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Top Ten Most Expensive Antique Weapons in the World

Top Ten Most Expensive Antique Weapons in the World

These weapons are not only expensive but also unique and antique. Their uniqueness lies in the raw material that is used in the preparation of these weapons. These are antique pieces of weapons because most of these weapons are made almost hundred years ago. These weapons are in the possession of world famous personalities like Simon Bolivar, Texas Ranger Sam Wilson, etc. These weapons were also made in the honour of different presidents. Designers have worked with dedication to make these antique pieces of arms. These top rated weapons are sold in auctions for high prices. People who are interested in having these best antique weapons are ready to spend millions and billions to get their possession. These most expensive weapons are used by famous rich personalities during hunting. So, to look more exotic and stylish during hunting these antique weapons are used. By reading this article, you will come to know that these antique weapons had been using during wars by Napoleon and Shah Jahan, etc. This feature has made these weapons more expensive and antique among people that during the auction of these weapons most of the people come to have a look at these ancient weapons. These are stylish and attractive pieces of art. These are made on individual demand of owners and have no other copies. Here is the list of most expensive and antique weapons ever sold in the world.

10. President Roosevelt’s Gold Inlaid Fox Gun

top ten revolversIt was made in 1908 for President Roosevelt. This Gold Inlaid Fox gun was custom made especially for President Roosevelt. In 1909, it was handed over to the president. He used to take this gun on his hunting trips as it became his favourite hunting gun. He was very fond of hunting and made many memorable hunting trips with this shotgun like the accidental creation of Teddy Bear. In October 2010, James D Julia auction sold this gun with the price of $862500. It is the first most expensive shotgun that is sold at an auction.

09. A Model 1847 Colt Whitneyville- Walker Revolver

most expensive guns in the worldThis was the world most powerful handgun of its times 1847. It is now owned by Texas Ranger Sam Wilson who bought this revolver from James D Julia auction at the price of 920000 dollars. Samuel Colt admired this revolver in these words “It would take a Texas to shoot it”. It has an attractive appearance a large and high weighted. It looks too dangerous to hold that adds more beauty to this antique weapon. For the hundred years from 1847 to 1950s it remained as the most powerful handgun after then 44 magnums became the most powerful handgun.

08.  A Cased Colt Texas Paterson Revolver

most expensive and antique weapons ever sold in the worldIt is the first revolver that was introduced by Samuel Colt. It is still in good condition and was sold in Greg Martin Auction. It was auctioned at the price of $977500 in September 2011. This is mode 5 Texas Paterson Revolver, and it is an antique piece as first revolver creation of Samuel Colt. Samuel Colt was a great weapon designer and producer of old times. He introduced finest guns to the world.

07. A Rare Gold-Inlaid Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver

most expensive and antique weaponsThis pocket pistol is also made by Samuel Colt. He entered this gun in 1853. This revolver has an incredible design and looks so much stylish. It has pure gold on it that is also a piece of art of that time. Famous designer Gustave Young engraved beautiful art on it. Its beauty is mostly cited to Gustave Young, who engraved amazingly. This original gold inland revolver, c was sold at Sotheby’s auction in 21st January 2012. It was sold for 1.1 million dollars at auction.

06. General Grant’s Presentation Sword

most expensive weaponsThis sword was awarded to famous US General Ulysses S Grant for his high achievements in war. Grant had also been the president of US. This sword was presented to him by the citizens of Kentucky in 1864. They awarded him this sword when he was promoted to the rank of General-in –Chief of US Army. He was a brave officer who later became the president of United States. In June 2006, it is sold for 1.6 million dollars in Heritage auction. Grant was a Civil War General and achieved much more for United stated that’s why he was awarded by this sword that is now known as the historical weapon in the world.

05. General Simon Bolivar’s Boutet Flintlock Pistol

most expensive and antique weapons ever sold in the worldThis pistol was owned by famous Liberator Simon Bolivar, who was the leader of South America’s independence movement. He fought to get freedom from Spain. He was a great warrior, so his pistol is an antique piece of weapons. His pistol was auctioned in Christie’s in New York. This pistol has one particular thing in it, and that is its owner The Liberator Simon Bolivar. This pistol has a value of 1.76 million dollars. This pistol was made by famous gun maker Nicolas- Noel Boutet. He was a French gun maker who made this pistol especially for Simon Bolivar in 1800’s.

04. General George Washington’s Flintlock Pistol

top rated weaponsMarques de Lafayette owned this flintlock pistol. Marques de Lafayette was a military officer who has fought many revolutionary wars for America. He was first to own this gun. After Lafayette, this pistol remained in the possession of President Andrew Jackson. These two great personalities made this pistol historic in the world. Its cost is also high because of these two great leaders. In January 2002, it was sold in Christie’s New York. It was sold at the price of 1.96 million dollars that made it 4th most expensive weapon in the world.

03. Mughal Emperor Shah Jaha’s Personal Dagger

expensive most weapons in the worldMughal Emperors gave the world with remarkable pieces of art. They are famous for their unique and antique pieces of art like Forts and Taj Mahal etc. This personal dagger was in the possession of Mughal emperor Shah Jaha. He used this knife during wars, and it was sold in 2008 for 3m dollars at Bonhams.

02. Chinese Jade Hilted Sword, 18th Century

expensive most guns and weaponsChinese jade Hilted Swords are famous worldwide. This sword is sold in 2006 for 5.93 million dollars. There are also many games with the name of this sword. It was sold at Sotheby’s auction.

01. Napoleon’s Gold- Encrusted Sword

Most Expensive Antique WeaponsEveryone knows about Napoleon, a great warrior of the world. He made past victories in wars and won many battles. Napoleon this sword is on the top of the list. This sword is made of gold and sold for 6.5 million dollars. It was marketed in June 2007 at Osenat Auction. This sword was used by Napoleon in 1800 in the war of Marengo. In this war, he forced Australians to run away from Italy.

Most Expensive Antique Weapons – Top Rated

Sr No. Name Price $
1 Napoleon’s Gold- Encrusted Sword 6.5 million dollars
2 Chinese Jade Hilted Sword, 18th Century 5.93 million dollars
3 Mughal Emperor Shah Jaha’s Personal Dagger 5.93 million dollars
4 General George Washington’s Flintlock Pistol 1.96 million dollars
5 General Simon Bolivar’s Boutet Flintlock Pistol 1.76 million dollars
6 General Grant’s Presentation Sword 1.6 million dollars
7 A Rare Gold-Inlaid Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver 1.1 million dollars
8 A Cased Colt Texas Paterson Revolver $977500 million dollars
9 A Model 1847 Colt Whitneyville- Walker Revolver 920000 million dollars
10 President Roosevelt’s Gold Inlaid Fox Gun $862500 million dollars


This article has listed world most expensive and unique weapons. These weapons are historically significant because these are owned by famous emperors and militants. These are expensive just because of their owners who made history through these weapons like Napoleon and The Liberator etc. Prices of these weapons are still increasing years by years as these are presented in auctions. Still people loved to own these weapons for the sake of popularity. But only rich ones can afford these weapons. This article will also tell you about the real owners of these best antique weapons.