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Here we will talk about the List of Top 10 Most Expensive Flowers in the World with their names and prices. We all know that everyone in this world loves beauty. This world is full of nature which makes it more beautiful and peaceful place. They are very beautiful part of nature which is in different colors and shapes as well. They are also considered as a best thing to gift someone. That’s are associated with different occasions like mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, happy birthday flowers, etc. We all know that no wedding is completed without flowers as they are most important part of weddings. Some types of them are available in affordable prices, but some people want to buy luxurious flowers to maintain their status. Some of them come with beautiful smells which attract more persons towards them. Some of it kinds are most expensive in the world because they are different and rare in the world. Flowers are considered as the best gift of nature and most loved by the people. Now the trend is changed people love to purchase flowers for their loved ones on special events. By reading this article, you will be able to know about top 10 most expensive flowers in the world.
The following are top 10 expensive flowers in the world:


List of Top Ten Most Expensive Flowers in the World
Lisianthus is very beautiful floret which blooms annually and has almost 5cm diameters. It can also grow up to 20 to 60cm in height. It has a wide size and oval shaped petals. It comes in many different colors like violet, blue, white and purple as well. It is very long lasting flowers as it is cut from the stem and can be decorated for long time like for three weeks. Most famous color of this floret is white which is also named as a paper flower. Its price is almost $12-35 each bundle. This floret looks like a painting rather than a real flower.

9.Lily of the Valley:

Top 10 Most Expensive Flowers in the World
Lily of the Valley is unique and small flower. It has very sweet smell but is very poisonous as well. It is very famous all over the world because of its delicate and bell shape. It can grow about 15-30cm in height and diameter up to 10mm. The period of this floret is almost for weeks, but wrong techniques of cutting can decrease it much more. They are famous with name “Lady Tears” because of its look. They bloom in the month of May. They are very expensive because of its high maintenance charges. Its price is almost $15- $50 each bundle.


World Top 10 Most Expensive Flowers
Hydrangea is very famous flower because of its circular shape and color. It can grow almost 3 meters in height. It comes in many different colors which make it more attractive like violet, pink, purple and blue as well. They have short life span so must be brought on the day of the event. It is a first choice of people for different events like weddings. This particular floret needs much effort for its cultivation and harvesting as well. Its price is almost $6.5 each floret which is very expensive.


Top Ten Expensive Flowers in the World
Gloriosa is very expensive flower which only grows in South Africa and Asia. It has long leaves with it and long tendrils that support the floret to stand its weight. It has beautiful colors in like which are different from tip to canter. It comes in many colors which look very beautiful and different as well as green, red, orange and yellow as well. Its price is almost $6-$10 each flower which is very expensive. This floret has a unique shape and design as well.

6.17th Century Tulip Bulb:

Top Ten Expensive Flowers in the World
It is very famous floret all around the world because of its shape. Most people love its colors and petals as well. At that time, it were considered as the best flowers in the world because of its colors and it was unique as well. These florets were considered as the status symbol. It is the most historical floret in the world. It is not only beautiful but unique as well. Its price is almost $5,700.

5.Saffron Crocus:

Top Five Most Expensive Flowers in the World
Saffron flower is famous all over the world. It is more famous as a spice rather than a flower. This floret is in purple color which has a yellow stamen and makes it very attractive. The spice is also very expensive as almost 80,000 flowers only make 500 grams of Saffron. The demand for this spice is large in the world, but it takes a lot of time for its cultivation. It is mainly used for coloring different foods. This floret has mixture of three colors which are purple, yellow and red which looks very attractive. Its price is around $1200-$1500 each pound.

4. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid:

World Top Five Most Expensive Flowers
It is very beautiful and rare flower which increases its price. It is cultivated in Kinabalu Park of Malaysia. It is very beautiful flower which has red spots on green petals which look very attractive. It takes a long time to cultivate them and only in the specific place. It is rare and expensive that is why it is given the name of Gold of Kinabalu. Its shape is very different, and most people have not seen it before. Its price is approximate $6000 each piece.

3.Shenzhen Nongke Orchid:

Top Three Most Expensive Flowers in the World
It is unique flower of the world which is made by hands of man for an experiment. It took almost 8 years to complete this flower and also observe its growth. It was sold for a high price because of its uniqueness and appearance as well. It also has very delicate taste. Its color is yellow and pink which looks very beautiful. Its price is round 1.68 million which is very expensive.

2.Juliet Rose:

World Top Three Most Expensive Flowers
This beautiful flower was first introduced in Chelsea flower show in 2006. This attractive flower stole the whole show with its look and beauty. It was created by David Austin in almost 15 years. This beautiful flower looks like a picture rather than a real flower. Its color is peach which looks very elegant and beautiful. Its price is almost $15.8 million.

1.Kadupul Flower:

Most Expensive Flower in the World
It is the most rare and precious flower in the world. It is unique as it cannot be picked without causing damage to it. This specific flower is like a cactus. It blooms at night and has very amazing smell. It has a short span of time for almost some hours. It is the only flower in the world which cannot be bought from anywhere. It is a priceless flower in the world. It has a white color which looks very elegant.

Sr.No. Names $
1 Kadupul Flower Priceless
2 Juliet Rose 15.8 Million
3 Shenzhen Nongke Orchid 1.68 Million
4 Gold of Kinabalu Orchid 6000
5 Saffron Crocus 1500
6 17th Century Tulip Bulb 5700
7 Gloriosa 10
8 Hydrangea 6.5
9 Lily of the Valley 50
10 Lisianthus 35
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