Shoes are worn by every person, but the style of shoes is different for people with different needs. These are mostly used by the players and athletes to remain comfortable and run easily. Mostly basketball players used sneakers for their game and made by Air Jordan, which is considered as the best shoes. This is the brand which has the strong historical background related to basketball culture. Their first model was launched in the world in 1998 and became the highest quality shoes providing the best performance to the legends. Their shoes are little expensive now, but players are willing to purchase them. Their first model was launched at the price of $200 but with the increasing demand in the market, its price is much high now. Their latest sneakers are made with the latest technology and much innovation to cope with the latest needs and challenges so that completely justifies their high price. Almost all famous and big basketball players are seen wearing their shoes which made these popular all around the world.

The following are top 10 best sneakers which are ever sold at very high prices in the world:

10.  Air Jordan III OG:

beautiful shoes

The first pair of sneakers launched by Jordan was enhanced with Jumpman Logo, and this specific model was launched on the market in 1988. It was the only model of sneakers which has visible air unit at its heel and was the highest sold product in the market. This pair was worn by the legendary player called Dominique Wilkins which improved his performance and made him most defensive player of the year. The price of this pair is $4,500.

9. Air Jordan VI (1992 Olympics):

top rated shoes

Jordan is the brand which is known for its rare style and especially made for the best athletes of the world. This special edition VI was introduced in 1992 especially for the Olympics edition which was sold at the high price of $7,200 and has set many records for improving the performances of different players. Its design was very attractive as it was made with the color combination of white and red which are very dark.

8. Air Jordan V (SE):

stunning sneakersIt is the model which was released in 1990, and its whole design was inspired from the World War II fighter planes. It also has special sported lace locks on it and was the best sneakers to perform perfectly on basketball matches. It was especially designed for Jordan and was a highly expensive shoes which was available at the price of $10,000, but real players wanted to have them to improve their performance.

7. Air Jordan 11 Blackout:

durable and expensive shoes

The model is one of the most famous models made by this brand which is very stylish and best in their field. It was very rare in the market because the only limited quantity was manufactured to increase its demand in the market. Its single pair was sold on eBay at the price of $11,000 by the real sneaker lovers. It was also displayed in the special box at different basketball matches to increase their awareness among different players. It was made in pure full black colors.

6. Air Jordan 10 OVO:

air jordan shoes

10 OVO was very special and rare pair of sneakers launched in the market which was considered as the best symbol of their luxurious shoes. It was also given as a gift to the fan at the known Toronto Raptors, and that fan has put them on sale and was sold at the whopping price of $20,000 which shows how precious these shoes were. The color of this pair was fully white and special because of the tag of this brand.

5. Air Jordan 1 (1985 ASG):

lovely and attractive shoes

This 1 is quite a valuable piece because of its history as this pair features an autograph by the best player Jordan in 1985 which has enhanced its price much higher. It was loved by the whole world because of its style. The price of this pair was estimated to be $21,780 which is not affordable for everyone. This pair was made with the amazing and dark combinations of colors like white, red and further black laces which have made it perfect touch as a whole. It is purely a style statement for the perfect basketball players.

4. Air Jordan 1 (Black & Gold):

best ever sneakers

It was a very famous and has gained the huge fan following from the people and was again re-released after many years of its release. It was made in the very limited number and the colors used in it were gold and black color as the previous model launched in 1985 have the same colors. Only 12 pairs of these sneakers were manufactured by this brand and were sold at the high price of $25,000 which was unbelievable for most of the people.

3. Air Jordan 2 OG:

attractive sneakers

2 OG is not much famous among the basketball fans an d other people, but the real players know their value. Their single pair was sold on eBay at the whopping price of $31,000. This brand has 28 years old history of making sneakers for the people, and this pair was showcased in the glass case to attract people towards it, and it has been given a must place if there was a sports museum. The color schemes used in these sneakers are red and white.

2. Air Jordan 12 OVO:

world shoes

Jordan 12 OVO is the pair of sneakers which has a strong historical background. It was also thrown to a lady at the Drake`s Extravaganza night and then after that those sneakers were placed for selling purpose and grabbed the price of $100,000 which is amazing. The color combination of these sneakers is amazing as white and gold which looks very beautiful and attractive for the players as they have millions of fans around the world which follow their style.

1. Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game):

Most Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers

Jordan 12 is the pair of sneakers which was launched for NBA finals in 1997. It provided many big victories to the players in that series and proved that performance of these sneakers is amazing. It is named as the most expensive basketball shoes in the world ever sold because they were sold at the highest price of $104,000. It was made with the latest technology to provide best comfort to the players and with the color combination of black and red.

Most Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers Ever Sold

Sr No. Name prices
1 Jordan 12 (Flu Game) 104,000$
2 Jordan 12 OVO 100,000$
3 Jordan 2 OG 31,000$
4 Jordan 1 (Black & Gold) 25,000$f
5 Jordan 1 (1985 ASG) 21,780$
6 Jordan 10 OVO 20,000$
7 Jordan 11 Blackout 11,000$
8 Jordan V (SE) 10,000$
9 Jordan VI (1992 Olympics) 7,200$
10 Jordan III OG 4,500$


The above ranking of top rated sneakers is given according to the price of these sneakers. Sneakers are loved by the normal people and players of different games as well. It is the brand which is known for producing best sneakers in the world but is very expensive which are not affordable for all people.