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List of Top Ten Most Expensive INFO Domains Ever Sold

List of Top Ten Most Expensive INFO Domains Ever Sold

Domain names provide the link to a specific website. These domain names are the address of a particular internet website. Domain names are issued under some rules and regulations prescribed by Domain Name System (DNS). These domain names are very important because whenever we want to visit a particular website we can find that website through its domain name. These domain names are ranked according to the number of visits it got. When a domain name is searched again and again, it becomes famous, and then DNS gives money to the owners of these domains. This article has the list of those domains that are very famous and are most searched domains in the world. These domains are the most expensive domains that are ever sold in the history of the internet. These domains provide required information to its users. These domains are famous because these are providing 24/7 services to its all users of the world without any discrimination. You can visit these domains from anywhere in the world. In the year 2000 .INFO domain extensions were introduced to the world and after one year these extensions were publicly available on the internet. These .INFO domains have all types of info like hotels, education, food, etc. You can easily access to these domains. These domains are sold for millions of dollars, and these domains are still working profitably. Following is the list of these most expensive domains.

10. MedicalDoctor.info

List of Top Ten Most Expensive .INFO Domains Ever SoldMedicaldoctor.info has info about different diseases and its symptoms.  There are many doctors available on this website through which you can contact with these doctors. It’s a very helpful website for those who are facing some disease and want to know about best hospitals in the world. Along with this through website you can also contact these doctors or hospitals easily. This website also provides drug rehabilitation services. You can also search out different rehabilitation centers in the world. It also helps in getting rid of alcohol. This product was sold for $10500. This website is working for the welfare of many people in the world.

9. Hostel.info

Top Ten Most Expensive .INFO Domains Ever SoldIf you are going abroad for study or job and you need a good hostel, then you must visit this website. This domain has information on many hostels in the world. You can get the email address and contact numbers of these hostels and before going to that country or city you can make arrangements for living in these hostels through this website. This network is helpful for students all over the world. As the trend of studying abroad is increasing so, this website is also becoming more and more popular. Through this website, you can also know about the facilities available in those hostels and also their charges, etc. Its value is 18678 dollars.

8. Pizza.info

 Top Ten Most Expensive .INFO Domains Ever Sold in the WorldThat is another expensive info. Domain. This domain has the information related to different types of pizza. It also contains information about different pizza restaurants. You can book your order online and can get pizza in different countries. It also provides different recipes of pizza. You can also log in through Facebook to book your order. This domain was created by keeping in mind the increasing interest of pizza. This Pizza.info was sold for $20235 that has made it 8th most expensive info. Domain in the world. You can also make your account on this website.

7. Wallstreet.info

Most Expensive .INFO Domains Ever SoldWallStreet.info is famous place of New York. It is famous for settling world most powerful economic and financial matters. Here financial deals are carried out. This wall street.info contains all information about the financial matters not only of New York but also from all over the world. You can also find out the share prices and their fluctuations. This domain is famous because it provides accurate information about the fluctuations happening in powerful financial and economic matters. It also provides information about the politics of the world. It was valued for $25,500.

6. Science.info

List of Top 10 Most Expensive .INFO Domains Ever SoldIt contains information related to science and technology from all over the world. This domain tells you about the new invention in the world and their uses. It also collects information from all over the world regarding some new science projects. You can also search out any information of your choice related to science and technology. This domain also contains detailed information on powerful world inventions. This domain also tells us about the benefits of these new scientific inventions. In 2007, this domain was sold for 30000 dollars.

5. Hoteless.info

Most Expensive .INFO Domains Ever SoldIt is the most favorite domain of tourists around the globe. This domain has details of famous hotels of different countries. This domain is very helpful for connecting you to the best hotels in the country in which you are going to have a visit. Every year many people go to the European and other western countries for spending their vacations or celebrating honeymoons. This website will save your time in finding a good hotel. It has the list of many hotels and also tells the other information about these hotels like their menu etc. You can also follow this website page on Twitter. 30,789 dollars is its total net value.

4. Manicure.info

Top 5 Most Expensive .INFO Domains Ever SoldManicure.info was created with a view of increasing interest of females in manicure. Manicure means cleaning your hands and making your hands beautiful. As women remain conscious about the beauty of their hands so, they can find any beauty tips through this domain. This website was also searched all over the world to know about new and innovative ways of a manicure. It also contains different techniques of French manicure that are another name of nails art. This domain was sold for 46,217 dollars that show its popularity among females.

3. NewYork.info

Top Three Most Expensive .INFO Domains Ever SoldNewYork.info is the most famous city in the world. It is very beautiful and worth visiting a country in the world. This country has headquarters of many biggest companies of the world. So, New York is famous for business, travel, food, education, etc. There are best hotels, best educational institutes in the world. This website has the information related to New York. It can tell you about the famous things of New York and if you are going to visit New York first time you will feel very easy by remaining in touch with this domain. This expensive info.domain is sold for $70000.

2. Travel.info

Top 3 Most Expensive .INFO Domains Ever SoldTravel.info will guide you about different countries beautiful location that you should visit. Along with this can guide you in finding any destination during your travel. It also provides options for travelling like by air, car, etc. Through this website, you can also do online booking of your tickets. It also has list of many hotels in different countries. It has a list of different countries like Australia, Chicago, etc. Through this list, you can know about that country’s hotels, etc. It is sold for the price of 116000 dollars.

1. Sex.info

Most Expensive INFO Domains Ever SoldYou can say it is the most notorious info. domain. It contains sex videos and other material related to sex. Surprisingly it is the most expensive domain of the world. It also has an age gate that must be of above age 18 to log in this domain. Some countries in the world also banned this domain. It is valued at 202000 dollars so, it is the most expensive info. Domain in our list.

List of Most Expensive .INFO Domains Ever Sold

Sr.No. Names Value
1 Sex.info $ 202000
2 Travel.info $ 116000
3 NewYork.info $ 70000
4 Manicure.info $ 46217
5 Hoteless.info $ 30789
6 Science.info $ 30000
7 Wallstreet.info $ 25500
8 Pizza.info $ 20235
9 Hostel.info $ 18678
10 MedicalDoctor.info $ 10500


This article has information related to different expensive domains. This article will also tell you about these domains and what kind of information is available on these websites. These domains are available for the past many years and became famous gradually by the quality of information that is available on these domains. These domains can be visited easily, and you can also take advantage of these domains by sitting at your home. These domains work under strict rules of DNS and they have to follow their rules. With the time changing are made in this list when any other domain got famous and searched most it also gets the highest price.