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Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts Ever Given in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts Ever Given in the World
The Kohinoor

Gifts have always been the gesture showing your love to someone. It is one of the important ways to show someone that how much he/she is important to you and how much you care about him/her. It’s in human nature that when one wants to show love or when one wants to realize someone about his/her importance in one’s life, the best source of expressing these feelings is giving the gift to them.
People exchange gifts on different occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and many other events. Some people believe that exchanging gifts are not necessary on occasions, they believe in the philosophy that exchanging gifts causes the increase in love between people, so they usually give the gifts to their loved ones.
Nowadays as the world has groomed in every aspect, people give expensive gifts to their loved ones. Especially the rich people always give very expensive gifts to those whom they care a lot. So, we are going to present you the history of most expensive gift and are providing you a list of top 10 most expensive gifts ever given in the world.
The following are top 10 most expensive gifts ever given in the world,

10. Bronze Sculpture of Roman Abramovich:

Top Ten Most Expensive Gifts ever Given in the WorldShe is very lucky girl as she got very expensive gift which was a bronze sculpture which was almost of $14 billion. She was basically girlfriend of the richest person in the world Roman Abramovich. He also gifted her some expensive and precious paintings as well which costs about $120 million. All details about their relationship and gifts were completely shown and covered by all channels all over the world because of these expensive gifts given to her. All these gifts made her more popular all over the world because of coverage in news.

9. Ra 1 Gifts:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts ever Given in the WorldRa 1 is very famous Indian film which has Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor in it. This film was blockbuster hit in this industry and all over the world. On the huge success of this film, Shahrukh khan decided to give some expensive gifts to his core members which were brand new BMW7 cars. It is not only most expensive gift but luxurious as well. It was first time in the world that someone gifted something expensive to many people at a time. The cost of each car was almost $10 million. He believes to express his love by giving some precious and memorable gifts to his loved ones.

8.19th floor at Burj Khalifa:

Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts ever Given in the WorldBurj Khalifa is very famous and tallest building in Dubai, and everyone is aware of its name. Shilpa Shetty is very famous and successful and is married to a very rich businessman of India Raj Kundra. Her husband gifted her apartment in this famous building. It is the best gift a wife can get from his husband, and normal people cannot afford it if they wanted to gift it. It was much covered by the news channels as Burj Khalifa is very famous and most expensive building in the world as well. It shows that people can spend billions for their love ones.

7. $60 Million Jet:

World Top Ten Most Expensive GiftsThese types of gifts are very rare and precious as well and are seen very rare in the world. Someone cannot imagine that a jet can be gifted to someone. Ambani`s are very famous and richest family in India. He gifted a jet to his wife Nita Ambani, which costs almost $60 million. This jet was full of luxuries like music system, bathroom, kitchen, bar and many other facilities as well. They are very rich people and can afford, but no other can afford it in their whole life.

6. Star of the East:

Top Ten Expensive Gifts in the World

It was a wedding gift that was given to the daughter of richest person on her wedding. It was covered by many famous channels and newspapers as well because of this expensive gift. It was a necklace that belonged to Sultan Abd al-Hamid. It was a diamond necklace that cost about $11.9 million. It is popular with the name of Star of the East. This gift is only affordable for these richest people in the world.

5. $84 Million Yacht:

Top Five Most Expensive Gifts ever Given in the WorldAgain here comes Ambani family of India, which is richest family in the world. Anil Ambani gifted a very expensive and luxurious yacht that was purchased for $84 million for his wife as a gift. It was very modern and expensive gift to someone special. It is the best gift a wife can get from her husband. It is considered as the most expensive gift of some recent ears. Some people think that this was a complete waste of money by this they can help poor people of India.

4. The Kohinoor:

Five Most Expensive Gifts ever Given in the WorldIt is the most controversial gift in the world as it has no proof of it. It is said that Raja Duleep Singh gifted this precious gift to Queen Elizabeth as a symbol of respect. It is still named as the most expensive diamond on the earth and now is the important part of her crown as well. The cost of this precious gift was almost $13 million. Some Indians also wanted to get this expensive gift back from them.

3. Taylor`s Diamond:

Top Three Most Expensive Gifts ever Gven in the WorldElizabeth Taylor is very famous personality all over the world, and she got many precious gifts during her whole life. She got the most expensive gift from her husband in 1972 which was a beautiful and precious diamond and its costs was almost $1,050,000 at that time. It was her gift on her 40th birthday and will be always remembered because of its high price tag.

2. King Abdullah`s gift to Obama:

3 Most Expensive Gifts ever Given in the WorldWe all know about these two names, and no one needs an introduction of them as they are very famous personalities all over the world. It is considered as the most expensive gift to this modern age. King Abdullah gifted some precious gifts to Obama, which includes many precious things like gold, gems, diamond and many precious items as well. This gift was in the news for a long time especially in American media.

1. Taj Mahal:

Most Expensive Gift Ever Given in the WorldTaj Mahal is the most famous and historical place in the world. Everyone knows that it is the most precious gift in the world and memorable as well. It was a gift by Shah Jahan for his wife, Mumtaz. It is the best gift one can get from her husband. It took about 22 years to make this historical place. The cost occurred on it was 32 million Indian rupees at that time which was a large amount. It is considered as a symbol of love still now.

Top Ten Most Expensive Gifts Ever Given:

Sr.No. Names   Cost
1 Taj Mahal Rs. 32 Million
2 King Abdullah`s Gift to Obama Very Costly
3 Taylor`s Diamond $1,050,000
4 The Kohinoor $ 13 Million
5 $84 Million Yacht $ 84 Million
6 Star of the East $ 11.9 Million
7 $60 Million Jet $ 60 Million
8 19th floor at Burj Khalifa Very Expensive
9 Ra 1 gift $ 10 Million/Car
10 Bronze Sculpture of Roman Abramovich $ 14 Billion