Most Exclusive Credit Cards

In this article, we will talk about top 10 most exclusive credit cards in the world. This world is very expensive, and people have to spend more money to purchase their favorite things. With the invention of latest technology, some new things are launched in the world to meet the needs of the people like ATM Cards, Credit cards, etc. Credit cards are issued by all banks, and it is normally a debt. On that card, people can easily purchase through that card, and they have to pay later that money to the banks. There are different ranges of credit cards to which people can spend to purchase easily. These credit cards are easy to carry and safe as well rather handle cash for shopping in markets. Credit cards are considered as the symbol of rich people for their status.  These credit cards are not only used for shopping but also for hotels, airports, vacations, and rides as well. These credit cards are the best options for extra purchasing when the person is out of money. There are many varieties and types of credit cards in the world and some exclusive cards as well.
The following are top 10 most elite credit cards in the world:

10. Black Brazilian MasterCard from the Santander Group:

List of Top Ten Most Exclusive Credit Cards in the WorldBlack Brazilian MasterCard is the most high class and exclusive creditcard available for the people of Latin America. It is issued by the Santander group private bank. It is not clear that what limit of money the account holder has to have the credit card of this bank. It is estimated that only 3000 cards are issued in the whole Latin America. This can provide the services for whole 24 hours and various purposes like Private jets, airport lounges, etc. It holders have to pay $349 which is the annual fee, to own this product by the holders.

9. Merrill Accolades American Express:

Top Ten Most Exclusive Credit Cards in the WorldMerrill Accolades is the card that is only issued to the customers of the Merrill Lynch management division. The color of the card is black, and it has a golden logo, and the clients have to pay $295 annual fees to own this. But all the clients who wanted to apply for this, have to own $250,000 in their account, and the total limit of the card is up to $500,000. The holders of it, can also receive discounts and memberships in hotels, casinos, big resorts and private jets as well which is the amazing feature of this product.

8. NatWest Black MasterCard:

Top Ten Exclusive Credit Cards in the WorldNatWest Black MasterCard is considered as the most exclusive card in the world as it has the limit up to $1.5 million. It is loved by the people because of its large spending limits, and the annual fee of this product is also less than all other competitors who are $395 for each year. It can be used in the whole world as it has large coverage. It can help in flights expenses, traveling and many other services as well.

7. Citigroup Black Chairman Card:

Top 10 Most Expensive Credit Cards in the WorldCitigroup bank only issues it cards to their customers of their private banks and the investors as well. It is not only cash b that people can own these credit cards. It is very rare, and only 5% of the total population owns it. The annual fee of this product is almost $500, and the total limit of it, is $300,000. The best advantage of these cards is that all card holders can get the facilities of private access to the airport and traveling accommodations as well which are loved by their customers.

6. Visa Infinite:

List of Top 10 Most Exclusive Credit Cards in the WorldVisa Infinite is the best option for the people living outside America as well and countries like Egypt, Russia, Canada, France and many others. These cards are only issued to the people who can qualify, and the card requirements are also different for all countries. It holders have to own 6 figures in their account. Visa Infinite is very different and exclusive creditcard of the world. All card holders can avail the services of air travel, restaurants, stores as well and especially the health facilities as well.

5. Coutts World Silk Card:

Top Five Most Exclusive Credit Cards in the WorldCoutts World silkcard is the one to live life like a wealthy people and luxurious as well. This exclusive card is also used by the famous Queen Elizabeth II and 100 other people who own almost $1 million in their Coutts Account. It is in purple color and has a high annual rate of almost $49%. Like all other exclusive cards, Coutts World silk also provide services for whole 24 hours for all airports and all designer stores as well.

4. Stratus Rewards Visa:

Top 5 Most Exclusive Credit Cards in the WorldStratus Rewards Visa is very rare and exclusive cards of the world. It is in dark white color. The quality of this product is very high and different as well. These cards are also issued to all the high class and rich customers. But it holders can share their card with their friends and family as well. It holders can use them for hotels, discounts, car facilities and many other purposes as well. The annual fee of this product is almost $1500 and is best for the luxurious lifestyle of the people.

3. Dubai First Royale MasterCard:

Top Three Most Exclusive Credit Cards in the WorldDubai Royale MasterCard is the best option for the purchase of gold and diamonds as well. It also has the small unique diamond on it which makes it the most exclusive and expensive creditcard of the world. The chief executive claims that card holders can even purchase the moon from this card. There is not a limit for the holders of it and can spend as much as they want which is more loved by the people. To have this card first, the holders require a special invite from the Dubai First.

2. JP Morgan Chase Palladium:

Top 3 Most Exclusive Credit Cards in the WorldJP Morgan Palladium is made from palladium and gold as well through laser. It is only issued to the account holders of the JP Morgan private bank. The annual fee of this card is almost $595. It also has no spending limit that is the best feature in credit cards these days. But the reward program is not very strong of this card that is the discouraging feature of this card but the card holders can get an almost bonus of 35,000 on spending $100,000 on their shopping in the world.

1. American Express Centurion Card:

Most Exclusive Credit Card in the WorldAmerican Express card is the most exclusive and expensive credit card of their world and is in black color. It was launched in 1999 and still maintains very high class in the world and society as well. The annual fee of this card is almost $5000 for each year, and the initial fee is $2500 to have this card in your wallet. It can work for whole 24 hours for different purposes like flights, hotels, shopping, etc.


List of Most Exclusive Credit Cards in the World

Sr.No. Names Annual Charges
1 American Express Centurion Card $ 5000
2 JP Morgan Chase Palladium $ 595
3 Dubai First Royal MasterCard
4 Stratus Rewards Visa $ 1500
5 Coutts World Silk Card $ 530
6 Visa Infinite $ 500
7 Citigroup Black Chairman Card $ 500
8 NatWest Black MasterCard $ 395
9 Merrill Accolades American Express $ 295
10 Black Brazilian MasterCard from the Santander Group $ 349


The above ranking of the most exclusive cards is given according to the annual fee and the requirements to own this card as well. All of these cards are difficult to own as only rich, and high-class people can own them because of their high limits. These cards are very exclusive and have made the life of the people more easy and convenient as well which is the need of this modern world.

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