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Top 10 Most Expensive Kidney Organs

Top 10 Most Expensive Kidney Organs

The human body consists of different organs and is named as the most wonderful creation of God. The whole body of the human beings is dependent upon the nervous system which consists of almost 3 trillion nerve cells in it. With the passage of time science has developed many new treatments for the people having different health problems which have made the transplant of different basic organs of the body. The defects in body organs can be caused due to different diseases and even genetic disorders.

The transplant can increase the life expectancy of the person otherwise they patient will die due to that disease. Replacement of an organ can be done by taking it from a donor from an operation which is quite an expensive one and need continuous medicines for the rest of the life of the patient. Most of the countries have made it illegal that people cannot sell their kidneys to the people, and only blood relatives can give them but still people are doing it with illegal means either to get some money for different purposes.
The following are top 10 most expensive kidney organs all around the world:

10. Kidney, China:

hospital for kidney transplant

China is the country which provides the treatment regarding kidney transplant and it is estimated that almost 17 Japanese organ tourists found their packages quite affordable as they provide the services at the price of $87,000. Their package includes 20 days stay there which includes ticket, meals, transport and accommodation but the surgery and hospital charges are other than this. This country had almost 1.5 million patients suffering from this disease and wanted to get new kidneys to live happily.

9. Kidney, South Africa:

Kidney, South Africa

A kidney transplant is much advance in big countries of the world and needs suitable candidates to donate it from a different pool of people. Their price of a kidney transplant in South Africa is estimated to be $100,000 for a single patient which most of the patient tourists of America got from there. But the sad thing is that donors are only paid with the return on investment of $800 which is quite a bad thing in this whole process as medical and hospital charges are very high there.

8. Kidney, Israel:

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The Organ trafficking is becoming the much common thing in different countries to the world for different purposes. In Israel, the desperate donors are selling their kidneys at the price of $100,000 to the patients. The donors in Israel are usually generated from different countries of the mainly belong to Europe or South America then flew to Israel for different operations and transplants. But now Israel has made a special army decrease the trend of organ trafficking in their country.

7. Kidney, Serbia:

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During the time of recession, people need different measures to enhance their income to earn for their survival in 2007. Then the trend of organ trafficking became much common there, and the poor people of countries like China, Philippines, India, and Brazil were forced to sell their kidneys there at the price tag of $123,000. This measure was quite tempting for them as they can gain much money from it. According to the story published in New York Times in 2012 tells that the jobless people of Serbia are selling their kidneys for their survival.

6. Kidney, Kosovo:

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In Kosovo, a team of doctor and his sons were sent to jail as they were found involved in organ trafficking which is the quite shocking thing for everyone. The bad thing about it is that the donors are not treated properly as they have the only concern to take their organs and then discharge from the hospital to live on their own. Once in Kosovo, a Turkish donor was spotted at the airport while having the bloody wound on his side that was visible to everyone. The kidney there is sold at the price of $135,000.

5. Kidney, Israel:

Kidney, Israeel

The Israeli government and the court have sent two Israeli`s who were involved in organ trafficking. The bad thing was that the victims were also not paid by them. They were mostly using the mentally challenged people and the people have the crisis of money in their life. The donors were sent to Ukraine for their surgeries and then sent to a home. It is estimated that at that time they were selling their kidneys at the price of $135,000 in Israel.

4. Kidney, New York:


Most of the people in New York are doing the work of match maker. This is not for marriages but for the organ transplant which was also covered by the FBI as a story there. The price at which kidneys were sold in New York was $160,000. Then the person doing that was sent to jail in 2011 for two and a half year. Rosenbaum was named as the first person to conduct this illegal activity in this country.

3. Kidney, Ukraine:

most expensive of ukairne

It is the story of Ukraine where three doctors were involved in the process of organ trafficking. They were arrested as they have done a large number of transplants. After that they sent donors to their home countries without full payment and the even prescription for medicines. The estimated charges of a kidney there are $200,000. The doctors were using that earned money for the development of their lifestyle and also property investments at the most expensive places there with the worth of $1 million.

2. Kidney, Moldova:


In Moldova, the people who are living there life under the poverty line are forced to sell their kidneys. The price of kidney is $3000 or even less but the buyers are charged with the price of $250,000. The entire margin between it is shared by the person doing it. The donors were discharged from the hospitals after five days without any medicines and follow-up.

1. Kidney, Singapore:


It is the story of the owner of the biggest store in Singapore called C.K Tang. He wanted to replace his kidney for which he has to wait for 17 years. Then he purchased it from an Indonesian at the price of $300,000. C.K Tang depicted falsely to the state that he was related to the donor. As country laws do not allow to purchase a kidney from someone. C.K Tang was then brought to court about this matter. He was already on dialysis of his kidneys and was then fined $12,000 by the court with a single day prison.

Most Expensive Kidney Organs – Top Ten

SR No. Name Price
01 Kidney, Singapore $300,000
02 Kidney, Moldova $250,000
03 Kidney, Ukraine $200,000
04 Kidney, New York $160,000
05 Kidney, Israel $135,000
06 Kidney, Kosovo $135,000
07 Kidney, Serbia $123,000
08 Kidney, Israel $100,000
09 Kidney, South Africa $100,000
10 Kidney, china 87000


Organ Trafficking is becoming quite a common thing in different countries. People wanted to enhance their life expectancy rate and some donors are looking for money. But the sad thing is that donors are not paid with the full money which is complete injustice with them. Some countries have made it illegal that people cannot buy organs yet can only take from their blood relatives.