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Martini on the Rock, New York

Today you will come to know about the top 10 most expensive cocktail of the world. You know that with the invention of most recent advancements in the food industry has changed the essence of people. People now are prepared to attempt distinctive food and have some exceptional involvement in their life. Cocktails are continuously connected with the extravagances as they are extremely expensive due to various expensive fixings utilized as a part of them. Cocktails are made by blending various liquids and food things to make something other than what’s expected and a top-notch too into a single glass. It was mainly presented in this world after the eighteenth century. These mixed drinks are delectable as well as extremely alluring and also extraordinary hues in it improve its magnificence which advances the general people. Individuals need to pay much sum for basic mixed drink glasses, yet some are exceptionally costly and can’t be moderate for everybody. A few people try to attempt different sustenance things to build up their taste, and a few mixed drinks are the claim to fame of a few nations which are just accessible there. In this article, we will particularly discuss top 10 most expensive cocktails of the world
The following are most expensive cocktails in the world:

10. Kentucky Derby Mint Julep, KY:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Cocktails in the WorldThis mint julep is the traditional cocktail at Churchill Downs from many years. It is very colorful and served in Tiffany & Co silver glass with some mixed mint and sugar which is imported from South Pacific which makes it more different and expensive as well. It is also filled with ice which is obtained from Arctic Circle. As whole ingredients are imported this makes this drink more expensive. The presentation of this cocktail is very luxurious and stylish as well. The price of this delicious cocktail is almost $1,000.

9. Original Mai Tai- Merchant Hotel:

World Top Ten Most Expensive Cocktails The meaning of this dish is basically good. It is very expensive and good drink which is basically served in Merchant Hotel. It was basically started in 1944 using this name which is very different cocktail from other available in the world. It is made with very different ingredients like Orange Curacao, candy syrup, fresh lime juice which is very different combination. It is mainly famous with the name out of this world and everyone tries this delicious drink. Its presentation is very impressive and attractive as well. The price of this tasty drink is almost $1,270.

8. Platinum Passion-New York:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Cocktails in the WorldIt is very famous drink of USA and also considered as the most expensive cocktail of New York. It is made with many different ingredients like Champagne, syrup, honey, berries and brown sugar as well. The combination of ingredients seems to be very interesting and delicious as well. This drink is mainly served in frosted champagne and further decorated with an orchard on the top which makes it more appealing and colorful. The price of this signature cocktail from New York is almost $1,500 which is much money to spend on a single glass of cocktail.

7. Ritz- Paris Sidecar- France:

Top 10 Expensive Cocktails in the WorldThe hotel Ritz is very famous hotel of Paris which is famous for their exclusive dishes and drinks as well. It is also very famous for their cocktails which are their most expensive products in food. Their cocktails are perfect blend of Cointreau and lemon juice and with further combined with champagne. It is still served in small bottle which is being used from World War II. The color of this cocktail is very appealing. The price of this yummy cocktail is almost $1,670.

6. Sapphire Martini, Connecticut:

World Top 10 Most Expensive CocktailsIt is the most famous drink of Resort casino and their signature drink as well since 2006. The color of this drink is blue which is made with many different ingredients like Dyed blue, blue sugar, Sapphire gin, vermouth and blue sugar is used on the rim of the glass to make its look more attractive and beautiful. When it started its price was $24 but now reached to $3,000 because of its popularity and taste as hotel was also serving sapphire earrings with each glass. The price of this blue cocktail is almost $3,000.

5. Macallan Single Malt Whiskey, Dubai:

Top Five Most Expensive Cocktails in the WorldMacallan is a name which is derived from gaelic word which means fertile. It is very unique and made only in very limited quantity as only 420 bottles of this cocktail were ever made which was served first in Sky view bar of Dubai and was considered as the 5th most expensive drink of Dubai which was the reason of its popularity. It was served in very beautiful gold plated glass and the price of this luxurious cocktail is almost $7,400 which is very expensive for a single drink.

4. Diamond Cocktail, London:

Top 5 Most Expensive Cocktails in the WorldThis cocktail is very famous because of its different taste and flavors which are mainly used at the bottom of the glass. In this drink, very expensive ingredient mixture Cognaces is used which cost about $1000 each bottle. In this different things like sugar cube, champagne, bitter are used to make it more different taste. The price of this drink varies due to the size of the drink and gems used at the bottom. The most appealing feature of this drink is that buyer has the chance to select the gem for their drink. The price of this drink is almost $4,350.

3. Martini on the Rock, New York:

Top Three Most Expensive Cocktails in the WorldThis expensive drink is served in famous hotel of New York called Algonquin hotel. It is the most luxurious drink and made on order as customers have to place order at least 72 hours before as it takes time to prepare it. It also has precious diamond used in the drink which makes it more different and expensive as well. It is mainly used on some special events like proposals. The preparation of this drink takes long time and efforts. The diamond used in this drink can also be sold later after drinking it. The price of this drink is almost $10,000.

2. Ono Champagne Cocktail, Las Vegas:

Top 3 Expensive Cocktails in the WorldThis is very expensive drink because it is full of expensive and precious ingredients used in it. The glass in which it is served is made up of precious jewels which also has 18K gold chain around the glass. In this drink, most expensive champagne in the world is used which makes it more unique and famous as well. In this drink fresh orange juice, ice cubes, rose nectar and apricot are used. The price of this drink is almost $10,000 which is very expensive for a single glass of drink.

1. Diamonds are Forever, Japan:

Most Expensive Cocktail in the WorldThe most famous hotel of Japan is Ritz- Carlton for which people think that sky is the limit for it. This hotel serves the most expensive drink in the world and is famous for it. It is made up of perfect blend of ingredients like 1K diamond; vodka and lime twist as well. Till now only 2 glasses of this drink are sold in this hotel. This drink is still the most expensive drink in the world and Japan as well. The price of this most expensive cocktail is almost $22,600.

List of Most Expensive Cocktails in the World:

Sr.No. Names Cost
1 Diamonds are Forever- Ritz-Carlton, Japan $ 22,600
2 Ono Champagne Cocktail, Las Vegas $ 10,000
3 Martini on the Rock, New York $ 10,000
4 Diamond Cocktail, London $ 4,350
5 Macallan Single Malt Whiskey, Dubai $ 7,400
6 Sapphire Martini, Connecticut $ 3,000
7 Ritz-Paris Sidecar-France $ 1,670
8 Platinum Passion- New York $ 1,500
9 Original Mai Tai- Merchant Hotel $ 1,270
10 Kentucky Derby Mint Julep, KY $ 1,000
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