Lowest Murder Rates

Crime is a harsh story of this world. Since the story of humankind starts, man is indulged in criminal activities. Most dangerous activities included in criminology includes sexual assault, Theft, and Murder. Every state of the world tries to provide a peaceful and crime free living to its inhabitants. For that Law and Justice System are introduced. Law enforcement agencies are formed. But even then crime rate, especially, street crime rate and a murder rate of this world is very high. Surprisingly not only East but many countries of West have also been caught by this ill. However, many counties remain successful in maintaining law and order system. They are successful in it by the virtue of Justice. Else than that, the socio-political culture of a country also has a great impact on law and order situation of a country. If a nation has clearly defined direction, it will automatically stay away from all practices. Every country has its varied murder rate, and it changes every year. Today, let’s have a look at lowest murder rates countries in the world:

10. Norway

List of Top Ten Countries with Lowest Murder Rates in the WorldThe country with best per capita income and GDP has some great figure about the crime rate in the state. Comprising of a large area of 385,178 km2 and 5,165,802 persons, Norway administration gives full freedom of life to its public. Law enforcement agency i.e. Police has 13,000 employees in it. These are divided administratively into 26 divisions. One thing most remarkable about the police is that it owns two Helicopters also. Thus, the rate of crime, especially street crime is very in Norway. Likewise murder rate in Norway is also very low, making Norway stand at number 1oth in list of ten countries with lowest murder rates in the world

9. Bahrain

Top Ten Countries with Lowest Murder Rates in the WorldWith a small area of only 765 km2 and large population base of 1,343,000 persons, this state is famous for many things like economics and socio-economics and socio-political system. Although the density of population in one kilometer is comparatively greater than other countries. But even then, this state has been successful to be on the way of growth in economic indicators very rapidly. Although the official religion of the state is Islam, even then are the number of other ethnic groups in this state. But the police of this state has been capable of controlling law and order system and maintaining peace in the area very well. Thus, the crime rate of Bahrain is only 1 %, and the murder rate is as low as only 6 persons per 100,000 persons.

8. Luxembourg

Top Ten Countries with Lowest Murder RatesGrand Duchy of Luxembourg is the full name of this renewed state. It is comprised of 2,586.4 km2 area and have population of 562,958 persons. Grand Ducal Police is the armed services force that is given duty to ensure law and order in the state. There are 455,024 policemen in this agency which not only ensure peace in the state but also to assist the military of the state in its internal and external matters when required. Another thing most remarkable about the police of this state is its quick response in case of emergency. Moreover, a murder rate of Luxembourg is only 0.6 for a year.

7. Brunei

Top 10 Countries with Lowest Murder Rates in the WorldBrunei is a country that is strong in its economic system and socio-economic system as well, a total population of Brunei is estimated to be 415,717 in 2015, divided into different Ethnic and social groups. But even then, there is a harmony in the people of Brunei, depicting the culture of collectivism in the country. There are only 0.5% murdered in a year in this country. Royal Brunei Police Force is the force that maintains law and order situation is the country. There are more than 4500 police officers in 1000 police station of the country, ensuring peaceful living conditions for public.

6. Japan

List of Top 10 Countries with Lowest Murder Rates in the WorldThe country that was attacked with atomic equipment’s two third century ago is, presently, in a list of most peaceful countries of the world. And is at number six on the list of top ten countries with lowest murder rates in the world. With an estimated population of 126,919,659, the state is standing up with a lowest crime rate. And this rate has been on decreasing trend since 2000. The number of robberies per 100000 is only 1.3 and number of murders are only 1.1. It is only because of the positive approach that has been embedded in the people of Japan, i.e. prosperity. They are working hard for the prosperity of themselves and their state.

5. Singapore

Top Five Countries with Lowest Murder Rates in the WorldIt is a dense state having an area of 719.1 km2 and population of 5,535,000 persons. Besides, a very strong historical background and a robust sort of economic conditions of the country, we will only talk about a socio-political system of the country, along with its current low rate. Although the capital city of Singapore is known to be a most influential city in Asia, it is also one of the peaceful city, not only in Asia but also in the world. The murder rate in the Singapore is only 0.3%. National Crime Prevention Council is an organization working in a state that enforces law and order in the country.

4. Iceland

Top 5 Countries with Lowest Murder Rates in the WorldWith a total area of 102,775 km2 and 329,100 persons in the country, Iceland stands 4th in a list of lowest murder rates by country. The murder rate in Iceland is only 0.3 %. It is a Northern European country having a very rich history. With the blessing of low crime, we can find some great social and economic systems in this country. Global peace index has regarded the country as the name of a most peaceful country in the world. It does not have any arms force. The police of this country are equipped with more the 800 trained officers and 300 cars and motorcycle. That is one factor of making Iceland one of the most peaceful country in the world.

3. Hong Kong

Top Three Countries with Lowest Murder Rates in the WorldHere it comes another adorable country of this world. Hong Kong is remarkable in many regards, it is very strong in economic, cultural and heritage base and social system. This state consists of 7,234,800. With a strong law and order system in the country, the crime rate is very low. Although people are indulged in crimes like theft, assault, and some others. But the murder rate in this country is very low. It was lowest in the world in 2011. Presentably, only 0.1\2 percent people die of murder in this country every year.

2. Palau

Top 3 Countries with Lowest Murder Rates in the WorldAnother country with very low murder rate is Palau. The area of this country is 465.55 km2, in which there live nearly 17,000 persons. The economic indicators of this country depict a string economics system. One reason for that is low crime rate as well as low murder rate. If calculated out of 100,000 the number of deaths in the country throughout the year is only zero. It is because of a very good justice system and accountability system prevailing in this country. Many criminals are jailed every year for their crimes, which shows that punishments are given to the accused. It ultimately decreases the crime rate in the country.

1. Monaco

Top Country with Lowest Murder Rate in the WorldMonaco is such an amazing country on this earth having zero percent murder rate. This rate has been calculated out for number deaths held in the country out of 100,000 population. That is a small country located in an area of 2.02 km2. It has a total population of nearly 40,000 people. The law enforcement agency of Monaco is it national police. This police force has only 515 persons in it. However, if the ratio of many policemen as per-capita of a country is evaluated. Monaco has largest police base. With a strong law enforcement organization and strong justice system, Monaco stands first in a list of country with lowest murder rate.

List of Countries with Lowest Murder Rates

Sr.No. Names Capital Currency
1 Monaco Monaco Euro
2 Palau Ngerulmud United States Dollar
3 Hong Kong Victoria Hong Kong dollar
4 Iceland Reykjavik Icelandic króna
5 Singapore Singapore Singapore Dollar
6 Japan Tokyo Japanese yen
7 Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei dollar
8 Luxembourg Luxembourg City Euro
9 Bahrain Manama Bahraini dinar
10 Norway Oslo Norwegian krone


Let me tell you about surprising fact that lowest murder rates in the world 2014 were lowest of last ten years. Now let’s talk about the lowest murder rate in the United States. Lowest murder rates in America are not less than 16% since a long time. Moreover, its surprised that lowest murder rate in US is higher than the lowest murder rate in Europe. You can also find there are many websites which have data about lowest murder rates countries in the world.

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