The above ranking of the top ten most expensive necklaces ever sold in the world is given according to the price of the different items sold in auction. All these jewelry items are made from precious materials which are very expensive and rare in the whole world. These jewelry items are buy by the rich people or royal families to maintain their status as no other can afford them. Ladies are fond of jewelry and wanted to buy the best one without caring about their prices.

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