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List of Top 10 Best End of the World Films

List of Top 10 Best End of the World Films

Movies are watched and loved by everyone in the world. Movies are the best source of entertainment which completely relaxes and provide some enjoyment to the person. Hundreds of movies are released in the single year in the whole world which is made by different directors among which some of them are a big hit while some go normally. Some of the movies have a strong story line, and the whole movie goes very well, but the directors ruined the ending of the movie that disappoints the viewers. But some movies have strong ends that are always remembered by the people in their whole life and are loved by them. Some of the movies completely influence the viewers and viewers wanted to watch those movies more than once in their life. Most of the directors know that end of the movie is very important, and the success of the movie depends largely on it that is the reason new directors are also focusing a lot to make the end of the film appealing and interesting.
The following are top 10 best movies about the world with strong ends:

10. Take Shelter:

List of Top Ten Best End of the World FilmsTake Shelter is the film based on the world that was released in 2011 means it is a recent film. It is the story of a person who protects his family from different disasters. The whole society considers them mad, but they were least bothered about it. The whole family was mentally sick. In the end, it was made sure that they had a lack of knowledge that was the reason for the problems they were facing, and all their fears were gone in the globe. It was the moral that the social structure of the society does not allow the person to overcome the fear of internal problems and disasters of life which was completely shown in the film.

9. Melancholia:

Top Ten Best End of the World FilmsMelancholia is again the film that was released in 2011. The whole story of the movie was about depression and the family relationships on the planet which is going to crash. It was the story of two sisters who was mentally sick because of this whole situation. At the end of the movie, the events were portrayed perfectly which were loved by all viewers. Both sisters were very powerful, and the whole end has the beautiful background music that made it more happening and entertaining for the people. The cover picture of the film was also made on the theme of the story.

8. Donnie Darko:

Top Ten Best End FilmsDonnie Darko is the story of the person who was very dissatisfied with his life, and he has a big rabbit as his pet called Frank. His pet told him that the world will end in 28 days only. At the time, he started discovering the problems of the society and education. It was the whole movie about mind game which has the beautiful songs of 1980`s. In the end, it was not true but he was able to correct the problems of society and was given a strong dialogue in the end that was “as many ways as there are people” and a world can end in different ways and without informing people or pets which was the lesson.

7. Late Night:

Top 10 Best End of the World FilmsLate Night is the movie of 1998 and was the calmest movie about a world. It was made on natural conditions and the bombastic effects on the earth. Everyone in the world knows that the world is going to end and how people are spending their nights in different activities. The actors performed it exceptionally well. The last scene of the movie was about the whole world celebrates their end that is going to destruct the whole world that is compulsory, and everyone has to face it someday.

6. The Rapture:

List of Top 10 Best End of the World FilmsThe Rapture is the movie that was made in the book of Revelation, and the whole movie was about a catastrophe. It has covered many strong scenes that were mentioned in the bible to make it realer. In that movie, horsemen appeared, darkness falls in the world, etc. The whole movie was made very powerful, and all actors performed perfectly in it. But there were many questions that were left unanswered in the film. The ending of the movie shoes that it was spiritual and was appealing to the people and was released in 1991.

5. When the Wind Blows:

 Top Five Best End of the World FilmsWhen the Wind blows is an best animated movie that was released in 1986. It was made on the novel that was the story of a couple. In their whole life, they face many nuclear wars and struggle to protect them. The couple was survived and maintains their daily routine despite the all problems. The movie was perfectly directed, and some heartbreaking scenes have surprised the audience. It was made with the theme and memories of 2nd world war and how people survived in that even the conditions were critical at that time.

4. The Sacrifice:

Top 5 Best End of the World FilmsThe Sacrifice is the movie that was made in the story of nuclear destructions in the world. The hero of the movie did promise with the God that he will sacrifice all his loved ones and favorite things, but God will reserve everything good for him in the end of the world as well. It was released in 1986. He went into the state of spiritual isolation which was ended perfectly, and the end was loved by everyone.

3. The Quiet Earth:

Top Three Best End of the World FilmsThe Quiet Earth is a very devastating movie in which people vanish. In the start, the actors of the movie could not cope with the situations of life but later the stable life style was developed by them. The Quiet Earth was released in 1985. Only the survivors of the whole situation were two people who were in love and living there personal life in the beautiful place that was full of nature. The shooting of the movie was done in beautiful place of New Zealand, which was loved by the people.

2. Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb:

Top 3 Best End of the World FilmsDr. Strangelove or is the movie that was a comedy film related to the world. It was made of the nuclear explosions and the critical situations of the world. It was released in 1963. A doctor designed a machine that was earth-threatening that was delivering bombs in the world. In this movie role about the politicians was also shown to the whole world. It was a black and white film that was loved by the whole world.

1. When Worlds Collide:

Best End of the World FilmWhen Worlds Collide is the movie in the planet destroys the earth and was the blockbuster hit of 1951. It was a science fiction movie that is directed perfectly. In this movie, the destruction scenes were shown exceptionally well which made this movie a big hit. A rocket carried 40 people who were survived from the whole situation. The acting and dialogues were amazing as was loved by the viewers.

List of Best End of the World Films

Sr.No. Names IMDB
1 When Worlds Collide 6.7/10
2 Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb 8.5/10
3 The Quiet Earth 6.9/10
4 The Sacrifice 8.1/10
5 When the Wind Blows 7.8/10
6 The Rapture 6.4/10
7 Last Night 6.6/10
8 Donnie Darko 8.1/10
9 Melancholia 7.1/10
10 Take Shelter 7.4/10


The above ranking of top 10 best ends of the world movies is given according to the success and the best ending of the movies. All these movies were made on the theme of a world which is loved by the whole world. All these films are made with different stories and have a strong end which influence and appeals the audience of the world. Some of the movies were released many years ago but are still famous in the world.