Expensive Dog Breeds

There are so many kinds of dogs in the world among which some of them are very rare while some are very common in the world. Mostly people love to keep dogs as their pets in their homes which also protect their homes and are loved by the people as well. By keeping these dogs at home, it can cost you thousands for a month because the food, medicines and other things of dogs are very expensive and can be purchased from the big medical and Luxurious Department Stores in the World. It is estimated that in purchasing of a good dog can cost almost $10,000 and much more than this. Dogs are the most loved animals and most kept in homes as well. Some people who are fond of dogs are willing to spend thousands of dollars in purchasing them to maintain their status and show off others. In modern society, keeping expensive and precious breeds also make you more rich and good status in society as well. In this article we will specifically talk about top 10 most expensive list of dog breeds in the world.
The following are top 10 most expensive dog breeds with pictures:

10. Saluki:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the WorldSaluki is very famous breed of dogs in the world and commonly called royal puppy of Egypt. It has been the friend of men since the period of pharaohs. It is also the first choice of the people of China and love to walk with them on their roads. It is also the oldest breed of dogs which can be seen in the whole world still in pure form. These dogs are very slim and tall as well. The normal height of these dogs is 28 inches with a weight of 60 pounds. It is not the best option for the people who are going to keep dogs for the first time. These dogs need lot of exercise to keep them healthy. Their cost is almost $2500.

9. Czechoslovakian Vlcak:

Top Ten Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the WorldIt is very rare breed of puppy which can only be purchased with a fight to Czech Republic. It is not very popular in the world because only available in specific areas where they are existing since 1955. It is basically a wolf doggy which is made by the combination of wolves and shepherd dogs. This doggy more looks like a wolf rather than a doggy. But still it is very special and rare breed in the world. They are socializing animals which can live happily with the humans. The price of this doggy is not specified in the world because it is very rare.

8. Azawakh:

Top Ten Expensive Dog Breeds in the WorldAzawakh is basically an African doggy breed which can also be seen in America and Canada as well. It is a mix breed which is produce from the hunting doggy and guard doggy as well because of that its look is the mixture of both. It is very fast running doggy and can run very fast to hunt the animals. They are very brave doggy and can chase their targets very easily. It is very tall and lean dog which are not very heighted as well. They are normally skinny and are in brown color. The price of this doggy is almost $3000 or a little more than this.

7. Peruvian Inca Orchid:

Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the WorldIt is considered as the oddest doggy available in the world. It is not very hairy doggy but still has blonde hair on feet and top of the head. The color of this doggy is elephant grey only. But in some regions this dogs can be seen in chocolate brown colors. These dogs can be seen in the world in different sizes. As its skin is without hair so needs more protection and care for keeping this dog. It cannot live in colder environment. The price of this doggy is $3000.

6. Lowchen:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the WorldLowchen is very cute dog which has small height. The meaning of this name is little lion. It is very cute small dog. They look like toys rather than real dog. It can be easily found in the world and are loved by the people as they keep them at their homes. It is very friendly dog and love to spend time with humans. They are true companions for the people and especially kids. Mostly people make them according to different styles to make them look more beautiful. The price of this cute dog is almost more than $3000.

5. Akita:

Top Five Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the WorldAkita is the most popular breed of dogs in the whole world. It can be seen many times in Hollywood films as different famous films have featured this dog in their films. This dog is basically of Japan but can be seen in the world. It has a high price tag of $4500. It is also sold for more than this outside Japan. It is cute furry look like some Siberian huskies. They can live happily in cold environment. They are very protective for the humans with which they are living. The price of this dog is $4500.

4. Rottweiler:

Top 5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the WorldRottweiler is mainly known as the pulling dogs. In almost 19th century it was also used with the pull carts in different markets of the world. They are also known in the world with butcher’s dog. These are very intelligent dog and are protective as well. They can protect their owners from anyone. It can be seen in many Hollywood films and is the main family pet at many places. It is very strong and protective dog. The price of this dog is $6000.

3. Pharaoh Hound:

Top Three Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the WorldThe name of this doggy is not at all impressive but the whole is very beautiful. It is basically the national doggy of Malta and is used as the royal dog. It is the most intelligent dog in the world and has very unique features as well. The height of these dogs is not very tall and their color is reddish. They are normally small and slim. Their training is very difficult but once train they are the best dogs in the world. The price of this dog is $6500.

2. Tibetan Mastiff:

Top 3 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the WorldIt is very old breed among dogs and largest dog in the world as well. It was found first time in Nepal but then later can be seen in the world. In past, it was only used for the protection of flocks from the wolves etc. It is widely found in America and is the purebred from their parents and has high price tag as well. Once it was sold in auction in China for almost $1.9 million. Its price in the world is $7000.

1. Samoyed:

Most Expensive Dog Breed in the WorldSamoyed is the cutest breed of dogs. They are mainly found in Siberia. They can live mostly in cold environment but are very friendly. They are not very large but are strong and tough as well. They are very friendly but bark on the strangers. The price of this cute and beautiful dog is almost $10,000.

List of Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

Sr.No. Names Dollar $ Cost
1 Samoyed 10000
2 Tibetan Mastiff 7000
3 Pharaoh Hound 6500
4 Rottweiler 6000
5 Akita 4500
6 Lowchen 3000
7 Peruvian Inca Orchid 3000
8 Azawakh 3000
9 Czechoslovakian Vlcak N/A
10 Saluki 2500


We conclude that dogs are kept and love by the people in the whole world. There are many types of dogs which can be seen in the world among which some of them are cheap while some are very expensive. All of them are very beautiful and expensive dogs of the world. All of them have some different qualities and are kept for different reasons as well. Only the real dog lovers can afford all these dogs.

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