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We are going to present the list of top 10 most expensive songs videos of all the time with their costs. Songs videos are the very attractive and useful source of entertainment and everyone love to entertain themselves by watching the songs videos. Unique and new ideas based videos of the songs are always catch the attention of the viewers. You surely have been watching the video songs since your childhood.
Singers always put a lot of effort into making the videos of their songs as they know the importance of the videos. Nowadays if any singer wants his song to get hit, he will have to put a lot of effort into making the video of the song as the new generation is very fond of watching the video of the song. They like the songs on the basis of the videos. If they like the video, the song will definitely be a hit song.
Singers realized this reality a long time ago, and they have been spending a lot in the production of the songs’ videos. This is the reason that there had been created a lot of expensive videos by the singers and still, musicians focus more on making the songs videos. No matter how much it cost to them. This article is all about the top 10 most expensive songs videos of all the time in the world.

10. Will Smith  (Miami 1998)

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Song Videos The price of making of this picture was $2000, 000 estimated in 2011. Mr. Hollywood or Mr. Will Smith the center of attention of this song. It is about The Whispers, and The Beat goes on. You just need to listen these two songs. It got one MTV award. This award was for best male video. There is also an interesting fact about this song. The co-star named Eva Mendes in the video was also with Will in movie Hitch. The fame earned by this song would never compete by any other videos even by Will. Because after this he started focusing on acting. There is also no possibility to make a replica of this song. It is an amazing video you would love to enjoy with your friends. Fun loving people love such kind of videos.

9. Puff Daddy (p. Diddy) Victory, 1998

Top Ten Most Expensive Song Videos The amount that has been spent on this movie is approximately $2700, 000. This song is like a stab at rapping. Like usual rapes, Puff Daddy was also a good idea. You would encounter the words like “o yea”, “come on” and “baby in songs of him. His other songs are also extensions like this. The lyric of this song is Mafioso. The Very familiar style of that era. In that time, groups like The Outlaws and Junior Mafia were also emerging. It must say that song is weak. But you would admit that movie clip is one of the best clip in any rating. The running man movie is the homage for this song. This movie released in 1980s. It is symbolic in which people are chased by a game show. Different things lure them things like sport, etc. This video is at a number in most expensive song videos in the world.

8.Mac Hammer (Too Legit to Quit 1992)

TOp 10 Expensive Song VideosThe cost that has been spent on this video was $2500, 000. Estimated in 2011. Such an immense amount earned by this video. But look at the amount that has been spent on this video. We must want to meet this guy. The cast included in this video many bright celebrities like Michael Jackson glove. The interesting thing about the song is hand signal. This signal tells about the dance off. The hammer that challenged the great celebrity like Michael Jackson too. The period in which that video released was astonishing period about clothes. Other things like style, dance, and pop music can also be included. This musical video is also about dance and movements. There is also other movements like break dance that was popular in that era.  You can see the stage sets that courtyards, fire-breathing, marble thrones, and long corridors. This video had cast a long lasting influence.

7.Michael Jackson (Bad 1987)

10 Most Expensive Song VideosThe cost of production of this video was 2200,000 dollars. This video took three weeks to finish. The total duration of this movie was 18 minutes. Martin Scorsese was the director of this video. The video is all about dance moves in a subway station. The dancer in this video is Michael Jackson and many other dancers in the background.  The things are also related to west side story. The two groups are related to it. But you would find the difference between late 50s groups. There is a similarity with Police Academy. The bad guys in video resemble most with it. The video gives an impression that Michael Jackson has to leave his buddies for continuing his study in New York. After returning, they came to know how changed he is now. The person that we know as Vampire Hunter was also present in this video. So this video contributes to making a career of many stars.

6. Aqua ( Cartoon Heroes 2000 )

Top Ten Most Expensive Song Videos in the WorldThe cost that has been spent on this movie was $3500, 000. A huge it was. It was their second album, and the song was Aquarius. The guys present in this song probably belong to Scandinavia. But these guys now perform away from their country. Doing different adverts and products endorsements. But the strong power of this group can be estimated by the amount. The amount they have invested on a music video. This got the 6th number on this list. Their signature sound is amazing. I want to know how they made it.

5.Guns and Roses ( Estranged 1993 )

Top Five Most Expensive Song VideosThe cost that has been spent on this music was 4000,000. An interesting title indeed. The title only got a strange kind if appeal. The duration of this movie is 9 minutes. It was a trilogy. The other two videos also got fame. The names of these two videos are Don’t Cry and November Rain. There is an interesting description of illusion and disillusion. These things show that there are somewhat difficulties in life. It depicts the theme of separation. Separation of a songwriter with his girlfriend.

4.Madonna ( Bed Time Story 1995 )

5 Most Expensive Song VideosThe total cost consumed by this entertaining song is $5000, 000. Holly crap such an expensive video. This video got to be at the top. Because finally Madonna made it. The name of Madonna is also the guarantee of fame. This video got a 4th position in this list. It is such an expensive video that ever made.

3.Madonna ( Die Another Day 2002 )

Top Three Most Expensive Song VideosOh, crap another expensive video by her. The total amount consumed by this video was $6100, 000. Yes, only she can do this again. The video was released when Bond series was facing hard times. These films became to play. Ah, that spy who always ready to bed a hottest and beautiful lady on earth. But surely after Golden Eye the series encountered downfall. That’s why Madonna made her entry like a bang. Not only with her music but with her videos too. The song is typically about good and bad forces. These forces are like two faces of herself.

2.Madonna ( Express Again 1989 )

Top 3 Expensive Song VideosThe total cost of production of this video was 5000, 000 dollars. The era of 80s has imprints of this beautiful singer. She decided to occupy the next three decades from that time. She was also the princes of 90s and the century onward. This woman invested such an immense amount at that. But we must admit she sang the blockbuster songs. These songs are a dozen in number that got such hits. The director of this video was David Fincher. Yes, he is the wonderful man. He gave most outstanding films like Fight Club, Seven and The Social Network.

1.Michael Jackson feat, Janet Jackson ( Scream 1995 )

Most Expensive Song Video in the worldThe cost production of this video was $7000, 000. One could undoubtedly know this that his video would be at first. It’s hard to believe that this man is gone. He gave genuine art that hard to forget in centuries. His voice was a most enchanting voice that we heard. We used to listen him since our childhood. Every music lover is greatest fan of him. The particular that we are also talking  got many hits. In video Michael Jackson and his sister doing the things related to dance and screaming. The place is like a space station. This video got many awards. 1995 award that included MTV award too. There are no controversies about this video. As the videos of Michael Jackson used to be.

Top Ten Most Expensive Song Videos:

Sr.No. Names Dollar $ Price
1 Michael Jackson feat, Janet Jackson ( Scream 1995 ) 7,000,000
2 Madonna ( Express Again 1989 ) 5,000,000
3 Madonna ( Die Another Day 2002 ) 6,100,000
4 Madonna ( Bed Time Story 1995 ) 5,000,000
5 Guns and Roses ( Estranged 1993 ) 4,000,000
6 Aqua ( Cartoon Heroes 2000 ) 3,500,000
7 Michael Jackson (Bad 1987) 2,200,000
8 Mc Hammer (Too Legit to Quit 1992) 2,500,000
9 Puff Daddy (p. Diddy) Victory, 1998 2,700,000
10 Will Smith  (Miami 1998) 2,000,000
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