List of 2016 Most Expensive LED TVs in the World

LED televisions are a breakthrough technology in the world of entertainment. The term best LED TV is very subjective as it varies between customers on what they prefer. Screen size, picture quality, sound quality are a few determinants. Plasma TV is a new trend which is gaining popularity by every passing day. As the world becomes more capitalist, manufacturers customize products according to the interests of their target audience hence the most expensive LED TV and Plasma TV’s emerge.
Here is a record of the greatest LED TV’s that are available in the market:

1. Stuart Hughes, Prestigehd Supreme Rose Edition

Most Expensive LED TVs In The WorldStuart Hughes delivers to its customers the class that no other can. Prestigehd is easily the most expensive LED TV in the world. It is an LED TV that many would love to own to boast about their wealth. It is priced at $2.26 million. That high price tag is not only because of the high-quality interior of the plasma TV but also it’s exterior that is covered with gold and diamonds. It is decorated with an average of 27 Kg gold and 72 round cut diamonds to add some sparkle. It has a 55-inch display screen which has excellent picture quality also.

2. Stuart Hughes, Prestigehd Supreme Edition

Most Expensive LED TV’S In The WorldThis is another one from Stuart Hughes who rules the luxury TV industry. Prestige HD Supreme edition is also a luxury 55 inch LED TV. It retails for $1.5 million, a price that could buy an apartment. The high price is because of the precious stones used to decorate the masterpiece. This edition is adorned with 19 Kg gold and 50 round cut diamonds along some other very expensive semi-precious stones. The TV includes diamonds weighing 37.5 karats which each diamond is weighing 0.75 karats.

3. Panasonic Plasma TV 152 inch

Top Most Expensive LED TV’S In The WorldPanasonic is credited with being the founder of plasma TV. It is a familiar brand in the electronic industry. While Panasonic manufactures some very reasonable plasma TV’s that are seen in common man’s house, it also produces one of the most expensive Plasma TV. Panasonic 152 inch Plasma TV is the biggest in its category in the world. Its 3D image compatible and has picture resolution of 2160 pixels. It is no less than a cinema screen. It cost half million dollars.

4. Sharp LCD TV 1085

Most Expensive LED TV’S In The World Highly RatedSharp LCD was one of the latest breakthroughs when it launched back in 2008. This 1080 pixels picture quality LCD of 108 inches was the biggest in the world then. It came with USB ports to import data from other devices. This was a new feature. This LCD costs $160,000. Its brightness, picture quality, large screen and response time of 6 milliseconds were some standout features. Till today this is a hot pick.

5. BeoVision 4-103

Most Expensive LED TV’S Ever In The WorldBeoVision is one of the Best Led TV for an amazing home theater. It has a huge screen of 103 inches that makes a viewer experience a cinema-like quality at the comfort of his home. It comes with an adjustable portal that can be set according to the angle the viewer prefers. BeoVision 4-103 is only 5 inches smaller than the sharp LCD but retails for $140,000 which is twenty thousand dollars less than the sharp one. This is a great buy and one of the most expensive LED TV in the world.

6. Yalos Diamond

Most Expensive LED TV’S Ever In The World Highly RatedYalos Diamond is a visual treat for the eye. Designed by famous Japanese designer Takahide Sano, it was presented in an exhibition in Germany to appreciate the piece of art. It has an Italian make and is decorated with 160 diamonds weighing 20 karats in total. It is priced at $140,000 which is the same price as that of BeoVision. The only drawback is the actual screen size which is 46 inches.

7. Panasonic TH 103VX200W

Top Most Expensive LED TV’S In The World Highly RatedThis is another one from Panasonic that makes it to the most expensive television in the world. This model was introduced in 2011. This was a 3D image compatible TV that came with 3D glasses to make the experience more amazing. It has the excellent image quality of 1080 pixels. The sleek design makes it a very smart pick that would add to any room in which it is put. This LED TV retails at $100,000.

8. Samsung S9 UHD TV

Most Expensive LED TV’S Ever In The WorldSamsung comes down in the list in the most expensive LED TV’s in the world, but there is no doubt at the quality this brand delivers. This one by Samsung is one step ahead of all others in the list as this is a ultra-high definition with 4K LED. It has an 85-inch large display screen which along with the 4K technology makes the picture quality better than most cinemas. It has a fantastic inbuilt sound system and a quad-core processor. This LED is sold for $38,000.

9. Sony 84 inch LCD

Most Expensive LED TVs In The WorldSony is famous for its incredible picture quality in all its entertainment products. This model has a huge screen of 84 inches and retails for $25000. Though this comes in the most expensive LED TV’s list, this is the reasonable compared to Samsung’s 85 inch TV retailing for $38000. It has picture resolution of 2160 pixels. It has a ten driver stereo system attached to the edges of the TV which enhance the sound quality.

10. LG 84 inch LCD TV

Most Expensive LED TV’S In The WorldThis LCD TV is the Best LCD TV in the market when considering price and luxury. This LCD also has an 84-inch screen display and is priced at $20000. It is 3D compatible delivering an image quality of 2160 pixels. It has 4k resolution making it ultra-high definition. This is the latest technology LCD TV that makes it to the Top 10 LCD TVs of the world.

Most Expensive LED TVs In The World – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name Price
1 Stuart Hughes, prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition $2.26 million
2 Stuart Hughes, Prestige HD Supreme Edition $1.5 million
3 Panasonic 152 inch Plasma TV $500,000
4 Sharp LB 1085 LCD TV $160,000
5 BeoVision 4-103 inches $140,000
6 Yalos Diamond $140,000
7 Panasonic TH 103VX200W $100,000
8 Samsung S9 UHD TV $38000
9 Sony 84 inch TV $38000
10 The LG 84 Inch TV $20000
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