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List Of Top Ten Most Expensive Fruits In The World

List Of Top Ten Most Expensive Fruits In The World
Buddha Shaped Pears

Today we will have a look on top ten most expensive fruits of the world alongside their surmised costs. A healthy diet always contains fruits in it. People who are aware of their eating regimen must eat fruits. fruits are useful for glowing and healthy skin. If you need a sound and gleaming skin, you should need to eat fruits. We day by day utilize fruits in our eating routine. However, there are a few fruits that we can’t use daily even once in our life. There are a few fruits that are expensive that a layman can’t manage. We imagine that a Zinger Burger that cost 2 to 3 dollars is expensive for us. However, foods are grown from the ground are continuously viewed as low-valued. Eatables that everybody can manage. Today we are not going to disclose to you shoddy fruits. We would talk about the most expensive products of the world. For the most part, it is viewed as that the fruits are expensive a direct result of their irregularity in a particular range. Fruits brought from far regions are costly a direct result of transportation, so sustenance costs shift in like manner. In any case, fruits that we will talk about are discovered uncommon. You would not find these fruits in neighborhoods. Indeed, even in a native town, you would not see these fruits. If you are sufficiently curious to purchase these fruits. At that point, you should need to visit the territories on the planet which these fruits are developed. Here is the rundown of ten most expensive fruits of the world. You would need to pay a large number of dollars to purchase these fruits.
Here is the detail of all these most expensive fruits in the world.

10- Buddha Shaped Pears:

Top ten most expensive fruitsThese pears are cultivated in China. China is world’s largest populated country. This country carries strange culture and norms. It is strange when we hear that a fruit is carrying the shape of a personality. These Chinese pears about which we are talking are in shape of Lord Buddha. Yes, it is surprising but it is true. The pear appears exactly like Buddha statue. The face that appears in pear and the style in which Buddha used to sit is exactly the same.  It is due to a mold made by a Chinese farmer. His name was Hao, and he belonged to Hebei province. This man grew pears in this shape. So this mode of pear cultivation got fame. The high price of these pears is because of the associated with this fruit. It is said that if you taste this fruit you can get immortality. It is a Chinese myth about Lord Buddha.  You can enjoy the immortal sweetness of this fruit in just $9.

9 – Sekai Ichi Apples:

Top ten most expensive fruits in the worldThese apples celebrated 40th birthday in 2014. In these 40 years, the value of this fruit increased drastically. Japan produces these apples proudly. These apples are still most expensive fruit of the world. The meaning of “Sekai Ichi Apples” is world’s number one apples. This statement shows the pride of the people those cultivate these apples. But this statement is not just bragging these apples are the best apples of the world indeed. The circumference of each apple is 15 inches. We can see that the apples are quite a jumbo size. These oranges are washed with honey in order to make them blemish free.  The weight of this fruit is around 2 pounds. In order to enjoy the taste of this king size fruit, you need to pay only $21 for each apple.

8 – Dekopon Citrus:

List of top ten expensive fruitsThe cultivation of these oranges was started in 1972. These oranges are quite different from mandarin oranges. These oranges are a hybrid form of Mandarin. This Dekopon version of oranges is different from typical oranges. It is said that these oranges are the most delicious citrus of the world. These oranges look like normal oranges, but there is a swollen part at the top that makes them different from others. The larger size of these oranges also distinguishes them from typical oranges. The Dekopon oranges are seedless. Its flesh feels apparently hard but after that melts in the mouth.  If you want to eat these oranges, then you must visit Japan. Japan is the only country where these oranges are found. You would have to pay $80 for a pack of six.

7 – Sembikiya Queen Strawberries:

Ten most expensive fruitsThe name of these is the fanciest name in the list that we are discussing. You might have eaten the perfect strawberries that found in the market. The red color of strawberries and the fresh green leaf on it make this fruit mouthwatering. But what is the special thing that makes these strawberries so special. The one that not threw out and then never found in the brand. If you want to taste these strawberries, then you must have $85 in your pocket. In each pack, there are 12 strawberries. The appearance of this fruit is gorgeous. Their enchanted beauty may forbid you to eat. One strawberry cost you $2.75 per pound.

6 – Square Watermelon:

5 most expensive fruits in the worldIt is interesting to know that in Japan most costly fruit is produced. These Square Watermelons are also produced in Japan. Before 2014, Japan did not export these watermelons outside the world. But in 2014 these watermelons are exported outside the world. But their high price is their distinguishing feature. They grow in the square mold. This mold turns these watermelons into a square shape. But you should not try this formula by your own. These watermelons carry 13 pounds each. Most people used these watermelons as decoration pieces. You need to pay $800 for each.

5 – Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan:

Top 10 most expensive fruits in the worldThe Lost Gardens of Heligan are the most enchanted spot of United Kingdom. Pineapples gardens are not common in Europe. Heligan is the only place in Europe that is left as pineapple gardens. The garden is situated in England in Cornwell. These pineapples grow in the duration of two years in shade and horse urine. The techniques used in the growth of these pineapples are known as Victorian Techniques. These allow pineapples in the colder environment of England. Pineapple never comes with direct contact of horse fertilizer if this idea disturbs you. The growth of these pineapples requires hard work and labor. That’s why these pineapples are not sold at markets. Instead, fruit is given to those who work hard in the cultivation of these pineapples.

4 – Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes:

Most expensive fruits of the worldThe translation of the word “Taiyo no Tamago” in English is “egg of the sun”. The idea that the mango that taste like egg is quite annoying. But these mangoes are just in the shape of the egg.  Now guess the country in which these egg-shaped mangoes are cultivated. If you are going to say Japan, then you are right. The brand like these mangoes is also produced in North America. But it is Dole brand. Dole fruits cost considerably low than these mangoes. If you want to taste these mangoes, you need to go Japan and then you must have $3,000 in your pocket.

3 – Ruby Roman Grapes:

Ranking of top ten most expensive fruitsWell, these most expensive grapes of the world are also found in Japan. Japan is the country where you can go and shop branded fruit. We are sure that now you are not surprised to learn about the grapes that are also in Japan. These grapes are called table grapes. But the size is not like table. The size of these grapes is exactly like a ping pong ball. But what is the reason that makes these grapes so expensive? It is because these grapes are found rare. These grapes were produced in the year 2008. You would have to offer $910 for one sample grape to taste.

2 – Densuke Watermelon:

List of 10 most expensive fruitsThe weight 24 pounds of one watermelon makes it so expensive in the world. Its large size makes it distinguished from other watermelons. This most expensive fruit of the world is also produced in Japan. The reason of the high price is also the rarity of fruit. Each year about 10,000 watermelons is grown. The higher class of the society used to taste the expensive fruits. So is the case of this watermelon.

1 – Yubari Melon:

List of top ten most expensive fruits in the worldThe first position of the world’s expensive fruits is occupied by the Yubari Melon of Japan. Cantaloupe is the thing you either love or detest. If you love then, you need to go Japan in order to taste this most expensive and tasty fruit of the world.

Sr No. Name Price
1 Yubari Melon $23,000/Per Pair
2 Densuke Watermelon $6,100/Each
3 Ruby Roman Grapes $4,000/Per Bunch
4 Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes $3,000/Per Pair
5 Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan $1,600/Each
6 Square Watermelon $800.00/Each
7 Sembikiya Queen Strawberries $85.00/Pack of 12
8  Dekopon Citrus $80.00/Pack of Six
9 Sekai Ichi Apples $21.00 Each
10 Buddha Shaped Pears $9.00/Each