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Top 10 Most Expensive Computer Mouse in the World

Most Expensive Computer Mouse

With the passage of time, some innovative products have become the basic need of every person without which most of the people cannot imagine their life. A computer is one of the new technological products introduced in the market which is available in different forms like desktop and laptops as well. Computers are used for different purposes including entertainment and work projects. Computers consist of different elements which as a whole make computer and are Keyboard, mouse, CPU and web cam, etc. A mouse is used to move the cursor on the screen for different purposes and actions. The first mouse ever developed in the world was 1963 which was made from the wood and was enhanced with a single button only. There are large varieties of mouse available in the markets which are very luxurious as equipped with diamonds and sapphires etc. which are difficult to afford for everyone. Still some people prefer to use a mouse with the laptop for their convenience and comfort of the person using it.
The following are 10 top rated expensive computer mouse ever built in the world:

10. Crocodile Skin Gold Mouse Ferrari:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Computer Mouse in the WorldThe name of this mouse completely depicts its luxurious style because it is made from the most expensive material ever in the world which is the skin of crocodile. It is fully covered with the crocodile skin and is further enhanced with the blue diamonds and pure 18k gold. The price of this mouse is estimated to be $17,258. It was also designed and made by the MJ Art Studio which can be seen in its design. It is quite decent but luxurious mouse to be owned by the people with high living standards.

9. MJ Python Leather Mouse:

Top Ten Most Expensive Computer Mouse in the WorldHere comes another masterpiece which is designed by the MJ studios and this mouse is made and fully covered with the pure python leather which is considered even more than the value of crocodile skin in the world. To make it more attractive the roller ball in it is locked and enhanced with the 2 pure golden plates. MJ Python Leather Mouse is packed in the beautiful fur sable box to be presented perfectly. The price of this super luxurious mouse is estimated to be $17,840.

8. Gigabyte Bling-Bling GM-M7800S Wireless Mouse:

Top Ten Expensive Computer Mouse in the WorldIt was said that M7800S is the most attractive model of mouse ever launched in the world at the whopping price of $18,510. It is basically a wireless mouse and is fully gold plated from the sides buttons and center as well. It is beautifully enhanced with the precious Swarovski crystals. It has also a covering of leather which is stitched on the edges. It also has a laser tracking system in it which is quite reliable and easy to control it while using.

7. Gold Metal Sun Mouse:

Top 10 Most Expensive Computer Mouse in the WorldThe Gold Metal Sun Mouse Is basically the 9th edition of their mouse collection which is very beautiful and fully functional. The shape given to it is like a circular disc and its whole body is covered with pure gold. It is shinning mouse for the people fond of attractive and bright things. It is round shaped and does not look like a mouse because its shape is quite different. The price of this gold luxurious mouse is almost $19,720 which is almost $20,000 for a computer mouse.

6. Logitech Air 3D Laser Mouse:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Computer Mouse in the WorldThis Air Logitech 3D Mouse was developed by Logitech, which was sold at the whopping price of $24,180. It is the mouse which has a beautiful gold case, micro flash drive, a diamond ring to make this whole product as the best treasure for the working desk. It can take the luxury of working lifestyle to the next level because of its luxurious and extraordinary look. The high price of this mouse is totally worth it for the best performance and its luxurious look as well.

5. White Gold USB Mouse:

Top Five Most Expensive Computer Mouse in the WorldWhite Gold USB mouse is named as one of the coolest and costliest mouse at one time in the whole world. It is made from the pure 18 carat white gold which is studded with the precious and amazingly cut 59 diamonds on it. This mouse is available in mainly two designs among which one is diamond flower and other it scattered diamond. It can also be a customized by adding some name initials on it by diamonds. The price of this decent and elegant mouse for your working table is $26,730.

4. MJ Blue Sapphire Mouse:

Top 5 Most Expensive Computer Mouse in the WorldAgain here comes the beautiful mouse designed by the MJ Studios which is completely studded with the blue sapphires and is also enclosed in a gold frame. It is very luxurious product which was made in limited quantity, and a is packed in black gold box to enhance its luxurious look and present it perfectly. The price of this beautiful and expensive mouse is $27,940.

3. Black Diamond Logitech Mouse:

Top Three Most Expensive Computer Mouse in the WorldBlack Diamond is another creative and beautiful mouse designed by Logitech and its name is only explanatory for the people. It is basically a shinning item which was made in limited edition and is studded with the black diamonds. It is the best options for the technology lovers and the people with jewelry craze as well. It is a wireless mouse which has very beautiful and luxurious look when placed on the working table and enhance the look of the whole table.

2. MJ Luxury VIP Mouse:

Top 3 Most Expensive Computer Mouse in the WorldAgain here comes a masterpiece created by MJ Studios, which is made from white Austrian Strass and is fully studded with the diamonds. Its whole body is covered with the diamonds. It is considered as something which most of the millionaires in the world love to own for their working table. It was sold at the price of $34,480 which no one has expected in the market about a mouse with very high price.

1. The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse:

Most Expensive Computer Mouse in the WorldHere comes the most expensive computer mouse of the world which more looks like a gold brick which has a very high price. It is the mouse which has the total length of 104 mm and is equipped with the left, right buttons and scroll wheel as well. It can be connected to the Mac and PC as well. The price of this amazingly looking and most expensive mouse of the world is $36,835 which is difficult for most of the people to believe about its price.

Most Expensive Computer Mouse – List of Top Ten

Sr.No. Names Price
1 The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse $ 36835
2 MJ Luxury VIP Mouse $ 34480
3 Black Diamond Logitech Mouse $ 31840
4 MJ Blue Sapphire Mouse $ 27940
5 White Gold USB Mouse $ 26730
6 Logitech Air 3D Laser Mouse $ 24180
7 Gold Metal Sun Mouse $ 19720
8 Gigabyte Bling-Bling GM-M7800S Wireless Mouse $ 18510
9 MJ Python Leather Mouse $ 17840
10 Crocodile Skin Gold Mouse Ferrari $ 17258


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive computer mice in the world is given according to the prices of these mice in the market. Mouse is quite an important thing to be used with computers. All these mice are made with expensive materials which have raised their prices and given the label of luxury to them which can be added further luxury to the working table of the rich people who can easily afford it.