List of Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

Cats are cutest animals in the whole world. Cats are preferable pets kept at homes. Cats are very cute and friendly as well. There are many breeds of cats in the whole world among which some of them are ordinary which are cheap, but some precious ones are very expensive and not affordable to keep them at home. Some cat lovers are willing to spend thousands of dollars on purchasing the beautiful cats at their homes. In an upper class of society, cats are also referred as the status symbol that forces them to keep cats to maintain their status. The spending on the cat is not once, but the needs and food of cats are also very expensive as the imported cats only eat imported food from expensive brands. Some trained cats are also very expensive. Cats are also ranked as the best and most preferred pet in the whole world. Some breeds of the cats are very rare and pure which are very expensive. No doubt cats are the cutest and best animals in the whole world.


1010 10. British Shorthair:

British Shorthair is a very cute breed of tomcat available in the world. It is the most popular and the registered breed of tomcat in the UK and is loved by the whole nation as well. It is also the most popular breed to be shown in cat shows because of their beauty and cute hairy look. They are famous for their stable character and people consider this breed the perfect one to keep them at their home. The price of these kinds of animal is from $500 to $1500 which is not very expensive to be paid by all the tomcat lovers in the world. Their eyes are their best feature that are very shiny and are bright in dark nights as well.

10. 10. British Shorthair:

99 9. Scottish Fold:

The Scottish fold is very famous cat breed in the world. They are more famous because of their different physical features that differentiate them from other breeds and make them special as well. They have very good reputation among all the tomcat lovers as they are considered as the best companions as well. When they are a kitten, they are very cute and are highly demanded in the world. The kittens of this breed are very expensive than all other kittens in the world. The price of this breed ranges from $200 to $3,000 as well.

9. 9. Scottish Fold:

88 8. Sphynx:

Sphynx is very ordinary kind of breed but very famous in the world. It is considered as the one of the most popular breeds in the whole world. It can be easily identified from all other breeds because they are normally hairless. They are very sensitive and need special treatment from their owners. They are seen in many colors as white, gray and pink as well. The price of these breeds ranges from $300 to $3000 only.

8. 8. Sphynx:

77 7. Russian Blue:

Russian Blue is very cute and beautiful tomcat. This breed is considered as the most intelligent, curious and playful tomcat that is the reason they are loved by the people and famous among them. They are very friendly and can easily get along with another animal that is the best feature about them. The price of these breeds starts from $400 and can go up to $3000. They are hairy, and their eyes are the center of attraction in them.

7. 7. Russian Blue:

66 6. Peterbald:

This breed is not a normal one but was a result of experimental mating of the short hair females champion of the world and Donskoy. It is very different kind of tomcat which looks different from all others as well. This breed is very smart and energetic as well. They are very slim and muscular as well. They cannot live alone but can easily live with other expensive animals as pets in the house. Their look is very different which attracts more people towards them. The price of this breed is from $1200 to $5000 which gets expensive for everyone to afford these breeds.

6. 6. Peterbald:

55 5. Persian Cat:

Persian breeds are the cutest and best cat breed in the world. They are hairy and beautiful as well which makes them look attractive. They are very soft and in white color they look very appealing as well. It is the most popular breed to be kept at home because of their beauty. Their price ranges from $500 to $5500 which gets increasing with the size of the cat as well. They are a preferable breed in the world among all the cat lovers.

5. 5. Persian Cat:

44 4. Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat:

It is not very different kind of breed, but their look is like the normal cats. They came into existence from the scientific researches of Formerly Allerca, Lifestyle Pets, etc. They were made to delete the gene from the cat that causes different kinds of allergies to the people. These are very safe and cute cats to be kept as pets. The price of these cats is normal $6000 which is very expensive to spend on the cat.

4. 4. Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat:

33 3. Bengal:

It is very most attractive and beautiful breed in the world of cats. It is a hybrid breed of cats that was invented from a leopard cat and domestic feline as well. After the crossing of three generations then the final one was invented that looks like a cat. It is a very beautiful cat and very different in the color and design as well. The price of this cat ranges from $1000 to $25,000 which becomes very expensive but is totally worth it to get the unique cat of the world.

3. 3. Bengal:

22 2. Savannah:

Savannah is a very ordinary breed of cat that is also hybrid. It is the cross result between the normal cat and serval as well. They are always compared to dogs because of their looks and loyalty as well. They are very intelligent and cute as well. The price of this breed ranges from $1500 to $50,000 as it is very rare and is invented with difficulty that is the reason it is very expensive as well.

2. 2. Savannah:

11 1. Ashera:

Ashera is a hybrid breed of cats which is from the African Serval and leopard cat as well. These cats are very loyal, loving and intelligent as well. They can be trained easily. The authenticity of these cats was also challenged to prove their DNA and was then proven and sold in the world. It is also considered as the rarest breed of cat in the whole world. The price of these cats ranges from $15000 to $100,000 which makes it the most expensive cat in the world.

List of Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World:

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Ashera $ 100000
2 Savannah $ 50000
3 Bengal $ 25000
4 Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat $ 6000
5 Persian Cat $ 5500
6 Peterbald $ 5000
7 Russian Blue $ 3000
8 Sphynx $ 3000
9 Scottish Fold $ 3000
10 British Shorthair $ 1500


We conclude that cats are most cutest and loving animals in the whole world. They are also the best pet to keep at home. All of the breeds of cats explained above are very rare and beautiful as well. All of them are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone. Some of the cats were invented as the result of different researchers. The true cat lovers in the world are willing to pay high price tags to get the best ones for them.

1. 1. Ashera: