Beautiful Female Characters In Games

There are different types of entertainment and activities available for the people among which the most favorite one is to play video games. There are various devices available in the market in different prices on which these games can be played which includes Xbox, PS3, and even other devices as well. There areĀ large variety of games available in the market which is based on different themes from which people can choose according to their interest.

There are different characters in games which are more famous among the kids because of their actions and even look. Female characters are almost in every game which is breathtaking and the main attraction for the kids in games. These female characters are famous all over the world among the people because of different reasons and make these games more interesting and entertaining for the users.
Here are the following top 10 most liked girl characters in video games available all over the world, which are as follow:

10. Quiet:

Most Beautiful Female Characters In Game

Quiet was a supporting character in the Hideo Kojima last metal gear game, and she was a mute and deadly sniper. She was named as a special sexy female character because of her physique and the amazing looks which cannot be ignored in the game. She has proven her character in this game because of her deadly moves and also the attractive features which made her famous all over the world.

9. Alyx Vance:

Top Most Beautiful Female Characters In Game

Alyx Vance nice as the favorite character of many fans of Half Life 2. She was the daughter of a scientist and known for her unusual nature. Half Life 2 is named as one of the greatest video games of all time that are the reason her character was also famous among the people and was quite friendly with the gun. She was known for her beautiful looks and the attractive actions which made her famous in this series.

8. Morrigan:

Most Beautiful Female Characters In Game Highly Rated

Morrigan is named as one of the best characters of Dragon Age which was released in 2009 and was known for her amazing magic work in the game and the powers she has. She also has many weaknesses, but her high points were fantastic. She has incredible potential and love in her which was the proper side of her character, and she has also shown her physique in the intimate scene in the game which made her famous more among the fans.

7. Bastilla Shan:

Most Beautiful Female Characters In Game Ever

Bastilla Shan is the character which was seen in Star Wars Movie and different games as well. She has an adamant and compelling voice in the game from many years. She has an evil side to her which became the reason for the dark side of her character and was also seen in the game released in 2003 named Knights of the Old Republic in which she has depicted the high female character in it.

6. Catherina Sforza:

Most Beautiful Female Characters In Game Highly Rated

Catherina Sforza is the name of the great female character in the Assassin Creed series and was a strong-willed woman who has many powers. She was a male dominated woman but was adamant. She was breathtaking and enhanced with the classic Italian features and was dressed up regally in the movie. She was named as one of the intriguing female characters in the video games of all times.

5. Triss Merigold:

Top Most Beautiful Female Characters In Game

Triss Merigold was the character who considerĀ as one of the greatest ones because of her beauty. She has an intimate scene in the pool scene which depicted her attractive body and made her more famous among the people. She was named as cute video game character and was full of different powers and is seen depicting her skills in various scenes. She is quite famous among the people especially kids because they are amazed at their qualifications.

4. Citra Talugmai:

Most Beautiful Female Characters In Game Ever Highly Rated

Citra Talugmai is the character of Far Cry 3, and she was considered as the warrior goddess. She has dark features which are much attractive and appealing for the people. Then the story of the game depicts how she fell in love with the Jason and shows her love for him in a controversial scene of the match in the end. She has been given an attractive look by choosing revealing clothes for her and with the bright makeup.

3. Miranda Lawson:

Most Beautiful Female Characters In Game Ever Highly Rated

Miranda Lawson is the character of a disappointing game named Mass Effect 2 which is a shooting action game. She is named as the exceptional nature of that game because of her Barbie doll physique and the amazing looks she has in the match. She was named as the sexy woman because of her attractive looks and the actions done in the event which made her famous even when the game was a big flop at the market.

2. Tifa Lockhart:

Top Most Beautiful Female Characters In Game Highly Rated

Tifa Lockhart is the character of the fantastic game Final Fantasy VII, and she was named as the sexiest female video game character of the world. She was known for her innocent face, amazing figure and also the appealing look in the match. She had an amazing voice and was in the limelight for a long time because people were amazed because of her looks and the attractive physique depicted in the match.

1. Lara Croft:

Most Beautiful Female Characters In Game

Lara Croft is named as one of the most famous female characters of games in the world. She is a highly desired role in the competition, and her performance was very satisfactory. She had attractive and sexy looks in the match and was named as the real life sex symbol in the video game, but her moves were brilliant in the match.

Most Beautiful Female Characters In Games – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name
1 Lara Croft
2 Tifa Lockhart
3 Miranda Lawson
4 Citra Talugmai
5 Triss Merigold
6 Catherina Sforza
7 Bastilla Shan
8 Morrigan
9 Alyx Vance
10 Quiet
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