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Top Ten Most Expensive Habits of Americans

Top Ten Most Expensive Habits of Americans

Americans are the people with lavish life styles. Americans do not bother money if it comes to manage their lifestyle. They got many opportunities to earn money, so it’s easy for them to find ways for earning money and in the same way it’s easy for them to spend this money on their expensive habits. Americans are every year wasting their money on expensive habits that they must leave to save their money.

This article has a list of top ten most expensive habits of Americans. By leaving these expensive habits, they can save a little money every month that will become great with the passage of time. Americans have bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. These bad habits are not only costing dollars but also costing much to their health. So by leaving such bad and expensive habits they can save their life from diseases like cancer, kidney failure, etc. Americans are wasting their money even without realizing like service charges, throwing food and eating out, etc. So, here is the list of top ten most common habits of Americans.

10. Not Shopping Around:

american shoppingAmericans don’t like to do shopping around they save their time by checking online sites as an alternative to shopping around. If they are going to market, they do not spend much time on shopping rather they prefer to buy expensive things. If you spend some time in shopping for purchasing a new car, pet, cloth or something else it makes you well aware of different prices in the market so among these different prices you can get an affordable price for your shopping. But Americans don’t like to waste time on shopping and don’t think much before making a shopping decision.

09. Opting for Low Quality:

Most Expensive Habits of AmericansAmericans choose low quality and low price products to save money but it in directly increases their cost and becomes expensive for them. Let’s suppose you are going to purchase a washing machine. A low-quality machine will probably cost low but sue to its low quality it will give short term benefits, and you have to spend an amount on its wear and tears. In the result of these wear and tears machine will cost you expensive. So, it’s better to purchase a good quality thing. But Americans don’t bother this and adjust their shopping to their budget.

08. Driving Everywhere:

Habits of AmericansAmericans have a habit of driving their cars for going anywhere. It costs them expensive because your car consumes gas and fuel that is expensive. So, before going anywhere, they should think for public transport because relatively it will cost them less as compare to an own car. But if you are going with family than definitely driving own car is the best option. But when you have to go alone somewhere then prefer to use other means of transportation because your car is also a source of environmental pollution.

07. Throwing Food Away:

Expensive Habits of AmericansAccording to a recent survey, every year Americans throw 222 million tons food in dustbins. This is a complete wastage of money and survey shows in this way an individual American is wasting 20 pounds per month. This is also an expensive habit of Americans. You should plan your weekly meal and try to save your leftovers for next time meal. While in the world there are people dying with hunger your this little caution and money can feed a poor. So in this way it is both a virtue and saving.

06. Drinking Alcohol:

drinking beerAlcohol is a party symbol for Americans they drink it on every moment of joy and celebrations. A recent study tells that Americans spend 435 dollars every year on alcoholic beverages while their spending on other beverages like water etc. is less than this. This is a very unhealthy activity that is dangerous for health. So they must stop drinking too much alcohol. This will save their life as well as their money. Alcohol is an American’s daily food, but they are ignoring its long-lasting adverse effects on health.

05. Smoking:

Most Expensive HabitsSmoking is the way too dangerous for health, but a survey shows about 40 million adults in America is addicted to smoking. They consume one pack each day this costs them $5 per day so if you quit smoking you will save $150 per month and $6000 per year. You can use this amount for other purposes like going on a trip with friends that will make you fresh. Smoking is injurious to health and destroys lungs. It is also a cause of mouth and other types of cancers. So They must quit smoking as soon as possible.

04. Rolling Debt Over:

Expensive HabitsAmericans have a habit of using credit cards. These credit cards give you a loan in the time of need, but you have to pay interest on these cards that is an extra amount that you pay to your bank. First, you must try to avoid debt but if it is necessary then make sure to pay it off as quickly as possible. This will save you from the burden of interest payments. Besides this first pay your previous debts then go for the next debt. This is also a money saving tip for Americans who are wasting their money on bad habits.

03. Paying for Unused Services:

Most Expensive Habits of AmericansAmericans are habitual of modern economical system so they all have credit cards, debit cards, etc. On these cards, you have to pay regular service charges whether you avail these services or not. Along with this if you have a current or saving account then you also have to pay service charges. These service charges are unavoidable but they are expensive and can be cut down by reducing the number of credit cards and bank accounts. So immediately block you unnecessary bank accounts and bank cards etc.

02. Eating Out:

Most Expensive Habits of AmericansThis is one of the most expensive habits of Americans. They don’t like to cook and eat at home. They are in a bad habit of spending too much money in the hotels and fast food chains. This is costing them too much. Americans have made it the part of their lavish life style, but this life style is costing them so much expensive. Let take an example if you go to a restaurant and eat spaghetti it will cost you $13 along with a drink, unjustified tip and service charges this becomes 20 dollars. But if you cook the same spaghettis it will cost you 1 dollar for spaghettis, 3 for sauce and 4 for meat so the total of 8 dollars that is less than your hotel spending. This food will be more hygiene and economical for you.

01. Getting Coffee:

Most Expensive Habits of AmericansStarbucks were the first ones who sold a street level thing in a highly luxurious way. Americans best food is a cup of Starbucks coffee. It cost them 5 dollars and if they have it on workdays then 25 dollars in a week. So by leaving this Starbucks coffee, you can save handsome amount. Spend this saved amount on purchasing an espresso machine and make lattes, cappuccino, etc. at your home. This will save you from a highly expensive habit. So having a coffee daily is the most expensive habit of Americans.

Most Expensive Habits of Americans – Top Ten

Sr. No. Habit Name
1 Getting Coffee
2 Eating Out
3 Paying for Unused Services
4 Rolling Debt Over
5 Smoking
6 Drinking Alcohol
7 Throwing Food Away
8 Driving Everywhere
9 Opting for Low Quality
10 Not Shopping Around


This article has listed the Americans top ten most expensive habits. Americans are the people who care about their life style, but this life style must not be at the cost of wastage of money. This article has shown the expensive habits of American that are not much big, but they are the part of their daily routine, so these expensive habits are costing them so much money. This article has also given the ways to leave these expensive habits to save the money. You must save the money that you have earned by your hard work this wastage of money is not a reward of your hard work. These habits are from their daily routines so not easy to left, but this does not mean these expensive habits are impossible to leave.