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List of Top 10 Most Expensive Computer Keyboards

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Computer Keyboards

With the passage of time, some innovative products have become the basic need of every person without which most of the people cannot imagine their life. A computer is one of the new technological products introduced in the market which is available in different forms like desktop and laptops as well. Computers are used for different purposes including entertainment and work projects. Computers consist of different elements which as a whole make computer and are Keyboard, mouse, CPU web cam, etc. A keyboard is a board which is connected as it is enhanced with all the alphabets etc. Used for typing anything on documents etc. There are different brands which are making computer products for the people and are available at different prices. Keyboards are also introduced to many innovative and beautiful ways which also launch some upgraded versions in the market. Nowadays almost everyone in the world owns their laptop for their personal use and is providing all types of information to the people for living luxurious lifestyle there.
The following are top 10 most expensive and best computer keyboards available in the market:

10. Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Computer KeyboardsKirameki Keyboard is the one which is made from the pure gold and was made by the Wazakura Studios of Japan and has the whole coating of the 100% gold leaf. It has a very glittery look which has depicted the real talent of its maker which was developed on the pattern of design from 800 AD. It is a fully functional keyboard which has 86 keys and also equipped with the USB port and connector cable as well. The price of this luxurious gold product is $360.

9. Comfort Keyboard:

Top Ten Most Expensive Computer KeyboardsAs the name of this keyboard shows that it is a very comfortable accessory to be used with the computer. It is separated into three different sections to make it adjustable according to the need of the person. As the left-handed person can separate the left part towards left and use it easily. It is very innovative kind of keyboard which also has a rest period indicator in it to take a break when it is required. The price of this amazing and comfortable product is $360. It is a unique and different keyboard to be attached to the computer.

8. Professional II Datahand:

Top Ten Expensive Computer KeyboardsProfessional II Datahand is the keyboard which comes from the sci-fi fantasy world and has very different design. It also has an adjustable feature in it according to the need and size of the person using it and the direction of their hand. It provides 4 different typing methods to the people. Its design is totally different which no one has ever seen in the world and has gained much attention from the people due to it. The estimated price of this amazing and unique product is $675.

7. Executive Keyboard, Maltron:

Top 10 Most Expensive Computer KeyboardsMaltron is the brand which is known for producing amazing and latest keyboards for the people to keep them comfortable during typing and to relax the hands, arms and even wrists. It is the new model introduced in the market made from pure stainless steel, Perspex and polycarbonate keys on it. It is the best choice for the people using a keyboard for the daily routine and to reduce the issues faced by the people by regularly using keyboards. The price of this comfortable product is $920.

6. Datamancer Custom Keyboard:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Computer KeyboardsDatamancer produces this keyboard basically on custom based features according to the needs and requirements of the people and is also enhanced with beautiful LED lights, brass frame and chrome keys. The charges of this keyboard are different according to the requirement of the people which starts from $1200 to $1500. It is very attractive and comfortable keyboard to be designed according to your own comfort zone which attracts people towards it because of its style.

5. Fingerworks Keyboard Touchstream:

Top Five Most Expensive Computer KeyboardsFingerworks is another keyboard which is very stylish and made according to the comfort of the user. The original value of this product is estimated to be $340 but due to its high demand and attractive look has increased its value to almost $1,500. It is not produced now in the market but some sellers sold it on eBay to meet the high demand of the people. Most of the people in the world have never seen this kind of keyboard ever because of its color scheme and stylish design.

4. 2000-IS-DT:

Top 5 Most Expensive Computer KeyboardsThis keyboard is named as one of the most durable and long lasting keyboard to be used in daily routine. It is best to be used in all types of environment which is harsh, dirty and wet as well. It is made from the pure stainless steel which has further protection in it. It also has a temperature range in it and is also a certified keyboard available in the market. The price of this product is estimated to be $2,200 which is very expensive but people who have to use it for long time can purchase it.

3. Optimus Maximus:

Top Three Most Expensive Computer KeyboardsOptimus Maximus is the keyboard which was designed by Art Lebedev Studio which is totally customized. It is made with a simple and elegant design which is also equipped with the LED lights. On the left side of this keyboard it allows the users to customize and change their keys on it. It also has buttons for all types of social websites which are facebook and twitter. It also has its own SD card of 32 MB for the storage. The price of this product is estimated to be $2,400.

2. Optimus Popularis:

Top 3 Most Expensive Computer KeyboardsOptimus Popular is the keyboard which was designed by Art. Lebedev Studio and every single key on this keyboard have an image on it. It is known for its symbols, layout and language which cover all the details. It provides high performance to the users especially the professionals and graphic artists to use it amazingly and comfortably. The price of this super professional computer product is almost $2,554 which is totally worth it for the price paid for it because of its super performance.

1. Happy Hacking Keyboard HP Japan:

Most Expensive Computer KeyboardHappy Hacking Keyboard is the one which is designed by the PFU of Japan. It has complete covering of the Urushi Lacquer. an It is coated with different layers by the special brush and also combined with the gold dust. The price of this amazing and best computing product is estimated to be $4,440. It is made with bright red color for the attraction of the people.

Most Expensive Computer Keyboards – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Happy Hacking Key board HP Japan $ 4440
2 Optimus Popularis $ 2554
3 Optimus Maximus $ 2400
4 2000-IS-DT $ 2200
5 Fingerworks Key board Touchstream $ 1500
6 Data Mancer Custom Key board $ 1200
7 Executive Key board, Maltron $ 920
8 Professional II Datahand $ 675
9 Comfort Key board $ 360
10 Kirameki Pure Gold Key board $ 360


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive keyboards in the world are given according to the price of these keyboards. Keyboards are considered as one of the most important parts of computers. All these keyboards are best in their way and come with attractive designs for the attraction of the users.