Most Expensive Givenchy Products

Everyone in the world loves to use branded products to get something with the best quality. The products made by different famous brands are very expensive and are widely available all over the world. Givenchy is the brand which is very famous like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci because of its luxurious products available for the brand conscious people. It is a French brand which offers different products that include perfumes, cosmetics, clothing and accessories as well it is also named as one of the richest fashion labels in the world. It was first introduced in 1952 in the market by the designer called Hubert De Givenchy and is the brand known to be loved by the richest people living in France. Their products are loved by everyone and have quite an honorable reputation among the people due to their quality and luxurious look.

The following are top 10 most expensive Givenchy products ever available in the markets of the world:

10. Givenchy Le Soin Noir Serum:

most expensive Givenchy productsGivenchy Le Soin Noir Serum is a makeup product which is sold at the high price $400 which is used for the age-defying thing. It is very soft and fresh to be used on the skin and is made with many natural ingredients. It is one of the most expensive Givenchy perfumes you have ever seen. It also provides a much shimmery look to the skin to enhance the glow of the skin all over the face. It is very luxurious serum which can also be used as the night cream because of its different benefits. It comes in the traditional black color bottle which is not much large one according to the price paid to grab this one.

9. Givenchy Podium Antigona tote:

Givenchy productsMost of the women are fond of beautiful and luxurious bags and here comes the bag made by this best brand, which has very slim top handles which can be carried easily and is also enhanced with the silver logo of the brand. It is almost 13 inches in height and is a very practical bag which is sold at the price of $1,145. It can be used with the average everyday look and fits with almost every outfit which looks very classy.

8. Givenchy Dahlia Noir Baccarat Perfume:

list of top rated Givenchy products in the worldHere comes the luxurious perfume made by this brand which is named as Dahlia Noir Baccarat, which comes in a 50ml bottle and is sold at the price tag of $1,500. The bottles of this perfume are made in very less quantity which is only 200. The bottles of this perfume are made from pure crystals and are crafted by the legendary maker called Baccarat. It is specially made to be used for feminine and provides flower smell. It also has another woody note which is presented in a beautiful box with mirrors.

7. Givenchy stretch knit leggings:

Givenchy stretch knit leggingsNow here come the knit leggings which provide a much sexy look to the ladies which are very simple one which is mostly red and have white stripes on them. These leggings are made from the 8% polyamide and 90% viscose. These leggings are leather one and are made from pure black lambskin. It also has beautiful piping which is perfect to be used for the daily use. The price of these amazing super leggings of this brand is $1,834.

6. Givenchy Sweatshirt:

rating of givenchy products in the worldGivenchy is the brand which offers fresh and stylish sweatshirts for both men and women. Their sweatshirts are made with long sleeves and come with different prints. The regular price range of this sweatshirt is $2,396. It comes in complete black color which is loved by all the Hollywood celebrities. It was also displayed in a fashion show of 2014 conducted in Paris. Another thing which made it famous is the 2013 advertisement campaign feature Kanye West with his kids has made it more famous.

5. Givenchy Medium antigona Duffel:

expensive most givenchy productsGivenchy medium antigona duffel is made from the simple leather which has zip top and delicate leather handles and also a shoulder strap as well. The price of this brilliant and stylish bag is estimated to be $2,435. It has the whole lining of fabric which has zip pocked inside it which is best to be used for small things. It is very easy to clean as it comes in black color. It can be utilized by all age groups of women.

4. Givenchy Nightingale Bag:

expensive most givenchy products in the worldGivenchy Nightingale bag is another bag which is commonly seen carried by different celebrities and is sold at the price of $12,050. It has a zip cover on the top and has completed padding on the shoulder straps which are very practical to use and comfortable as well. It is one of the most expensive givenchy bags you have ever seen. It has two open pockets inside it. It is available in different colors from which buyer can choose according to your choice. Most of the celebrities are seen carrying this bag which includes mainly Shakira, Khloe Kardashian, and Nicole Richie, etc.

3. Givenchy Antigona Crocodile Clutch:

world,s most expensive givenchy productsThis is a very luxurious clutch of this made which is made from pure crocodile skin and is sold at the price $12,900. It is not very luxurious one but looks very elegant and can be used for the whole life. It is made in pink color and has many compartments in it. It is given the design of envelope to it which is enhanced with the signature metal logo of the brand. It is very attractive although very expensive as well.

2. Givenchy Alligator antigona bag:

list of world,s most expensive givenchy productsGivenchy Alligator antigona bag is another most expensive product of this brand which is sold at the price of $36,000. It may not be named as the most expensive bag of the world but is quite an expensive one as well. It is made from pure crocodile leather which completely justifies the price of the bag and is made in Italy which also has a beautiful and comfortable shoulder strap to carry it for an extended period.

1. Givenchy lLittle Black Dress:

TOP 10 MOST EXPENSIVE GIVENCHY PRODUCTSEveryone wants to have some beautiful dress for some special occasion, and this is the best one available in the market with the price tag of $923.187. It is the most expensive Givenchy dress in the world. It has made a significant history because the famous British actress called Audrey Hepburn wore this on the Breakfast of Tiffany and was made in limited quantity. The whole collection of these dresses was kept completely private, and one of them was given to charity, and the 3rd one was held in the museum.

Most Expensive Givenchy Products – Top Rated

Sr No. Name Price
1 Givenchy little black dress $923,187
2 Givenchy Alligator antigona bag $36,000
3 Antigona Crocodile Clutch $12,900
4 Givenchy Nightingale Bag $12,050
5 Givenchy Medium antigona Duffel $2,435
6 Givenchy Sweatshirt $2,396
7 Givenchy stretch knit leggings $1,834
8 Dahlia Noir Baccarat Perfume $1,500
9 Podium Antigona tote $1,145
10 Givenchy Le Soin Noir Serum $400


Givenchy is very famous and big brand all over the world which is involved in producing almost all types of products for the people. Their products are very luxurious one but are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone. All these products explained above are charming and provide much class to the user which is worth buying at these high prices to maintain the standard of living.

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