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Top Ten Most Beautiful Eyes In Hollywood

Top Ten Most Beautiful Eyes In Hollywood

There are different entertainment industries which are making movies for the entertainment of people. Hollywood is the film industry which has the latest technology and effects for their movies to make them look real and amazed the people. Hollywood industry has hundreds of hottest actresses and actors which are working there and are best in their ways. It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so their fans loved them a lot and wanted to know more about them. This is the most beautiful eyes of actress which can highlight her whole beauty and face as well. There are many faces of Hollywood which have very attractive look. Their eyes are just perfect and shinny which attracts people. Some people and actresses also used different colored lenses to enhance their look but still some of them have attractive eyes naturally, and their eye color is also amazing. In this article, we have included the ten best ones from so many options.

The following are top 10 hollywood celebrities with beautiful eyes which have attracted millions of people all around the world.

10. Jessie Williams:

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Jessie Williams is the person who is known to have the most beautiful and dreamy eyes ever seen in the world which are real. It reflects his deep soul by their look. He used to get most of the tweets and comments from his fans only about his eyes which they can trust for whole life. It is said that his most attractive features are his eyes which are very beautiful and colored and enhance the whole look of his face.

9. Ian Somerhalder:

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Most of the people think that only woman has beautiful and attractive eyes, but this celebrity has proved it wrong completely. This star in Vampire Diaries was considered as the best babe with perfect eyes. He is a very good looking actor in Hollywood who has the perfectly colored which are very shinny and attract people easily towards him. It is said by his fans that he looks like a dream because of his looks and attractive features.

8. Henry Cavill:

amazing colored eyeballsAgain here comes a handsome Hollywood hunk which has gained much fame because of his role in The Tudors, which was an amazing superhero movie with all the features of superhero a person has expected. He also has colored eyes which reflect different color either gray or green well the color doesn’t matter, but he has very amazing which have amazed his fans with his looks. His style of watching something is killing completely. Females use expensive eye wears  in the world and these celebrities are examples.

7. Penelope Cruz:

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Penelope Cruz is a Spanish model and actress and started her career at the age of 15. She has done many big films of Hollywood and also won different awards include Academy and Golden Globe awards. She has very beautiful and shinny eyes which look very sexy and amazing, and much appreciated are her eyebrows which compliment the look. She is the very beautiful lady with amazing beauty and acting skills.

6. Zac Efron:

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Zac Efron is an American actor and singers as well. He has amazing acting skills which can be seen in his movies. He got much fame in his career by his role in the movie Summerland. Zac Efron is known for his killing looks and amazing blue eyes which no one can ever ignore. His eyes are very deep and attractive which can provide a killing look of another person. He is the very handsome guy who is ruling the hearts of millions of people all around the world by his beauty.

5. Alycia Debnam-Carey:

stunning eyeballs

Alycia Debnam-Carey is an Australian Actress, and she got much fame in the world by her performance in the movie called The Devil`s Hand and Into the Storm. She has also worked in many TV series. She has made her ways in this field by her beautiful looks. It is said that her smile and are very sexy which completes her look and has many fans in the world because of her looks. This Australian beauty has amazing eyes which look speaking.

4. Jared Leto:

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Jared Leto is not only a famous American Singer but also the songwriter, director, and actor as well. He had started his career from TV in 1990. He has won many awards for his performances in different movies and his albums as well. It is said that his eyes are very close to each other but still loved by everyone. He is named as one of the hottest guys of Hollywood industry either in movies or any other red carpet. It is said by most of the people and his fans that his eyeballs are his trademark.

3. Eliza Taylor:

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Eliza Taylor is an Australian Actress and got much fame for her role as Janae Timmins in the famous opera soap of Australia called Neighbors. She has amazing eyes which can be easily seen on her face. She is not only beautiful, but her look is very attractive which have made her much famous due to them. It is said that her eyes truly reflect the deep soul of her own which everyone loves to see.

2. Brittany Snow:

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Brittany Snow is an amazing American singer and actress. She has started her career at the very young age in Daisy and also won best young actress award her that. She has beautiful blue eyeballs which look like drowning in the sea full of beauty. Her eyeballs are also very amazing and gorgeous. Her beautiful eyes are the amazing piece of her beauty in the whole Hollywood industry.

1. Lyndsy Fonseca:

Most Beautiful Eyes In HollywoodLyndsy Fonseca is an American actress and has gained much fame of her career from her role in how I met your mother. She is not only a very talented actress but also very beautiful which also posses amazing eyes which can attract people towards it. It is said that her eyes can make anyone mad on them. Her eyes are the most amazing feature of her face which attracts people and enhance her beauty much more.

Most Beautiful Eyes In Hollywood – Top Ten List

Sr no. Name Height
1 Lyndsy Fonseca 1.65 m
2 Brittany Snow 1.63 m
3 Eliza Taylor 1.65 m
4 Jared Leto 1.75 m
5 Alycia Debnam-Carey 1.65 m
6 Zac Efron 1.73 m
7 Penelope Cruz 1.68 m
8 Henry Cavill 1.85 m
9  Ian Somerhalder 1.76 m
10 Jessie Williams 1.87 m


Hollywood industry is full of beauties which have amazing features and are very attractive. Not only a woman but also the man of this felid has handsome looks which has gained them millions of fans from all around the world. All these celebrities explained above are very beautiful and have amazing eyes which are the shinny feature of their face and enhance their beauty as well.