Best Breakfast Dishes

Breakfast is done early in the morning. We need breakfast to get energy to do our different tasks. Breakfast is very necessary, without proper breakfast we would not be able to fulfill our duties. Breakfast is also considered as the most important meal for the people. It is the meal that makes us healthy to perform different tasks on the day.  For mothers, it is the healthiest meal for their kids who have to go school. Breakfast should be healthy enough to meet the requirements of our mind and body. As it is said that a healthy body has a healthy mind so, breakfast must contain all the necessary proteins and vitamins. This article will guide you to the best breakfast foods that you would like to have on your table every morning. These are very quick and easy to make foods so you can add these foods to your breakfast menu. It’s not necessary to have these all ten items on your breakfast table you can use two or more items according to your choice. This article will also helpful for the mothers who are very much concerned about their kids’ breakfast foods. This article will also tell them the importance of these meals for their health. Here is the detail of all these easy, healthy breakfast food items.

10. Fried Potatoes

List of Top Ten Best Breakfast Dishes in the WorldFried potatoes are also known as French Fries and Chips. These are made by cutting the small and thin slices of potato, and then these slices are fried in oil. Fried potatoes are very tasty and usually the best food of the kids. These are also added to the menu of many fast food restaurants and presented with burgers etc. Fried potatoes are usually taken as the snack, but their use in breakfast will give a lot of calories to your body. According to an estimate 154 grams of potato fries contain 500 calories these mostly consist of fats and carbohydrates. You can serve fried potatoes with ketchup, vinegar, mayonnaise, and sauces, etc.

9. Muffins

Top Ten Best Breakfast Dishes in the WorldMuffins are the quick bread products these are made from flour and yeast. Yeast is added to the flour to raise the dough. After the dough is prepared, these muffins are given the round shapes usually 10cm in size. Paper cups are used in which muffins are placed and after then these are baked until getting the brown color. Muffins are the invention of Americans and very common in their 19th century cooking recipes books. Muffins are traditionally presented as the breakfast food and can be eaten with tea or coffee. These are sweet or savory and available in different tastes like cheese muffins, blueberry muffins, corn and banana muffins, etc.

8. Coffee

Top Ten Breakfast Dishes in the WorldCoffee is a famous breakfast food item and mostly liked by youngsters. It is the most famous drink in the world. There are many types of coffee most famous are hot and cold coffee. Coffee restaurants like Starbucks are famous all over the world for providing quality coffee. According to researchers, those people who drank three cups of coffee a day are found to have less heart vascular diseases. Caffeine is found in great quantity in coffee. Caffeine is also used in many medical products because researchers say it reduces a headache. Coffee does not contain carbohydrates and fats etc. but still beneficial for the health of users.

7. Yogurt

Top 10 Best Breakfast Dishes in the WorldYogurt is made by milk. According to doctors and food experts, kids must be given yogurt in breakfast. Yogurt is used by adding sugar to it and a very tasty food item. Yogurt is also now available in canned form by different brands like Nestle. Yogurt is made by raising the yeast in milk but considered healthier than milk. It contains more fats and carbohydrates than milk.

6. Orange Juice

List of Top 10 Best Breakfast Dishes in the WorldOrange juice is full of vitamin C that is healthy for our body and skin. Orange juice is very useful for the fresh skin and also used in many skin products. Orange juice is extracted from the fresh oranges. One glass of orange juice contains 112 calories. It also contains a lot of carbohydrates and sugar. There are many brands who are selling orange juices like Tropicana and Fruiten etc. Orange juice must be added to our daily food menu because it contains vitamins in large quantity.

5. Fruits

Top Five Best Breakfast Dishes in the WorldAccording to the food experts, fruits must be in our daily breakfast menu. Different fruits like apple, banana, apricot, orange, grapes, strawberry, etc. should be used daily. No other food can be compared with the fruits. Fruits are full of vitamins and sugar contents that are very necessary for the healthy bodies and minds. It is a famous saying that an apple in a day keeps the doctor away. Fruits are the high protein breakfast item. Fruits can also be used as the juices or milkshakes. The liquid form of fruits is considered more beneficial.

4. Scrambled Eggs

List of Top 5 Best Breakfast Dishes in the WorldThis dish is mostly made by the hens’ eggs. Eggs contain a lot of carbohydrates. Scrambled eggs are prepared by beating the eggs with water or milk, salt and pepper is also added as per taste. After then beaten eggs are baked in a pan with oil or butter. Onions can also be added to scrambled eggs that add more taste to it. Scrambled eggs are added in the breakfast menus of all restaurants. No breakfast is complete without the eggs. Eggs are also used in many other dishes like cakes etc. It is one the luxurious egg dishes for the breakfast

3. French toast

Top Three Best Breakfast Dishes in the WorldAs its name tells it is the food of French people. French toast is quick and easy breakfast food item. French toasts are also known as German or Spanish toast. These are made by beating the eggs with milk or cream and sugar. After then bread is soaked in this mixture and immediately fried in a pan with oil or butter. French toasts are very tasty and healthy. These can be served with fruits or potato fries. French fries are served in hot form. French toast will give you the benefits of milk, eggs, and flour, etc.

2. Pancakes

Top 3 Best Breakfast Dishes in the WorldThese are made by starched based batter with the eggs etc. and baked on a grill or frying pan. Pancakes are the breakfast food item of Americans. There are many different types of pancakes like blueberry pancakes, sweet white cheese pancakes, etc. Now automatic pancakes machines are also available in markets. In Canada, Pancake Day is celebrated on this day pancakes are eaten and gifted to family and friends. There are different recipes for making pancakes like in Denmark these are made of flour, meat, and eggs. You can also add fruits as the topping of pancakes. Chocolate, cream, and cheese is also used for the topping of pancakes.

1. Waffles

Best Breakfast Dish in the WorldWaffles are made by cooking the dough on metal waffle plates. The dough is placed between two waffle plates. These waffle plates give the right size and shape to the waffles. Waffles are also served in different toppings like fruits, chocolates, cream, etc. Fruits like banana, blueberry, and strawberry are also used for the topping of waffles. Waffles are eaten in breakfast in many countries of the world like Denmark, Australia, Germany, France, etc. Waffles can also be made in round shapes.


List of Best Breakfast Dishes in the World

Sr.No. Names Calories
1 Waffles 291
2 Pancakes 227
3 French Toast 229
4 Scrambled Eggs 148
5 Fruits 52
6 Orange Juice 45
7 Yogurt 59
8 Coffee Nil
9 Muffins 377
10 Fried Potatoes 312


This article gives you the best choices for the breakfast foods. It is very beneficial for everyone as we all need to take healthy breakfast. These breakfast items are quick to make and healthy to eat. No one can deny the benefits of breakfast so, we should take healthy breakfast. This list of top ten best breakfast foods will guide you in making arrangements for your breakfast menu. You will enjoy your breakfast as well as a good and better health.

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