Most Beautiful Women with Brown Hair

It is said that woman is the best creature of God which is ruling the whole world because of their beauty and attractive looks. There is something which these beautiful ladies have except good looks. These beauties are a perfect combination of class, talent, great voice, intelligence and many other features of these beauties. These ladies have brown hair which looks amazing on their face and compliment them. Most of the men in the world prefer blonde ladies and also wanted to marry them. These beautiful ladies are ruling the world by their beauty and especially hair which can easily impress everyone. Some ladies prefer to dye their hair with different colors to change their whole look and to look different. No person in this world can live without admiring the beauty of these ladies. All these ladies are also quite famous in the world of entertainment because of their work as all of them are almost actresses or celebrity.
The following are top 10 most beautiful and hottest ladies in Hollywood:

10. Angelina Jolie:

List of Top Ten Most Beautiful Women with Brown HairAngelina Jolie is considered as the most beautiful women in the whole world and not only beautiful but hot as well. Angelina Jolie is the actress who has won Oscar awards especially for her title role in the Lara Croft series of the biggest hit movies. She is also famous because of her charity work done internationally especially her efforts done for refugees. She has also adopted many babies from different nations as her adopted babies. She is also included in the list of most hottest actresses in Hollywood because of her natural and exceptional beauty looks.

9. Emma Stone:

Top Ten Most Beautiful Women with Brown HairEmma Stone is the actress who started working in this field when she was a child, and she did her debut on stage in the famous production of Kenneth Grahame`s movie called The Wind in the Willows. She also appeared in many other production houses in her teenage till at the age of 15. She was also part of the best cast of TV series called Drive and also made her debut in the comedy film called Superbad which was released in 2007.

8. Charlize Theron:

Top Ten Beautiful Women with Brown HairCharlize Theron is one of the famous hottest Hollywood actresses and is quite known for her acting skills. She is the actress that belongs from South Africa and is a model as well. She was born in 1975 but looks younger than her age. She was named as the first actress of South African to win an Oscar award for her film called Monster. Her some other famous movies include The Italian Job, The Devils Advocate, and Mighty Joe Young.

7. Olivia Wilde:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women with Brown HairOlivia Wilde is a quite popular fashion model and actress which is also named as the hottest actresses of Hollywood. She also appeared in many famous movies and television shows which became the reason of her popularity. She was also named as the sexiest celebrity in 2010 by PETA. Some of her famous movies are Tron Legacy and In Time and the change-up and many others. She is much attractive white beauty and chose her last name from the famous author Oscar Wilde and attached Wilde with her name.

6. Jessica Alba:

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Women with Brown HairJessica Alba is the actress who was born in California and is named as not only hottest actress and model of film and television. She started her television career and movie at the age of 13 in the Secret World of Alex Mack and Camp Nowhere. She was also included in the list of hottest actresses of Hollywood in many magazines. She also appeared in a famous television show called Dark Angel. Some of her famous movies are Sin City, Machete and Fantastic Four, etc.

5. Scarlett Johansson:

Top Five Most Beautiful Women with Brown HairScarlett Johansson is not only an actress but singer and model as well. Scarlett has a huge fan following of boys. Her age is only 27 years old and is named as the hottest actresses in Hollywood. She is also named as the hottest actress of Hollywood by many magazines. Some of her famous movies include The Iron Man, The Avengers, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and the prestige, etc. She is a very beautiful actress, and her modeling is also loved by everyone.

4. Megan Fox:

Top 5 Most Beautiful Women with Brown HairMegan Fox is the actress who started her entertainment career in 2001. She got much fame in her whole career because of her performance in the film called The Transformers and was considered as the hottest one in the world of Hollywood. Some of her famous movies include Transformers 2, Jennifer`s Body and some others. Megan Fox is the actress who has become famous in some recent years.

3. Mila Kunis:

Top Three Most Beautiful Women with Brown HairMila Kunis is the talented actress who belongs to Ukraine and from a Jewish family. She is only 29 years old and named as the hottest actress in many magazine and media channels. Some of her famous movies include Friends with Benefits, Black Swan, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Her career was on the continuous rise in the whole 2012 for her several hit films. She is very bold actress in her dressing sense.

2. Natalie Portman:

Top 3 Most Beautiful Women with Brown HairNatalie Portman is the model and actress who has dual citizenship in Israel and America. She is also named as one of most beautiful women in the world. She also won an Oscar award for her movie in 2011 called Black Swan. She has a much successful career which is on a continuous rise. Her famous and hit movies include Thor, No Strings Attached, V for Vendetta. She is also named as hottest actress in many publication lists.

1. Marion Cotillard:

Most Beautiful Women with Brown HairMarion Cotillard is the best hot actress of Hollywood. She is a French actress who has become much famous in Hollywood. She is now the best and most beautiful actress of this whole generation. She has done many successful and big movies which include Inception, Midnight in Paris and Public Enemies. She has been recently seen in the much-known movie called The Dark Knight Rises. She also received an award for a French movie.

Most Beautiful Women with Brown Hair – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names DOB Height
1 Marion Cotillard 30 September 1975 1.69 (M)
2 Natalie Portman 9 June 1981 1.6 (M)
3 Mila Kunis 14 August 1983 1.63 (M)
4 Megan Fox 16 May 1986 1.63 (M)
5 Scarlett Johansson 22 November 1984 1.6 (M)
6 Jessica Alba 28 April 1981 1.69 (M)
7 Olivia Wilde 10 March 1984 1.71 (M)
8 Charlize Theron 7 August 1975 1.77 (M)
9 Emma Stone 6 November 1988 1.68 (M)
10 Angelina Jolie 4 June 1975 1.69 (M)


The above ranking of top 10 hottest actresses of Hollywood which has brown hair in the whole world is given according to their hair and popularity. All these ladies are very beautiful and have marked their name in their field and have millions of fans all over the world. Brown hair is the symbol of foreign countries which most of their ladies have, and the whole world is a big fan of their hair.

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