Best Candy Bars

Candy Bars are loved by everyone especially kids which are very delicious and sweet. Candies are always associated with kids but also adults love to eat them. It is estimated that there is not a single person who can live without eating candy bars. There are many brands which are making candy bars for the people and are very tasty. The candy bars differ due to the ingredients in them as some chocolates are made with wafers while some of them are stuffed with caramels and cream. It is said that Americans spend almost more than $7 billion only on chocolates in a single year. Every person has a sweet tooth which needs to be satisfied and has cravings at different times. Chocolates are sweet that is the reason they boost up the energy and power in the people. Chocolates are also combined in different expensive desserts like chocolate pudding, with ice cream, donuts, etc. to provide them a different taste and make them more delicious. The chocolates of best brands are very expensive, but real chocolate lovers are willing to purchase them to satisfy their sweet tooth.
The following are top-rated candy bars available in the market:

10. Hershey`s Cookies and Cream bar candy:

List of Top Ten Best Candy Bars in the WorldLast but not the least here comes Hershey`s Cookies and Cream Bar. It is one of the yummiest candy bars available for the kids which can be seen in almost every home. Cookies and Cream are the chocolate which was introduced in the world in 1994 and was made with a different twist in its taste. It is made from delicious white chocolate and provides cookies in every single bit. The estimated revenues generated by this company are $80.4 million.

9. 100 Grand Candy Bar:

Top Ten Best Candy Bars in the World100 Grand Candy Bar is one of the most favorite candy bars in the market because of its different taste and is made from 100% pure chocolate. It is quite reasonable chocolate to eat to satisfy your taste buds and is easily available at all leading stores in the world. The packing of this chocolate is in red color to attract people toward it as red is the color which is very attractive and appeals people.

8. Musketeers Candy Bar:

Top Ten Candy Bars in the WorldMusketeers Candy Bar is the chocolate which was introduced in 1932 and was made in three different flavors which include chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. But it is now available in single taste which has a chocolate flavor which is covered with milk chocolate. They have recently enhanced their chocolate family by introducing flavors like truffle crisp and mint. The annual revenues generated by this chocolate brand are $100.7 million.

7. Crunch Candy Bar:

Top 10 Best Candy Bars in the WorldCrunch Candy Bar is the one which is the favorite chocolate of kids from last many years and is very delicious as well. It comes with a tasty biscuit taste which is combined with perfect chocolate caramel. Crunch is the chocolate which was made by the famous brand called Nestle and has a tasty milky taste in it. It is not much expensive chocolate to purchase for the satisfaction of sweet tooth.

6. Hershey bars Candy:

List of Top 10 Best Candy Bars in the WorldHershey`s Candy Bar is the oldest chocolate in this whole list which was first introduced by the company in 1900. It is a milk chocolate which has a great taste, and it was started in the country called Pennsylvania. It is estimated by Hershey`s that they earn more than 373 million every year only from this sweet bar. The annual revenues of Hershey`s are $249 million. It is made from the dark chocolate which is in high demand among the people because of its unique taste.

5. Butterfinger Candy Bar:

Top Five Best Candy Bars in the WorldAgain here comes another tasty candy bar and provide many cravings for the chocolate to the people. By eating it first, it will further build craving to eat more and more of it. The internal filling of this chocolate snackers are of caramel and comes in small pieces like cushions. Most of the kids love them because of their different shape and size and consider them suitable for themselves because of its size. Butterfinger sweet Bar is also the product of Nestle and is very tasty as well.

4. Milky Way Candy Bar:

Top 5 Best Candy Bars in the WorldMilky Way is the chocolate which was introduced in 1923 and was much famous because of its malted milkshake. It was made for the malted milkshake and the caramel feature in it. It is also made different from the famous chocolate Mars. The annually generated revenues of this brand are $70.2 million. It is very creamy with caramel which can be melted in your mouth. It will make you fell in love with its taste.

3. Snickers Candy Bar:

Top Three Best Candy Bars in the WorldSnickers Candy Bar is the most favorite chocolate bar which is loved by everyone. It was first introduced in 1930 and was named because of the Mars family. It is estimated that more than 99 tons of peanuts are put into its making for over 15 million Snickers in a single day. The estimated annual Revenues generated by this brand are $386.2 million. It is made from pure milk and has a chocolate coating on it. It has a caramel, chocolates, and cookies as well.

2. Kit-Kat Candy Bar:

Top 3 Best Candy Bars in the WorldKit-Kat is the chocolate which is a British Creation and was introduced in 1935. It is also the product of Nestle and is available in more than 70 countries of the world. It is a chocolate wafer bar, and the annual revenue generated by this company is $201.8 million. It comes in very flavors from which the best one can be chosen according to your taste. The packing of this chocolate comes in a red color to attract people towards it while it is on a rack.

1. Twix Candy Bar:

Best Candy Bar in the WorldTwix Candy Bar is considered as the most favorite and best candy bar of all the kids. It has the filling of 100% best flavors which make it best candy. The name of this candy is Twix, which means the symbol of love and purity. It has the filling of biscuit and caramel to enhance its taste. It was first introduced in the market in 1979 and the estimated revenues generated by this brand are $169.9 million.

Top 10 Best Candy Bars – List of Top Rated Candies

Sr.No. Names Revenue Generated
1 Twix Choco Bite $ 169.9 Million
2 Kit-Kat Choco Bite $ 201.8 Million
3 Snickers Choco Bite $ 386.2 Million
4 Milky Way Choco Bite $ 70.2 Million
5 Butterfinger Choco Bite $ 123.9 Million
6 Hershey Choco Bite $ 249 Million
7 Crunch Choco Bite $ 200 Million (Approximately)
8 Musketeers Choco Bite $ 100.7 Million
9 100 Grand Choco Bite $ 100 Million (Approximately)
10 Hershey`s Cookies and Cream choco piece $ 80.4 Million


Chocolates are loved by everyone in the world because of its sweet taste and delicious different features in them. All these chocolates belong to different big brands of the world which have made chocolates with different tastes. The prices of these chocolates differ from which the best and delicious one can be chosen according to your taste. No one in the world hates chocolates because of their delicious taste which is loved by everyone to satisfy their sweet tooth.

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