Expensive Medical Procedures

Medical treatment is one of the most expensive things in the whole world and America is one of the most expensive countries of the world. It is said that the healthcare facilities in the USA can cost even ten times more than the cost in other developed countries of the world. The trend of medical insurance is quite common in the USA, which helps to bear the high cost of their medical treatments so that patients can be relaxed as the insurance company can pay on behalf of the patient.

In some countries like Canada and other countries their healthcare is the responsibility of their government but in USA medical is the best profit making department there. It offers the treatment with the latest equipment, and almost 41 million people of American are still living without medical insurance, and they have to pay their medical expenditures. There are different treatments which need to be operated there, but most of the people cannot afford these treatments and makes the people take loans to get their treatment done.
The following are top 10 most expensive medical treatments, and best medical procedures in America:

10. Tracheostomy:


Tracheostomy is the procedure in which doctors create a new airway for the patients for breathing for the long term. In it doctors make a hole in the trachea to open the passage for the breath when the respiration has become difficult for the patient and a plastic tube is inserted in it. It is very expensive procedure there which costs almost $205,000 in which patient has to stay for a long time in the hospital as they need continuous monitoring there.

9. Kidney Transplant:

Kidney transplant procedure

Kidney Transplant is the treatment which costs almost 262,900 in the USA and the number of cases of this disease is increasing. It is quite risky and complicated procedure. But it needs finding a kidney donor for the patient who has the cost not included in it, but it only covers the cost of operation and stays in the hospital. But this is the treatment which has expensive medicines which are to be used by the patients for the rest of the whole life and are also very highly prices.

8. Pancreas Transplant:

most expensive procedure

Pancreas Transplant is done when the major digestive organ called Pancreas break down or effects the circulation of blood. It is very difficult procedure due to the difference in size of the location. Most of the people have this treatment that has the disease of pancreas cancer which needs this transplant to live healthy in future life. It is done at the cost of $289,400 which needs long time stay in the hospital.

7. Open Heart Surgery:

Open Heart Surgery

Open Heart Surgery is the procedure which causes most of the death during it in the USA. It is quite common and urgent procedure which needs to be done. The patient needs to stay for a long time in a hospital. In it the ribs are broken by cage and chest is fully opened to open the blockage in veins and arteries. It is very complicated surgery and has 50-50% chance of death and survival. The medicines are provided to the patient for the whole life. It charges the cost of $324,000 for this treatment.

6. Liver Transplant:

liver transplant procedure

Liver Transplant is mostly done in the USA with the help of insurance. The charges of this treatment is almost $577,100. The liver is much a vital item in the survival of the person which makes the whole body working. It is the treatment which is done after finding a perfect donor for it. After transplantation it needs a long time for the recovery and then medicines for the longer time to make it work properly.

5. Bone Marrow Transplant:

Ten Most Expensive Medical Procedures in USA

Bone Marrow is the very rare treatment which is not much common, and less number of patients has this treatment. In this treatment, the bone marrow stem cells are removed from the body of the donor and then are put in the other person`s body to generate the blood cells of the body. It can cost $676,800, but the big research is done for finding the donor. This treatment is not available in every country because it needs latest technology.

4. Lung Transplant:

expensive procedure of lung transplant

Lung Transplant is the treatment which is done for the patients with severe lung disease. The patient needs much improvement otherwise he will die. It can be caused due to different reasons which mainly can cause by smoking. Its treatment is very expensive because a person needs to find a compatible donor. The patient is kept in the recovery room for a long time for monitoring. The estimated cost of this procedure is almost $797,200 which is much expensive.

3. Heart Transplant:

Ten Most Expensive Medical Procedures in USA

Heart Transplant is named as one of riskiest procedure done in which can be fatal for the patients. It has the cost which is double the cost of open heart surgery in which the removing and replacing of heart is done. Heart Transplant can take the life of a person which can even be done at the end stages of this disease. It has the estimated life expectancy of 15 years in which recovering is done in intensive care and is the very lengthy procedure which can cost the total amount of $997,000.

2. Heart-lung Transplant:

Ten Most Expensive Medical Procedures in USA

Heart-Lung transplant which is the combined surgery of lung and heart transplant. It is extremely rare in the whole world and is estimated to be have 100 patients only in each year. The main problem in it is to find the donor. The donor must qualify that he has no life expectancy of more than 24 hours. Their age must be not more than 55 and needs proper medicines for the rest of the life. The cost of this treatment is $1,148,400.

1. Intestine Transplant:

Intestine Transplant

Intestine Transplant is the major project which is done with the latest technology. The intestine is the major and longest organ of the body and is named as the last procedure done on the body when no other option is left to save the life. It is a very complex procedure which needs latest technology. This surgery can be done in almost 12 hours and is named as the most expensive treatment of USA which is done with the cost of $1,206,000.

Most Expensive Medical Procedures in USA – Top Ten

SR NO. Name Price
01 Intestine Transplant $1,206,000.
02 Heart-lung Transplant $1,148,400.
03 Heart Transplant $997,000.
04 Lung Transplant $797,200
05 Bone Marrow transplant $676,800
06 Liver Transplant $577,100
07 Open Heart Surgery $32,4000
08 Pancreas Transplant $28,9400
09 Kidney Transplant $262,900
10 Tracheostomy $205,000


The above ranking of most expensive treatments in the USA is given according to the cost of these treatments. All these treatments are mainly the major surgeries of the body which need to be done due to different problems. Every part of the body is very important for the survival of the person. The USA is the country which is much advance in latest technology and quite an effective one.

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