Expensive and Biggest Heists

Heist means the robbery from any institution which includes different banks or museums in which there is a large haul of loot. Many people all around the world walk around in their whole lifetime and have earned almost millions of dollars from it. All these people are considered as sane and are not carrying their thoughts into actions which they get from their inspiration. There are different men and women in the world for which the reason they have gone for it. Many people are found involved in it among which some of them were caught while few managed to escape from it even with their cash as well. These people are much more intelligent than people think about them, and it is very easy for them to escape from police and even high intelligence agencies. All these people have earned a lot from all these activities and have marked the news because of those activities and news which have shocked the people to a big extent.

10. Harry Winston:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Heists in the WorldIt is the story of December 2008 on which 4 armed men seems like women entered Harry Winston and had stolen $108 million which has mainly jewelry. They have cleaned the whole place and the next day it was estimated that the stock fell by 10% which has shocked the world. At earlier years, there was another robbery and the thieves managed to escape with the amount of 10 million Euros. The security guards at that place were named as the main target of thieves.

9. Antwerp Diamond Center:

Top Ten Most Expensive Heists in the WorldOn February 2003 it is estimated that almost more than $100 million were stolen from the Antwerp diamond center. It was major losses which were carried by the thieves from it. They still managed to escape and carried the whole money in 123 deposit boxes. The leader of that thief group was Leonardo Notabartolo, who is involved in this stealing business for more than 30 years and some other 4 people involved in it as well.

8. United California Bank Robbery:

Most Expensive and Biggest HeistsIn March 1972 it is estimated that almost more than $30 million were stolen from the United California Bank and was occurred in 1972 earlier as well which has stolen amount of $100 million. It is very large heist occurred ever there and was conducted by 7 men in the bank and did the big robbery. The leader of this group was called Amil Dinsio which was caught by the FBI group.

7. Schiphol Airport:

Top 10 Most Expensive Heists in the WorldSome people of different groups think that airport is the best place for activities like Heist but is has a large number of security. A group of Bandits decided to attack the airport and steal more than $108 million from the airport on February 2005. The execution of this action was conducted with proper planning, and few men were arrested there as well by the police, and it was investigated that it was a job of some inside person.

6. British Bank of the Middle East:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Heists in the WorldIt is the story of 1970 when a terrorist group has attacked the British Bank by the men called Yasser Arafat and has stolen almost $100 million. The things stolen by them include currency, jewelry, and gold and stock as well. They managed to get to the bank by making a hole with the blast near its building. But they were later caught by the police and few stocks were returned to the owners, but all items were not recovered by the police.

5. Knightsbridge Security Deposit:

Top Five Most Expensive Heists in the WorldNo one has ever imagined the heist of $175 million and few people consider it a fairy tale and the men behind it was named Valerio Viccei, and this incident happened on 12 July in 1987 in the UK. It was not noticed by the police even after the robbery was ended. They have a large number of time to get into it and get out of the building as well. Then he was sent to jail for 22 years and died in 2000 in the gunfight with the police in jail.

4. Baghdad Bank:

Most Expensive and Biggest HeistsOn 12 July 2007, it is one of the most expensive heists happened of all times at the Baghdad bank which has robbery of $300 million which was stolen there. The three guards were watching all this activity, and it is very unclear with such a big amount of money. No one has ever thought of the justice for this crime, and no money was ever recovered from there which has shocked the whole world.

3. Boston Museum:

Top Three Most Expensive Heists in the WorldTwo men were dressed in police uniform and were talked to the Boston Museum on 18 March 1990 and walked with the large amount of $300 million. They managed to convince two security guards as they were called in the museum regarding some emergency situation and had cleaned everything from all the floors. They have stolen big 12 pieces of art which have very high value as no one has ever expected.

2. City Bonds:

Top 3 Most Expensive Heists in the WorldJohn Goddard was caught with the briefcase with the amount of $292 million of bonds. It happened on 2 may 1990 in London by the person named Keith Cheeseman and was involved in this act and was arrested because of these crimes for 7 years. All the bounds were found from there except the 2 which named it as most expensive heists of all time which were conducted throughout the whole year.

1.Central Bank of Iraq:

Most Expensive Heist in the WorldIt is the story of Central Bank of Iraq on 18 March, 2003 which has faced the heist of $1 billion by the Saddam Hussein of this bank. The entire operation there took almost 5 hours to its completion and was later killed by the US troops, and almost $350 million was recovered from there which is still named as the biggest loss of all times.

Most Expensive and Biggest Heists – in┬áHistory

Sr.No. Name Heist
1 Central Bank of Iraq $ 350 Million
2 City Bonds $ 292 Million
3 Boston Museum $ 300 Million
4 Baghdad Bank $ 300 Million
5 Knightsbridge Security Deposit $ 175 Million
6 British Bank of the Middle East $ 100 Million
7 Schiphol Airport $ 108 Million
8 United California Bank Robbery $ 100 Million
9 Antwerp Diamond Center $ 100 Million
10 Harry Winston $ 108 Million
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