Expensive Celebrity Addictions

Here you will find an information of top 10 most expensive celebrity addictions in the world. We all know that celebrities are famous all over the world. All celebrities are more known because of their work and performances in different films and shows as well. All celebrities are living life at very high standards and luxuries which make them more style and fashion icon for their fans. Almost all celebrities have some addiction that is harmful to them and affecting their health as well. The main difference between the celebs and common people is that celebs are indulged in these kinds of addictions that are not good for them. Addictions are not only like smoking and drinking, but some other addictions are common among like shoes, cars, and many other things. Some celebrities are involved in bad addictions like drugs and gambling, etc, which are more harmful than these. These days it was in new that Justin Bieber spent almost 1million every month only on dates, toys and other things like that. Some celebs are facing addictions that are ruining them like plastic surgery that is not good for them and ruining their look as well.
The following are top 10 most expensive celebrity addictions in the world:

10. Rihanna- Hair:

Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Addictions in the WorldRihanna is very famous all over the world because of her changing hairstyle. She is always changing her hair color like brown, red, black, blonde and many others. She is not only changing colors but also hairstyles as well which are changed according to the latest style and trends like she has spikes, short hair and many more. All these efforts are very expensive as they cost money as well. It was estimated that in only 10 months she changed her hair color almost 13 times and paid a large amount on them. Her hair stylish is Stephen and charges about $3300 each day for her services. She spends almost $1 million only on her hair every year.

9. Celine Dion –Shoes:

List of Top ten Most Expensive Celebrity Addictions in the WorldShe is a very famous singer and crazy for shoes. She is fond to collect expensive shoes in her life and always in search of new designs by different brands. She claimed that she owned about 3000 pair of shoes which shows her craze. Her show guru is Mariah Carey whose collection is very expensive, and she owns her 1000 pairs whose value is almost $1 million.  She has a special electronic rack for the organization of her shoes. She spends about $3 million every year on shoes.

8. Joan Rivers- Plastic Surgery:

Top Ten Most Luxurios Celebrity Addictions in the WorldShe wanted to stop the aging effect on her face through plastic surgeries. She is very famous actress, comedian and fashion personality as well. She has gone through almost 700 surgeries that are shocking for everyone. She also admitted in an interview that she goes for surgery on every weekend. Her daughter is not happy with these surgeries as it is ruining her whole look rather make her look young. She spends almost $3 million on surgeries in every year, as we all know that plastic surgeries are very expensive.

7. Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise- Suri Fashion:

World Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Addictions in the WorldAfter the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the main heroine was Suri Cruise, who was their daughter. Tom Cruise once said that he spends almost $400,000 on her daughter things like her nannies, toys, education and traveling expenses as well. She is already wearing the entire major designer in her life which is almost very expensive. She has huge expensive shoes collection, and its worth is almost $150,000. While on designer clothes she spends almost $3 to $8 million every year. She is new fashion icon and trend-setter in the world.

6. Charles Barkley- Gambling:

Top 10 Expensive Celebrity Addictions in the WorldPeople will be shocked to see that gambling is also an addiction. Charles Barkley is a very good example of those people that have those addictions. He was NBA star and now also the commentator for basketball matches in ESPN. It is estimated that he used to spend almost $10 million. He thinks it is a way of fun and entertainment. He does not find it a big problem as he can afford it. But still he is working to control this bad habit to spend his money like this. He spends almost $10 million each year on gambling.

5. Scott Storch- Cocaine:

Top Five Most Expensive Celebrity Addictions in the WorldHe is a very famous musician who is famous all over the world because of his hip hop music. He was considered as the best producer of a music industry in about 2000 and has given many big hit albums to the world. He also purchased a yacht, 20 expensive cars and also party a lot with his friends. It was estimated that he spent almost $30 million only in 6 months on cocaine. He was later arrested in 2009 because of some property taxes. But then he was released and now wanted to come back in this industry.

4. Jay Leno- Cars:

Top 5 Most Luxurious Celebrity Addictions in the WorldHe is famous all over the world because of his most expensive and luxurious car collection. He is not only known as the celebrities but in the whole world as well. He has a very large garage in which he has more than 200 cars in it. All cars are different from each other and expensive as well, and their value is almost $50 million. He not only keeps them but he drives all these cars. He is regularly driving a very expensive car called Lamborghini Countach. He spends almost $50 million every year only on cars.

3. Ralph Lauren- Cars:

Top Three Most Expensive Celebrity Addictions in the WorldAgain here comes a car lover. Ralph Lauren is a very famous name in the whole world because of his clothing brand. He also made a documentary on his cars in which he showed the world his 29 favorite cars that were very expensive and one car was very precious which has only two cars in the whole world. He also won the show of world prestigious car show by his collection. It was estimated that he spent almost more than $50 million each year only on cars.

2. Allen Iverson- Gambling & Drinking:

Top 3 Expensive Celebrity Addictions in the WorldHe is very famous and successful basketball player in the world. He has been playing for this game for almost 14 years. He was also highest paid athlete in the world which means he is earning more than all players in the world. He uses this money for drinking, gambling and many other activities as well. As he has earned much money from his game, and he is spending this money on all bad activities that should be controlled. He spends almost $200 million on these activities every year which is a very large amount to spend every year.

1. Michael Jackson- Drugs, Plastic surgery, shopping:

Most Expensive Celebrity Addiction in the WorldEveryone in this world knows about him. He was a very Pop star and also known as king of pop. He has many addictions as described above he was fond of plastic surgeries that were completely seen on his face. Then comes shopping he was a shopping addict and wanted to buy everything from a famous designer. He was also addicted drugs that was also the main reason for his death. He spends an almost unlimited amount of his addictions.

Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Addictions:

Sr.No. Names Every Year $ Dollar Expenses
1 Michael Jackson – Drugs, plastic Heavy Amount
2 surgery, shopping 200 Million
3 Allen Iverson –Gambling & Drinking 50 Million
4 Ralph Lauren-Cars 50 Million
5 Jay Leno- Cars 30 Million
6 Scott Storch- Cocaine 10 Million
7 Charles Barkley-Gambling 8 Million
8 Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise- Suri`s Fashion 3 Million
9 Joan Rivers-Plastic Surgery Celine Dion-Shoes 3 Million
10 Rihanna-Hair 1 Million


We conclude that celebrities are very famous all over the world, and their fans are living in the whole world. Their fans are always in search of information about them and read more about them. All these celebrities are famous all over the world because of their work, and their addictions are also explained above. All these have some addictions in their lives on which they spend more of their money which should be controlled to live a happy life.

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